Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1141


Huo Yun and Lin Feng are completely calm, Lin Lei doesn't understand, isn't it Lin Family another lineage? How could they be so scared.

Looking at the fear on mother's face, Lin Lei didn't hesitate to opened the mouth and said: "That's it. When I went back to the Lin Family just now, I heard the grandfather raise a lip and said that the Lin Family is coming to another lineage, But I asked grandfather what was going on, but he just didn't say, no, can I just ask you guys. "

Lin Lei doesn't want to lie, but until nothing is resolved, he can't release the crowd without finding Four Uncle them.

"What did the Old Master say?"

Looking towards Lin Lei, Lin Feng and Huo Yun have some disbelief. This matter is generally impossible to say. Even if the Lin Family comes in another lineage, it is impossible to tell a junior, despite Lin Lei's strength.

But now ...

"Yes, Old Master said!"

"Can you tell me what is going on with the Lin Family another lineage?" Lin Lei started, and he wanted to know what the horror of this so-called Lin Family another lineage really made them so scared. .

"Another lineage ..."


Tasting sighed, the nervous heart relaxed, looked at the wife next to him, and slowly opened the mouth and said: "Lin Family has another lineage, in fact, it will exist for thousands of years."

"Lin Family has a long inheritance. As for when the Lin Family was established, there is no record in the ancestral shrine, but there is only one thing recorded, and it is specifically watched."

At that time, when the Old Master took over the Lin Family Patriarch, the previous one did not tell the Old Master about it, but the Old Master did not hide it from our sons.

"Uh ... Dad, let's focus."

Lin Feng: "..............."

Blind your eyes, and then said, "Lin Family another lineage said that Bai is also a member of Lin Family, but they believe in killing and knowing, and our Lin Family believes in knowing anything. It appears that the cultivation base of another lineage is very powerful, but it is not used in the journey. I just want to prove that the Lin Family is strong. "

"Later, Patriarch felt that their temperament was fierce, but he had a mind of degree. However, he was obsessed with lineage. Eventually, he created Patriarch and determined to expel the people in this lineage. He was not allowed to enter the Lin Family. Not allowed to enter the Lin Family genealogy. "

"oh?" Lin Lei knew it, but wondered why, then why did the other lineage come to the Lin Family, and there is nothing for the Lin Family worthy of their hands?

As Lin Lei knows, just after he left, the Lin Family is basically half dead, and it is not easy to maintain it normally. Why is lineage so?

Lin Lei's doubts, Lin Feng didn't know. Seeing that Lin Lei was not talking, he continued: "Everyone's two minds have their own business. It ’s good, but who knows that in the Old Master generation, it will disappear for thousands of years. lineage is here.

However, their situation is not very good. At first, the cultivation base of the Old Master is better than the Patriarch of the other lineage, so the other lineage can only be tolerated. Now the Old Master says that another lineage is coming, so presumably I think Lin Family is not the Lin Family of the year, so I want to kill Lin Family to the last one, and replace it with another lineage, and live on the bright side. "

The thing is clear. Lin Lei understands the twists and turns of the matter. It turns out that the Lin Family still has such a thing.

"Son, remember, the Lin Family is very brutal. If you see them as many as you can, try to do as much as possible, remember not to meet with force with force," Lin Feng reminded.

Hearing her husband say this, Huoyun echoed, "Yeah, Lei, remember, the other thing about lineage is not trivial. Now that you have returned to the Lin Family, let us go out and discuss it properly. Here ’s a solution after another lineage. ”

"Well, yes, when we go out."

Lin Lei, who understands the original situation, naturally cannot let them go out. Although it is easy to solve them, but now they have not found Fourth Uncle, so they do not want their parents to worry about this matter.

Thinking, looking back towards my parents, said with a smile: "Parents, although now you have reached the Lin Family, but you also said that the other lineage is cruel, so it is safest here, so, this paragraph Your second elder will stay here for a while, and I will let the second elder out when things outside are resolved.

Let ’s tell the system and the small dragon twice, then leave the system and return to the ontology.

"Fuck, this smelly brat."

Looking at the disappearance of his son, Huoyun looked at each other helplessly, and laughed helplessly, then stopped talking and returned to the previous state.

The outside world, Lin Lei understood things, looked towards Lin Ruoxi, look even colder, like Ten Thousand Years Cold Ice, the surrounding air also dropped to the freezing point with Lin Lei's emotions.

"Give you two options. First, tell me where the Lin Family are being held, or killed, and the body is there.

Second, if you do n’t say, die, do n’t panic is you. All of you in this lineage have to die. Believe in the deity, the deity has this strength. If you do n’t believe, you can try. "

By the way, he waved the Spiritual Qi covering Lin Ruoxi's mouth, and sat next to a listener.

"You ... who are you, and why must it be like this, what benefit does that lineage give you?"

"So, what they gave you, we can give you this lineage, how about, as long as you let me go and join my Lin Family."

For Lin Lei's attachment, Lin Ruoxi couldn't understand why she was so attached, she really couldn't figure it out, she didn't understand it.


Lin Lei looked at Lin Ruoxi with a lot of fun and sneer, "What does Lin Lei need your Lin Family for, what is my life like Uncle and the others? What do you think of me?"

"Hurry up. Tell me quickly, otherwise I don't mind using a little trick." Looking towards Lin Ruoxi, Lin Lei's expression is even colder, indeed, if he wants, he can always know what the other party thinks, including her. All information and memories in a lifetime.

"hmph, give up!"

"Oh, you can!" Although this result was not what Lin Lei wanted, but ... there was no way. In this case, Lin Lei had to use his own method.

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