Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1148

Lin Lei, who was originally traveling through the mountains and forests, stopped suddenly when he heard the system hint, and the whole person was in a state of mistyness.

50 Million will reward the lottery once. Why did he not see the system give lottery a chance?

“Ding, because the host has left the ontology for too long this time, the system hereby rewards that ’s all.”

Lin Lei: ………

Hearing this, Lin Lei has nothing to say. It turned out to be like this because he left the body too long.

Retract your mind. Now that the Transmission Formation is in hand, you can leave this Dharma End Era after eating this meal.

I thought about leaving soon, with an excited smile on my face. Here, Spiritual Qi Spiritual Qi is so pitiful, but his wife and children are not here. He thinks of his second daughter in God World.

“I don’t know how the boy Lin Yun managed sect?”

“Is that smelly brat in Linshan still fooling around outside?”

“I do n’t know if this girl is in sect, how about the cultivation base?”

Thinking about the three children, Lin Lei’s heart of going home is even stronger. I can’t wait to immediately start Transmission Formation Law to leave here and return to Profound Sect to reunite with them.

“Forget it, don’t want to!”

Shaking his head, throwing all these things behind him, looking down at the prey in his hands, it felt almost enough, Lin Lei didn’t stop, and turned back to the cave.

In the cave, Lin Feng and the others were talking very hot, especially the Old Master, and I didn’t know what I heard. The laughter was so loud, and I didn’t want to just get out of trouble.

“Treading …”

While Lin Feng was chatting, some footsteps passed into the ears of everyone. Suddenly, the original laughter disappeared and everyone’s eyes looked towards the entrance of the cave.

Lin Lei silhouette appeared in the sight of everyone, and everyone was stunned, especially when Lin Lei was holding a wild beast in his hand, some of the Lin Family who was hungry would be happy, with a green look.

It’s as if Lin Lei is holding cooked food in his hand at the moment, so I can’t wait to rush forward and swallow it.

“Buy one … you can eat it right away, for a while!” Looking at the eyes of the crowd, Lin Lei became clear, and then opened the mouth and said Ming, stopped, and began to deal with it.

There is a net spirit technique, so there is no need to go to a place with moisture to solve these wild beasts.

A small knife appeared in his hand, holding wild beast in his hand, Lin Lei started his gorgeous show.

One blade after another’s lightning-fast Dissection, which made everyone look at it for a while, especially when there was no response from everyone, a wild beast was already processed.

“tsk tsk, Ray’s speed is so fast!”

Looking at his grandson’s handling of wild beast, the Old Master smashed his mouth and looked admired for a while.

A dozen wild beasts were cleaned up by Lin Lei within two minutes. Under everyone’s attention, Lin Lei ignored the eyes of everyone, as if the whole cave was only him.

As soon as I move, I take out all the seasonings in Storage Ring and start to feed the processed wild beast step by step.

The fragrance pervades the whole cave. Nowhere does it have no such fragrance. Although it has not been roasted yet, it is coveted by everyone.

A “teng” sound, a bloody flame jumped out of Lin Lei’s palm in the sight of everyone.


wild beast gets angry, and suddenly, the noisy voice reaches everyone’s ears, and at this moment, a different fragrance than before has completely permeated everyone.


Almost instantaneously, wild beast was taken out by Lin Lei as soon as he got angry, and he also claimed to be cooked.

“What? Alright?” The Old Master and Lin Family exclaimed, watching Lin Lei’s move.

The crowd’s reaction really scared Lin Lei, “Yeah, okay, otherwise what else do you want?”

Lin Lei retorted. We must know that he used the phantom blood fire barbecue. This kind of flame is very high. If it is not for Lin Lei’s powerful ability to control the flame, this kind of wild beast is estimated to come into contact … No, you do n’t need to come in contact with the phantom blood fire to be evaporated by the phantom blood fire.