Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1144


Under the gaze of everyone, Lin Lei took a slow pace, clutching a bottle of wine in his hand, and from time to time he took a sip into his eyes.

“Well, where are you all?”

Looking at everyone’s gaze, Lin Lei smiled, stopped, turned around and looked around, found a slightly clean stone, and sat down with one of his buttocks.

However, Lin Lei’s behavior in this way seemed so arrogant, domineering, and made everyone elusive.

Including the Lin Family in the cage where two Martial Kings were born. They are familiar with the incoming Lin Lei, but they don’t know where they have seen it.

“Who are you and why are you here?”

One of the two Martial Kings has spoken. It looks like he is the person in charge here,

“Grunting”, a sip of wine poured into the belly, and looked down at the speaker, looking at the expectation of the crowd, Lin Lei pretended to be contemplative, and then returned to Shener.

“I … put those people behind you, the deity will not kill to the last one, otherwise they will all have to die.”

Speaking, the voice is full of cold, without the laziness that I saw before. At this moment, Lin Lei is like a ferocious beast that fell into a deep sleep. Now he wakes up and rivals Life Aura.

Listening to Lin Lei, he turned around and looked at the people behind him, looking thoughtful, “What do you have to do with them?”

Although I didn’t want them to have a relationship, but when the man spoke, he let everyone behind him, which had to make him doubt that there was a relationship between them.

“Old Master, I’m here to pick you up.”

Ignoring Martial King’s words, he turned his head and looked through the old Master locked in a cage, Lin Lei.

Lin Lei likes this grandfather very much. He wanted to leave the house secretly at first and thought he would be fattened when he came back. Didn’t expect it to be crushed by the Old Master. He even beat his father. Meal.


“You are …”

The Old Master is full of doubts. He is sure that he has not seen the youth in front of him, but he can hear his tone as if both parties are familiar, and … the name Old Master seems to be just a few people in the Lin Family. He really ca n’t think of it in the end. Who is it.

Looking at the youth, the Old Master began, “young man, the old man didn’t remember having an intersection with you, why …”

“Ah? No way Old Master, you don’t know me anymore?” Looking at the Old Master, Lin Lei pretended to be a distressed look. He knew his appearance had changed and his age was different. Will make Old Master so confused.

“That, I …”

The dialogue between the two sides completely ignored the two Martial Kings. In this regard, the anger of the two Martial Kings kept rising, and finally they could not bear to burst out.

“Asshole, Lao Tzu asks you again, you just ignore Lao Tzu, you really don’t dare to kill you, right?” In a word, Martial King cultivation base is released instantly.


Looking at the man, Lin Lei was speechless. Why are there so many dead people, there is no way. I wanted to let him live a little longer, now …

“Dry tongue is not a good thing, I hope you can understand it in the next life.” Let’s say, without waiting for everyone’s reaction, Lin Lei silhouette, who was sitting on the stone, disappeared instantly.

“pu 呲”

When Lin Lei reappears, he is in front of the cage. As for the person who said that he was about to kill, he is still standing still at this moment, and the momentum of the original Martial King has disappeared at this moment.

“This … how is this possible?”

The appearance of this scene came everyone back came to his senses, everyone was shocked by this scene, they did not expect it to happen.

Looking at the appearance of Lin Lei, Old Master is even more puzzled. He can be sure that the young man in front of him is indeed here to save him, but he really doesn’t know the young man in front of him!

Each and everyone question arises in my heart, and ultimately cannot be explained. In the end, I can only close my mouth and wait for the other party to say everything.

“pu 通”

Martial King, now in its original place, is lying on the ground at this moment. Scarlet blood is constantly emerging from the man’s mouth, and eventually the land beneath him is red.

Looking at the appearance of Martial King, everyone in the field looked pale and pale, and the whole person couldn’t help shaking.

“Hurry … run, run!”

At this time, some people came back to his senses, the original arrogant and despotic disappeared, some just fear, some just want to leave here as soon as possible.

The voice of escape appears, except for the Martial King, the rest are rushing away from the cave. They do n’t want to stay here for a moment, a minute, a second, they are afraid of A moment of fate will be like that Martial King lying on the ground.

“Dry tongue.”

Looking at the crowd’s appearance, Lin Lei brows slightly wrinkle, waved to Spiritual Qi, sealed the opening, and blocked the crowd in a quiet Formula.

This scene once again shocked everyone, but the remaining Martial King, at the moment, regretted it, and his expression was full of fear.

Standing in the same place without escaping, and not making the slightest sound, not that he didn’t want to leave, but that he didn’t dare. Just look at the cold sweat that overflowed on his forehead, he knew that he was scared, afraid.


A clear sound passed through the cave. I saw the lock that originally locked the cage. It had disappeared at this moment, and the gate of the cage opened.

“Old Master, what do these people do about it’s up to you!” Opening the door of the cage, Lin Lei asked the Old Master.

“What? Let me … let me decide?”

Old Master was shocked, but he has seen the power of the person in front of him, and now he has decided to do so, which has flattered him!

“Old Master, I’m Lin Lei, I’m your grandson, wouldn’t you really not know me?” Looking at Old Master, Lin Lei said his name.

“What? Lin Lei?”

“You … you …”

“It’s impossible. I know Raleigh, but your appearance and age don’t match Raleigh, how can you do that?”

Old Master questioned, not only the Old Master, but the rest of the Lin Family did not believe that Lin Lei in front of him was what he knew.

“Uh …”

Looking at the puzzled look of everyone, Lin Lei’s words were choking, long sighed then said, shaking his head with a bitter smile, no way, his age and appearance were indeed different from before.

“Well, since you don’t believe it, your son and daughter-in-law will not know you!”

“What?” Old Master didn’t understand what Lin Lei meant.

Ran, next moment, when Lin Lei waved his hand, the silhouette of Lin Feng and Huo Yun appeared in front of the Lin Family.


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