Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1146


“Well, Ye Di, let you go, don’t you want to?”

“Okay, if you don’t want to, then I can kill you.” Old Master said.

“Uh … huh, let’s forget about this!” The Martial King God, who spoke, responded quickly.

Who wants to die, especially the Realm of Martial King, why would he want to die?

“That’s it!”

Martial King’s reaction, the Old Master couldn’t help but give him a dizzy eye and let him realize it.

“Did you really let us go?” Martial King reconfirmed, not that he didn’t believe it, the second phase 4 thing was so incredible, it could even be said that it exceeded his thoughts, because This will not be the result of anyone.


Old Master doesn’t want to talk anymore, it’s not necessary, but Old Master already thinks about it. If he asks again, he will change his mind immediately.

“Hurry up, remember, from today on, if you dare to bully the weak, his end is your end.” Understanding the helplessness of Old Master, Lin Lei hurriedly spoke.

However, Liancheng is his hometown after all, so he doesn’t want to be suffocated by others who are lineage.

“Yes, yes!”

Looking at the death of his fellow clansman, the man was trembling, cold and sweaty, looking at the body of the same tribe, the man swears silently, and will definitely follow Lin Lei’s order in the future, he will not be stubborn like before Help the weak and stop bullying.

“Okay, I’m staring at you. If there is a good mistake, I will reconsider whether to wait for this lineage to exterminate the tribe.” He waved.

“Get out, remember what the deity said!”

By the way, Lin Lei didn’t say anything, and Martial King got Lin Lei’s order, just like an amnesty, he rushed out of the cave with his men, and how quickly he left here.

For this cave, he swears that this life will not come again. For others, this may be a refuge, but for him, this is his nightmare, a nightmare that can’t be annihilated in this life. .

Divine Consciousness released the entire mountain to this point, and decided to open in another lineage before Lin Lei took back Divine Consciousness.

“Good boy, it will be as big as no change in a few years, so big that Fourth Uncle doesn’t know you anymore?” Among the crowd, Fourth Uncle Lin Hai stepped forward and struck Lin Lei’s chest.

“Fourth child, what are you doing?”

The Old Master’s mouth sounded after he scolded himself, followed by the Old Master’s anxiety when he came to Lin Lei.

“Lei, it’s okay, you Fourth Uncle is not light or heavy, mulberry leaves also look …” Then, the Old Master wanted to get rid of Lin Lei’s pair and wanted to look at the injuries.

“Uh, this …” The action of the Old Master really shinned Lin Lei down, and he didn’t expect grandfather.

If it was before … uh, no, even if the fleshhy body was able to withstand the fist just now, not to mention returning to the ontology, even if Lin Hai chops him with a knife, the distance can’t be killed.

Before the body, I avoided the Old Master ’s hands and responded with a bad day. “Grandfather, do n’t kid me, just the extreme of Fourth Uncle. Do n’t hurt me, even if I ’m standing there. Don’t do it. Fourth Uncle can’t kill me. ”

Lin Lei didn’t make a joke at this point, “Yes, dad, I’ll go out and give you something to eat, you talk first.”

Speaking, without moving the Old Master entire group reaction, step out and the silhouette disappeared into the sight of everyone.

“Oh, this kid, I’m still shy.”

Looking at the direction where Lin Lei left, Huoyun smiled. Others didn’t know. How could she not be a mother.

“Okay, father, let Leier go!” Lin Feng rushed forward to interrupt the thought of the Old Master as his son left.

As for Lin Hai, he has a bitter smile on his face. He is even more curious about Lin Lei’s cultivation base. What realm can make him do this.

However, this idea was quickly forgotten, because no matter how much it changes, it can’t change the fact that he is his nephew.

Thinking, came to the Old Master and started listening to Lin Feng talking about his experience over the years.

……… Outside the cave, Lin Lei rushed out, came to the peak of the cave, looked at the scenery in the distance, a smile appeared on his face, “Finally we can leave.”

Speaking, divide sense communicates with small dragon, “Small dragon, I have to be like God World, is there any way to reach it in the fastest time?”

Although I can restore the body, I want to return to God World from the destiny world. It ’s just too much time to fly. It ’s not only that, he also has not much time left, thousands of years. Entering the holy realm, the remaining time is not enough to allow him to return to God World from here, so the only thing that can be relied on now is small dragon.

Of course, I do n’t know if it ’s okay, but he ’s afraid that the level of the things he puts out is too high, which is intolerable in this realm.

In addition, the time required to arrange the Starry Sky Transmission Formation is also huge, not just at hand, more importantly, in God World, he did n’t know the Starry Sky Transmission Formation, so the two cannot be connected at all, even the layout is Useless.


As soon as Lin Lei’s words fell, the silhouette of the small dragon rushed out of the system and appeared in front of Lin Lei. He floated in front of Lin Lei and looked at Lin Lei with a funny smile on his face.

“I knew your kid would have such a day.”


“Less nonsense, hurry up, what can I do?”

“Starry Sky Transmission Formation, which allows you to reach God World in a short time without being affected at all.”

“What?” looked up towards small dragon.

“The vast amount of time required for the Starry Sky Transmission Formation, and I did n’t set up a transmission location in God World. Who knows where to send a successful transmission?”

“Also, don’t you say that the Holy Realm has been chaotic? In this case, who is the delay time? And there is not much time left in the Millennium Mission.”

Seeing Lin Lei’s face was anxious, a smile appeared from the face of small dragon.

Lin Lei looked at the small dragon with such a smile, and there was a kind of bad premonition in his heart that rose in the mind.

“Well, so, there is only one way left!” small dragon began.

“What is it, say it quickly,” Lin Lei hurried.

“Go to the system store and buy the Transmission Great Array of God World directly?”

“Convenient and fast, why not?”

“Uh … hehe, system store …”

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