Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1147


The meaning of small dragon has been very clear, Lin Lei has no other ideas but helplessness.

“Forget it, in this case, go directly to the system to buy.”

Think about it, Lin Lei is not looking for trouble. Of course, it is undeniable that the small dragon and system have ambitious ideas. After all, he had a lot of good things from small dragon and system before.

Think about it, Lin Lei didn’t hesitate. Divine sense moved into the system space, whispered in his heart, and brought up the shop interface.

Tone barely fell in Lin Lei’s heart. A light appeared in the original dark space, and suddenly appeared like a portal in Lin Lei’s sight.


The portal appeared suddenly as if it were a door, separated from it and moved towards both sides, and the moment the portal opened, a sound of collisions of bottles and jars came into Lin Lei’s ear.

Looking at it, the store is full of high grades. This scene has not been seen for a long time. I have to say that for this store, Lin Lei is still a little missed.

After all, this store has saved him several times. If it were not a matter of life and death to buy escape magic and medicine pill from the store, I am afraid that he will not appear in this destiny world intact.

“Congratulations to the host for returning to system.”

system The cold, electronically synthesized sound passed into Lin Lei’s ears, suddenly awakening Lin Lei.

“Ding, what should the host buy, system is happy to help you!”

“艹 …”

Listening to system, Lin Lei stumbled for a while, what kind of fuck is this! It seems that this kind of scene has never been thought of before!

Also serve you wholeheartedly, oh, but don’t, as long as your Senior doesn’t talk to me, I’m thankful.

Although Lin Lei had a lot of doubts, but thinking of what he came in to ask for, Lin Lei had no such thoughts.

Looking up at the dark sky, Lin Lei talked about going into the system this time, “I want to go back to God World, and still go directly to Heavenly Dragon Mountain Profound Sect, can you do anything?”

Speaking of this, Lin Lei felt a bit redundant, and if system had no way, he would not come in.

However, since the words have been said, there is no reason to take them back.


Concise words, blurt out, not at all, before Lin Lei’s question …

“Ding, system is picking up goods for the host, please host …”

System tone barely fell, I saw that the goods in the original store in front of it started to blur. With the ebbing of time, the blurry feeling became clearer and clearer until the original goods disappeared completely.

“This system always likes to do these things. You just don’t have to say it directly, you have to mess with these heads.”

Lin Lei just dared to talk about that’s all in his heart. If it is the surface, Lin Lei dare not dare to be of such a grade. I thought that the system punished him because he had said some radical words. Not to die, but serious injuries are still possible. Although he now breaks through the sanctuary, Lin Lei still dare not challenge the majesty of the system.

Time passes slowly. In the original merchandise grid, the blurring of the previous item disappears again.

In a short while, the shop was empty. At this moment, a variety of goods appear again, but these goods are not like the bottles and cans.

Starry Sky Transmission Formation: It is arranged with amazing power, composed of 1,600 kinds of materials, hundred thousand and six thousand Formulations, and has a directional strength of Transmission, and its effect is very significant.

“Well, this Formation, I’m afraid I can’t outline it now!”

“hundred thousand nine thousand combinations of formation, this fuck alone is not only a combination of more than ten or twenty years, who would be small and okay to arrange such chicken ribs?”

“The most overwhelming is still oriented, and co-authoring is suitable for waste!”

Looking at the Starry Sky Transmission Formation and the method of production, Lin Lei couldn’t help but stun.

“Eh! 8,000 700 600,000 points?” Lin Lei was drunk when he saw the production method of Starry Sky Transmission Formation, but when he saw the points of Starry Sky Transmission Formation, Lin Lei was completely dumbfounded. Already.

Lin Lei looked at the number of points, and felt his heart tremble, and the blood couldn’t stop dripping.

“Mash, robbery?”

came back to his senses, Lin Lei resolutely gave up this method of returning after saying a sentence, first of all, it is not that there is no money, but this kind of formation. He does n’t need it first. This kind of formation is directed transmission Although it also fits, Profound Sect not at all Star Sky Transmission Formation mark, so even if Lin Lei wants to buy it will not work.

For Lin Lei’s flurry, system seems to be fed up. “If you think it’s expensive, don’t buy it. You don’t have to have this option. You can choose other types … poor ghosts.”

“I was thinking about this …”

“What? Poor ghost?”

When I was planning to choose another kind, the system sentence ignited Lin Lei completely.

Lin Lei admits that he is poor, but he does not like others to say that he is poor, and he is still so brazen. What is this about, provocation …?

“Ding, the host acknowledged that he was not a poor ghost and bought the Starry Sky Transmission Formation. If he did n’t buy it, do n’t force him, like a man.” System spoke, and the words did not hide his provocative tone. .

“I …”

“Good guys don’t fight with system, brother is a self-cultivating Saint, not angry, right … not angry.” Forcibly anger in his heart.

To calm down, Lin Lei did not do much entanglement on this matter, but looked towards other options.

Unidirectional Transmission Formation, an independent Transmission Array, 50 Million points.

“This is not bad!” Lin Lei couldn’t help but look at this Transmission Array.

However, stay at not all on the Transmission Formation in one direction, and look again towards other options.

“Sacred Passage, Different Dimension Teleportation, Oracle Phantom, Heavenly Dao Teleportation …”

Each and everyone merchandise appeared in Lin Lei’s sight. Lin and Lei’s mind of each and everyone was in mind. Until the last one, Lin Lei didn’t make a decision.

It’s not that Lin Lei doesn’t want to buy it, it’s not because of selectivity obstacles, but … there aren’t that many redeem points in the system.

The transmission type I just saw, the best is more than 200 million and more than 90 million, and the second is the second one-way Transmission Formation. Only this is the cheapest, and it is acceptable in Lin Lei. Within range.

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