Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1142


“en? That’s …”

In my mind, Lin Ruoxi’s memory screen flashed each and everyone. Finally, after watching Lin Ruoxi most of his life, what Lin Lei wanted to see appeared.

In other words, another lineage came to the front of the Lin Family and controlled the Lin Family with the power of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. Even the Old Master was suppressed under the Patriarch cultivation base of another lineage. Even the Elders of Sword Sect were suppressed.

“hmph, act recklessly, make it to the Lin Family as much as possible.” Looking at those people, the Murderous Aura in Lin Lei’s heart couldn’t help but surge up.

Nevertheless, there is good news. The Lin Family has another lineage not at all, who beheaded and killed the Lin Family for life. Instead, it was detained in the mountains behind Liancheng. However, another lineage came to the Lin Family. And by this means, they are destined to pay a price they cannot afford for this move.

“hmph, you guys are courting death!”

murderous aura emerged, withdrawing his palm, Lin Ruoxi slumped in pain, his face pale, indescribable.

“The deity will not kill you, but you will be foolish all your life and will never be good forever, this is your price.” Looking at Lin Ruoxi, Lin Lei has been sympathetic, otherwise the one lying on the ground at this moment is a Dead body.

“It’s time to find them to settle accounts.” With that said, the silhouette quickly flashed and disappeared into the courtyard.

The release of Divine Consciousness envelopes the entire city instantly. From the Bloodline of Lin Ruoxi, Lin Lei has been decomposed. In addition to another lineage Lin Family Bloodline Strength, I have to say that the Bloodline Strength of the other lineage is much stronger than the Lin Family Bloodline Strength. It is normal to be strong.

“I found it!”

In Divine Consciousness, small dots of each and everyone red appear. These red dots represent the characteristics of having another lineage Bloodline. Of course, Divine Consciousness cannot be distinguished naturally. The reason for this is just Lin Lei. It took a little trick that’s all.

Silhouette flashed, next moment Lin Lei disappeared into the Lin Family. When it appeared again, it was on the second floor of a restaurant. Here, there are four red fades, and the cultivation base in this world is OK, as you can see. These are either the top of the Lin Family or the children of the Lin Family, which currently belong to another lineage.

Lin Lei’s appearance. Others not at all noticed that they stepped up to the four. At the moment, the four were chatting, but they didn’t notice anyone appearing beside them.

“tsk tsk…”

“Let ’s go, take a walk with the deity.” Whispered softly, raising four hands, the Spiritual Qi rushed out, the four had no time to resist, Spirit Qi wrapped it, and was taken away by Lin Lei.

silhouette That flash came to another Lin Family where the teleportation is very simple for a Saint. It is impolite to say that in the destiny world, Lin Lei can walk through the whole mountain and river in one step.

In this way, according to the tips of the small spell, the instructions of Divine Consciousness, each and everyone, and the other lineage in Liancheng were all captured by Lin Lei into the forest house.

Lin Lei’s parliament hall, Lin Lei sits in the upper position, a bunch of people are now in place, each and everyone hates Lin Lei, but no one dares to come forward to the theory.

It ’s not that they do n’t want it, but they do n’t dare. Lin Lei used their teleportation method before. They saw this shocking thing for the first time, and that ’s why they understand that the youth ’s cultivation base is very powerful. There is no heart so strong that people want to resist. No, I dare not give birth to this kind of hatred.

Looking at the crowd below, a bottle of wine appeared in my hand, and I drank it. The voice came out slowly, “My name is Lin Lei, another lineage child in your mouth.”

“What? You …”

Hearing this, an old man in the crowd exclaimed, and stepped back in horror.

Not only him, but everyone else. How can Lin Lei’s identity not shock them? Aren’t all the lineage people locked up by them? Why is someone here claiming to be a child of the Lin Family?

Moreover, this person’s cultivation base is so powerful, this should not be the case. When they came, they were able to find out, so …

But now …

“Don’t be shocked, I know what you think, but there is one thing you shouldn’t deserve to be a man, that is, it shouldn’t be our people in this lineage. If you can, you can expel them, unfortunately.”

Speaking, Lin Lei shook his head sadly. “If you do something wrong, you have to pay a little price.”

Looking up at the old man looking aside, reaching out for a shot, looking out of the energy hood, and falling in front of Lin Lei, “remember to do what I do in my next life.”

“pu 呲”

“gu lu gu lu”

A bloody skull nodded from the old man’s neck and rolled all the way to the feet of everyone.

“Ah …”

Screams, wailing, questioning disbelief, all at this moment.

“You … what do you want?”

A man’s voice appeared in the head of the old man. Listening to this sound, the original crying sound stopped abruptly.


Looking up, looked towards where the sound was raised. When I saw the speaker, Lin Lei froze, and a funny smile appeared.

“Lin Zhi, didn’t expect to see you so soon, Third Elder of this lineage, Father of Lin Ruoxi, I said … that’s right!”

Yes, the person in front of him is Lin Ruoxi’s father. When he looked at Lin Ruoxi’s memory before, he saw Lin Zhi from the memory.

“You …”

Lin Zhi complexion greatly changed, and turned around to glance at all around, only to find that there is no daughter of his own at all.

“You … what happened to Ruoxi, she … she doesn’t know anything, please let her go, please let her go, I beg you!” The man is crazy, and there is no steward hatred at this moment. In the face of daughter’s life and death, those hatreds were nothing at all.

“pu 通”

The man rushed out of the crowd and wanted to rush in front of Lin Lei, but he was helplessly stopped by the energy hood. He finally could only kneel at the edge of the energy hood, and kept his head on the ground. Ringing in the hall.

“Senior, Senior, please forgive my daughter, he doesn’t know anything, I … I’m willing to use my life in exchange for my daughter’s life, please be special.” Lin Zhibian scratched his head and begged, This scene was very motivated to many people present.

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