Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1149


Maybe the old Lin eats too much, so that everyone ’s appetite is raised. With a test of water, the next thing started. Each and everyone came to Lin Lei to take it. Grilled cooked food.

A good meal ends like this with gobbling, but looking at the eager expression of the Lin Family, Lin Lei can’t help but bitterly laughed.

He understands that everyone in the Lin Family is hungry and that the barbecue just thought so. It is inevitable that they want to continue, but …

Wild beast is gone. If you want to eat again, you have to grab it. Lin Lei doesn’t want to waste time on it. He thinks of God World’s home and he doesn’t want to wait for a moment.

“Find the barbecue here.”

Speaking, Lin Feng looked at them, “Dad, have you told grandfather what they left here?”

“Well, I said!” Lin Feng was nodded.

“Relax, Old Master said, it’s good to decide. Since the Lin Family has become what it is now, it’s better to leave.”

After hearing this, the Old Master hurriedly said, “Lei, yes, using father, right now, the Lin Family has no place to wait for me. Since you are leaving, then I am the old one. Bone cannot be separated from you. “

Looking around and looking at everyone behind, he continued: “As for clansman, they mean the same as mine. Leaving here is probably the best result, and Feng Er told me about the situation in that place, so we told you Leave. “

As soon as this remark came out, everyone in the Lin Family spoke in unison, with a loud voice, “Yes, we are leaving with you.”

looked towards everyone, Lin Lei’s expression was full of determination, and even then, there was no hesitation.

“Okay, I’ll wrap you up with Spirit Strength in a while, and when it comes back, we will have a home.”

Speaking, divide sense communicates the one-way Transmission Formation in the system.

Weng …

A huge Formation, under the communication of Lin Lei divine sense, appeared instantly at the feet of Lin Lei and the others. It was full, and the entire mountain peak could not cover the existence of the Formation, so that the entire seat was finally The mountain peak was wrapped.

The moment the Formulation appeared, the faint blue light appeared in the sight of everyone. This scene was quite shocking.

In the destiny world, they are basically martial arts. They are the first time they have seen something like Divine Immortal, including Old Master and the others.

Looking at the blue light and shadow under his feet, the Old Master looked towards his grandson, his heart seemed to be more intense.

“Okay, everyone is holding hands dissatisfied.”

There was no chance for everyone to be shocked. He didn’t need to explain these. Wait until God World, and stay in God World for a while, I believe they are not the way this shack enters the city.

divine sense rushed into the unidirectional Transmission Formation and found the formation eye that launched the array. The spirit strength madly rushed out of the body and moved towards formation eye.

“system, communicate the one-way Transmission Array to the mountain where Profound Sect is located.” Lin Lei began.

“Ding, to communicate with Profound Sect, the host needs to spend 10 million to exchange points.”


“You …”

Lin Lei is dumbfounded by system. What’s wrong with this fuck?

Do something?

Did you say that before?

“Ding, the host must understand that you are now on the most marginal plane. Here, communicating with God World’s Profound Sect requires an extremely powerful spirit strength.”

“Do you think system will make such a loss?”

Lin Lei does n’t believe it, but there ’s no way. Now that I ’m on the thief ship, I want to disembark before the 50 million redemption points.

Today, the only way is to spend 10 million to get the system to communicate with Profound Sect.

Think, Lin Lei reluctantly nodded, “Okay, but you have to guarantee that this time, the last time, and that this time will be able to reach Profound Sect.”

It’s been a long time in the system, and it’s not possible to do a little protection, just in case 10 million is about to be completed, and another 10 million, isn’t he going to be a fool.

“System guarantees that this 10 million guarantees you return to God World.”


system: ………


System’s re-run guarantee, Lin Lei believed him, and then heard the information from the system deducting redemption points.

Looking at his redemption point shrinking as if shrunk, he already had blood flowing into a river.

The hard-earned money was just sucked away by the vampire of system, and there was nothing left.

System agreed to Lin Lei’s request, and the voice disappeared. After a short pause, the voice of system came again.

“Successful communication.”

“Increase the transmission of energy into the formation eye. After the array is launched, you will be back to Profound Sect when the eyes are opened.”

“hmph, that’s right!”

Lin Lei is assured now, as long as he does n’t have to say anything in front of him, he is willing to go to the Holy World to challenge a low-level Sect now.

“Okay, you leave now!”

“Remember, the one-way Transmission Formation formidable power is strong and protect your loved ones.”

“Although the Transmission Array is safe, it is not allowed to come in a turbulent space or something. At that time …”

Listening to system, Lin Lei couldn’t help throwing a blank eye and interrupting system quickly. The next words, “Okay, you shut up for me.”

“You can’t say anything good from your mouth.”

Lin Lei closed the conversation, and the two sides were silent. Lin Lei exited the system, Divine Sense looked at the formation eye, and then increased the energy transmission.

A little bit, almost half of the energy in the holy realm was transmitted to the formation eye. Seeing that the formation eye, which seems to be full, finally responded, Lin Lei reassured.

“Your mother, if you don’t react, I will kill you today.”

The next moment, Lin Lei increased the transmission, but while transmitting, Devouring Heaven Art began to devour the top grade god crystal.

For today’s plan, you can only start the formation while changing and devouring recovery. Otherwise, the formation eye would like the system to say, it would be a mess of time and space, and it would be difficult to guard them.

A little bit, everyone outside looked at Lin Lei stupidly standing in place, doing nothing, nothing but doubting in his heart.

Nevertheless, none of them went to bother Lin Lei.

each and everyone stands obediently waiting for Lin Lei to wake up.

The night comes, and the night disappears. The day comes, and the night passes, and the formulation eye aside, Lin Lei looks at the strong blue light, and his heart is comforted.