Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 11451

“Ding, system quest: pretend, invisible pretend, invisible crushing of the four guilds, mission rewards, Holy Grade 6 Gongshu Lingshui Sword Manual, Breaking Saint Pill.”


Jin Guodan just put it in his mouth, he didn’t wait to eat, the voice of system hint appeared.

However, this task made Lin Lei never think that when this Nima system sent such a substandard task.

Pretend to force? Forced invisible? Also Nima virtually crushed the four guilds!

“Fuck, does this still use pretense? It also uses crushing?”

“Just, do n’t look at the grades that Lao Tzu ’s nine-day shop sells. They have a guild. Is it? “

However, he still likes the reward of the last character very much.

The Holy Grade 6 Lingshui Sword Manual, although you may not use it yourself, it is also a Holy Grade and still exists in Grade 6.

Of course, what surprised him most was Napo Shengdan. He had heard of this elixir before, but there was no Pill Recipe of this elixir, so it was never refined. Otherwise, at this moment Profound Sect, there is not more divine realm and less divine realm,

“Ding, may I ask the host to accept the task?”

“I do, of course I accept.” If such a task is not accepted, then his head is really Watt.

“Ding, the host accepted the task and completed it within one day. The task failed, and the host ’s cultivation base was lowered to one level.”

Boom …

The voice of system, Just like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, straight into my mind, I was stupid in the spot instantly, who the whole I am, where I am, I am doing and so on.

For a long time, Lin Lei came back to his senses, frowned, and questioned the system. He knew the system pit, but Nima would not be so pitted.

Lin Lei’s heart can’t stand it at the cost of dropping his cultivation base at the end of his achievements.

What’s Nima’s name, isn’t it just a task when I see it? Is it necessary to downgrade?

“System, can you … give up?” Lin Lei began to test, this was the first task he ever wanted to give up, none of them.



“Because it is not possible, it is not possible. If the host insists on giving up, the two-level cultivation base will be lowered to At the cost, this mission cancels out. “

” Sleep. “Lin Lei’s heart was as ruined as the last one, and Nima was more horrible than completing the mission.

“Brother Lin, congratulations!”

Just as Lin Lei was entangled with the system, Liu Chengfeng’s congratulatory voice came from outside with a smile on his face, Non-stop.


Withdraw from the connection with the system, support Liu Chengfeng who looked up towards the door, and looked at him suddenly, thinking of the person who walked back and forth before the door.

“Yu Young Master, the shop is full of vitality, didn’t expect your Buddha to come.” As he said, Lin Lei stood up to welcome him.

“Brother Lin joked, there is a big Buddha down there.” Listening to Lin Lei’s words, Liu Chengfeng shook his head with a bitter smile, and when his body walked into the shop, his eyes were placed on this shelf by this layer. The dazzling array of eyes attracted.

“Sure enough, Grade 9 Xuan Yufan.”

“Is that … Breaking Venerable Pill?”

“Fuck, that is … Grade 9 adds Spiritual Pill? “

Looking at these elixirs, Liu Chengfeng felt a twitch in his heart. These elixirs were all unseen in sect. You should know that a Breaking Venerable Pill can give himself up unconditionally. People who are in God’s great perfection break through the state of deity, and I have no side effects.

What makes Liu Chengfeng even more shocked is that there are ten Dao Pill patterns on these elixir, which makes him unable to bear it.

Ten Dao Pill patterns, I am afraid that none of Pill Refining Guild can make Pill Refinement Master with ten Dao Pill patterns!

“Nima, top grade Divine Item,”

“I fuck, Grade 9?”

“This … these …”

Looking at these treasures, Liu Chengfeng’s ability to withstand it just couldn’t hold it.

On the first floor, except for the formation method, there are three of the four major guilds, basically all of them, and things are better than those of the four major guilds and Myriad Treasures. This makes them sect out of me. Here ashamed and unable to show one’s face.

Thinking of the persuasion before, now it seems that everything is superfluous, and my face is a little red.

Liu Chengfeng’s is the same. How can he escape Lin Lei’s eyes, smile inside, and then take care of him without seeing what to do.

This is his own big customer, and offended him, then his task will be ruined.

“Liu Young Master, look, do it quickly, small business, can’t get in your eyes, come, drink tea, drink tea.”

Speaking, beckoned and sat down , Began to make tea for Liu Chengfeng, then, Qiong Lao, who followed Liu Chengfeng, was stunned by the things in Lin Lei’s shop at this moment.

These are the keys in Myriad Treasures, which are used to cultivate Core Disciple and Direct Disciple. Didn’t expect it to be sold here.

“Young Master Lin, I wonder if old man can go to the second floor to watch it?” Qiong Lao said, not only his thoughts, but also Liu Chengfeng’s thoughts.

“Oh, is this …?” Looking towards Old Qiong, Lin Lei wondered.

“Oh, right.” Liu Chengfeng patted his brain and quickly got up and introduced: “Brother Lin, this is my Elder from Myriad Treasures, Qiongshan.”

” Yes, Young Master Lin, you can call me together with Young Master. I don’t dare to offend Lin Lei. Just putting these things on the bright side is enough to see the other person’s boldness.

“Old Joan!”

Gently say a word, and then said with a smile: “Since old Joan likes, then Lin Feng, you take Old Joan up to take a look, if what old Joan loves Then, I hugged. Just opened today, the audience was 5% off. “

After hearing from Lin Lei, Lin Feng got up and came to Qiong Lao, and stepped forward to lead the way for Qiong Lao.

Looking at Lin Feng, Qiong Lao’s eyes fell on Liu Chengfeng, as if to win his consent.


“Yes, Young Master.”

Qiong is gone, Liu Chengfeng still can’t stop the inner shock, watching With all the heavenly materials earthly treasures around him, he wanted to know how these things came.

Such a thing, what level of Pill Master, Artifact Refinement Master can it be made by a rune master.

“Yiu Young Master, come and drink tea!”

Lin Lei’s voice interrupted Liu Chengfeng’s shock, came back to his senses, took a sip of the tea in front of him .

“Well, Liu Chengfeng, didn’t expect you to come early!” A voice came from outside.

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