Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1145


“Really … really you? Peak?”

Tears ca n’t stop coming from the eyes of Old Master, as the saying goes well, the man bleeds without tears, but he ’s not at the sad place that ’s all.

Old Master used to be field-proven. One person led the army to live in a country. Now he is crying.

“Yes, it’s me, it’s your son who returned.”

“Sorry, your son is not filial, so you have been worried for so many years.” Holding the body you looked at, your head has been buried in the arms of the Old Master, and the tears can’t stop flowing.

Aside from Huo Yunming Master Bai, I haven’t seen him for a long time. There was news of his death. Now the resurrected son appears in front of himself, which makes Old Master easy-going.

But fortunately, both of them are somewhat restrained. After all, the illusion they are in now makes them have to stop their grandparents from telling the old.

Crying for a while, the two separated, but the eyes never left each other.

Looking at the Old Master In this way, Lin Lei couldn’t help laughing and not responding, so he waited quietly now, and now his task is completed. For the other lineage thing, look at the meaning of the Old Master now.

What did the Old Master say, then Lin Lei will show no mercy, and will kill all the other lineages present, but … I am afraid that the Old Master will be softhearted.

“Just come back.”

Looking at Lin Feng, the Old Master finally uttered such a sentence, looking away towards Lin Lei, now he really believes that the youth in front of him is his grandson Lin Lei.

But looking at the look of Lin Lei at this moment, Old Master still had some disbelief. Just a few years out, his grandson’s cultivation base didn’t make much progress, and he saw that his appearance had changed so much.

He’s sure, if this is walking on the street, if Lin Lei doesn’t say anything, I’m afraid he will pass by, and treat each other as the most familiar strangers.

“Your boy, if you don’t come back for so many years, even your appearance has changed, you said, what should I do about this?” Old Master said.

Although the meaning of questioning Lin Lei in the discourse, but from the doting expression of Old Master, I can understand that Lao Tzu really meant.

Looking at the Old Master, Lin Lei smiled bitterly, “Old Master, it’s not that I don’t want to come back, just that some things haven’t been resolved so I didn’t come back.”

“This is not …” Then, the tone turned to Lin Feng, “Do n’t I bring my dad back?”

“Bring you a son, and now your grandson is back, you said, are you happy?”

“Uh … happy!”

Lin Lei’s words made the Old Master irrefutable, but he was really sincere. Now that his son, who has been using it for many years, is back, and his grandson is now in front of him, and he is not satisfied.


“I said, a few of you, are you okay, let’s quickly resolve the matter in front of you!” Scarlet Flame Tiger in the arms of Lin Lei looked at this harmonious scene, a little bit sad, as if jealous of the Old Master His Ray brother was stolen.

“Who speaks again?”

Scarlet Flame Tiger’s voice interrupted everyone. Old Master’s eyes turned away from Lin Lei’s body, and his eyes fluttered around, as if he was looking for the speaker.

Old Master doesn’t know, Lin Family doesn’t know everyone, but Lin Feng and Huo Yun know who the person just said is.

The two looked at Scarlet Flame Tiger, shook their heads helplessly, “father, I just talked about Ray’s friend Scarlet Flame Tiger.”

Pointing at Scarlet Flame Tiger, Lin Feng spoke slowly.


Speaking of Lin Feng’s finger direction, when he saw Scarlet Flame Tiger in Lin Lei’s arms, the Old Master stunned, and then browse slightly wrinkle, a look that made you play me looked towards Lin Feng, “峰My son, I have n’t seen it for many years, so I ’ve opened it for my father, right! ”

“I … I didn’t, really —” said half of it, stopped abruptly, looked towards Lin Lei, he understood that if he didn’t really want to see it, the Old Master would never believe it, so only the Old Master could see Being clear can make him believe completely.

Looking at Father Lin’s expression, Lin Lei couldn’t understand what he meant, turned his head and looked towards Old Master, opened the mouth and said: “Old Master, my dad is right.”

“Little tiger, say a few words to the Old Master.” The old master didn’t believe it, and bowed his head to let Scarlet Flame Tiger prove it.

“I rely, Lei Ge, I am your beast of war, not a monkey on the mountain, do you not hurt your heart if you do this?” Looking at Lin Lei, he was grieved and complained. Come.

Scarlet Flame Tiger’s opening, Old Master. I completely believed in Lin Feng’s words. Looking at Scarlet Flame Tiger, Old Master had no other thought than shock.

Demonic beast can speak, which makes his world view refresh.

“Okay, Old Master, what do these people do?” Watching the Old Master stunned, Lin Lei asked again.

Time is nothing to Lin Lei, but Lin Lei doesn’t want to waste time on this matter.

Lin Lei’s words made Lin Fenghuoyun, who had been focusing on the Old Master, react.

I just thought about the Old Master, not at all. I noticed that the place where I am now is in a cave, and who are those people at the door?

Each and everyone question arises in Lin Feng’s heart.

“Dad, didn’t I ask you about another lineage before? These people are another lineage!” Lin Feng’s doubts looked really tangible, and now everything has been resolved, so they know and also nothing much.


“Another lineage?”

Unexpectedly, Lin Lei didn’t expect Lin Feng to be so calm in his imagination.

Huoyun is even more so. Those who fell on the cave entrance changed their expressions for a while.

“Well, yeah, after I returned to the Lin Family just now …” Lin Lei began to say everything that happened after returning to the Lin Family.

“That’s it, I originally wanted to kill them directly, but when I thought that they were the same family, I only killed some people who had started.”

“so that’s how it is!”

Listen to Lin Lei as he finishes telling the story. The Old Master has a clear look, now he knows what happened before.

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