Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1143



A long sigh of sorrow, helpless nodded agreed to Scarlet Flame Tiger's request, "Okay, okay, since you have said so, Xiao Hu, it would not be unfriendly if I disagree."

Speaking, he waved Lin Zhi out of the energy hood, "Go, your daughter is in the Lin Family backyard. From today, my deity doesn't want to see you two in Liancheng. If not, you won't So lucky as today. "

"I knew that Lei was the one who hurt me the most." Scarlet Flame Tiger was excited when Lin Lei agreed to his request and released him.

"Oh, you Little Brat." Little Tiger was cheerful, Lin Lei couldn't help feeling that he wrote the Millennium Demonic Beast, it was a little child that ’s all with only four or five years old.

However, Lin Lei is not entirely because of Xiao Hu. When he came to Lin Ruoxi's memory before, he found that Lin Ruoxi had not touched anyone in the Lin Family. Even if Lin Zhi was just trying to subdue him, he did not It ’s because of this that Lin Lei will give their parents a chance, otherwise ...

Don't mention letting them go, I'm afraid Lin Lei crushed them when they caught them.

“peng ~ peng ~ peng ~”

After hearing Lin Lei letting her go, Lin Zhilian froze a few heads, thanked him and turned away towards the backyard. As for the friends and relatives present, in his eyes, they were not as important as their daughter.

When Lin Zhi left, Lin Lei's eyes turned to the rest of the people to tell the truth, Lin Lei never thought about beheading them all, the people who had been beheaded before, but who had previously killed the Lin Family that's all .

Looking at the remaining people, although they belong to the Lin Family and another lineage, they are still clansman who shares the same vein.

"I know you are very dissatisfied, but there is no way, who will let you wait for the cultivation base without the deity, so this is the price you should bear."

"Don't worry, the deity will not come to the door, but ... it should be paid a little price."

"Boom ..."

"crack crack"

The cultivation base is released instantly and rushes towards the dantian of all the people present. The next moment, a crack crack sounds, and the moment each ka-cha sound sounds from one person, the celebrity's face will become pale and weak, and the body It was paralyzed directly on the ground.

Almost instantly, all the cultivators that were originally energetic were present. When Lin Lei released the cultivation base, everyone's cultivation base was completely abolished by Lin Lei.

In this life, I can only be an ordinary person. It is impossible to re-cultivate, unless a staple food is willing to recast the Golden Core with his lifelong cultivation base, otherwise ...

In terms of destiny, in addition to him and Scarlet Flame Tiger, there are only Heavenly Dao in this destiny. As for the rest, he really doesn't know who else is.

"You ... we ..."

I felt that the cultivation base was abolished, and for a while someone could n’t accept it. I hurriedly looked up to explain it, but I saw Lin Lei's cold eyes, and I swallowed back if I wanted to refute.

I lowered my head again, and it looked like I was wrong. As for the rest that I wanted to resist, basically the same as the first man, the moment everyone saw Lin Lei's gaze, everyone shrank.

They don't have the courage, and now the cultivation base is abolished. If you do n’t know what to do, then the only thing left is death.

As the saying goes well, it ’s better to live if you die. Even without the cultivation base, you ca n’t practice in this life. For the wealth collected by the Lin Family, this life is not anxious to eat.

Life, sickness, and death are actually not so horrible. Of course, this depends on personal mood. Some people do n’t think so.

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