Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1150


Come on, the last trace of spirit strength is injected, and the one-way Transmission Formation becomes active, and you can go home immediately.

Thinking about being able to go home to see my children, Lin Lei’s excited. If anyone looks closely and observes that Lin Lei can be found, at this moment Lin Lei’s body is shaking slightly because he can go home.

Because of the excitement and the induction, after coming out for so many years, I have never wanted to go home to see my wife and children.

Exit the array space, look at your parents, “Daddy, everyone, leave immediately after leaving, please take a look at this World again.”

“Maybe never come back again.”

As soon as this word came out, everyone was silent.

Yeah, I do n’t know when I will be back.

Maybe, as Lin Lei said, this time I leave, I’m afraid I won’t be able to return to this realm where he raised him.

The crowd went hand in hand, pacing out of the cave, and a breeze blew head-on, and a touch of morning sun fell on everyone’s faces. At this moment, Old Master and the others not at all felt the glare of this morning sun.

Conversely, at this moment Old Master found this morning sun very beautiful and very warm.

“Destiny world, goodbye!”


The crowd sighed then said, and then closed their eyes and stopped looking at this World. They left after watching it.

Looking at the crowd at the moment, Lin Lei understands their mood, but after all, he wants to leave. Although it can be regarded as indisputable in the world here, it can be regarded as hidden land of peace and prosperity, but after all, he is not waiting Place,


Long sighed then said, without hesitation, the last trace of Spiritual Qi that enabled the formation eye to flow into the formation eye.

Buzz …

Boom …

formation eye There was a vibration and a roar followed.

Transmission Formation in one direction —-Started.

The one-way Transmission Array is activated, and the blue light bursts out of the ground instantly, wrapping Lin Lei entire group in blue light.

At the moment of the launch of the formation, Lin Lei wrapped the crowd with the prepared energy hood. Although it felt that such a decline would not happen, it was always good just in case.

In addition, the mouth of system seems to have been opened. Generally speaking, what system has said will be well verified.

Lin Lei knows this.

You know, Lin Lei is the only spokesperson for System’s open mouth.

嗖 …

The blue light soared into the sky, and the moment it enveloped the crowd, it collapsed instantly, and the Formula that enveloped the entire mountain peak disappeared as soon as the blue light disappeared.

In this scene, no one in the whole world of destiny knows, and no one can detect it, otherwise they will not be in such a remote area again.

Lin Lei and even the Lin Family disappear completely in this destiny world.

God World, Heavenly Dragon Mountain, inside Profound Sect, in the great hall of Profound Sect, Lin Yun, as always, sits on Sect Lord’s Position.

“Uncle Gang, tell me, what happened in the past few days?” Looking at Kui Gang below, Lin Yun hurried.

It’s been a while since the investigation was handed over to Kui Gang, and now Kui Gang returns again, and he must have got the background of the bastard news and all the investigations.

“Uh … this …”

Looking at Lin Yun, Kui Gang smiled in embarrassment. To be honest, he didn’t want to say too much. After all, this is Lin Yun’s housework. He is an outsider and it’s not easy to get involved.

However, Lin Yun obviously does not think so, “Uncle Gang, I ordered you as Sect Master, and tell me about the bastard news soon.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“Otherwise I’ll tell my dad, just say you bully me and talk about him behind the scenes.”

“I rely, you …” Kui Gang ugly complexion, he Kui Gang fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth, the only fear is Lin Lei.

“Oh! Now that you want to listen, I’ll tell you.” Lin Yun looked desperately to know, and eventually Kui Gang lost.

Looked towards the sky outside, and finally opened up all the trays I investigated.

Jiuyun, also known as Huo Jiuyun, is a child of the Huo Family in Nanyu and Que County. His character is okay, but his father and his family are not so good.


The bastard kid is Huo Jiuyun?

Hearing this name and the information Kui Gang said, Lin Yun’s complexion has eased a lot. At least Jiuyun’s bastard behavior is OK.

“Don’t be so happy early!”

Looking at Lin Yun with a smile, Kui Gang couldn’t help but dissuade him.

“You know one, but you don’t know the other!”

“What do you mean?” Lin Yunmeng was gone, and the whole monk was scratching his head.

“Huo Jiuyun this mix … uh, although this Huo Family kid is okay, what you do n’t know is that Ancestor Hawking of their Huo Family, accidentally killed him when he first arrived at God World.”

“What a matter, just kill …”

“What? Kill?”

The original brain didn’t respond. After all, his father Lin Lei didn’t kill anybody. It was only after came back to his senses that he had a strong relationship.

This fuck is tidy?

Now the granddaughter of daughter Lin Lei is in love with the Huo Family boy, this …

Before Linger married, Ancestor of their family was killed by their father. What kind of hatred is this?

Can it be eliminated by a woman?

In other words, this marriage may be a conspiracy, a well-planned conspiracy.

“More than that, the master not only destroyed the Huo Family ancestors, but also destroyed most of the Maro artist of the Huo Family to the cultivation base and expelled the Que County, and ordered the Que County families to sect, if Huo Family appears again in Kashikura, and this is their death. “

“More importantly, their Huo Family property is still in our hands today!”


Lin Yun was completely stunned by his father.

What is this?

Karmic Retribution?

“Does Linger know these things?” Thanks to Lin Yun as the powerhouse in the state of deities, the heart is more able to bear, otherwise it is just the information just changed to an ordinary person, afraid that the heart will stop early.

Now that Lin Yun is most worried about her daughter, Lin Ling knows these messy things. He is afraid that the daughter can’t stand it.

“I don’t know.”

“I investigated this secretly. Few people know.”

“Also, I reminded everyone who was involved in these things at the beginning, and no one would talk nonsense.”

“Relax …”

“Hoo …

This is good, this is good. “

Learning about these things, my daughter did n’t know it, and her heart finally let go.

…………………… In front of the mountain of Profound Sect, the original bright sun and a gentle breeze, ten thousand li cloudless, the Profound Sect of the gatekeeper was chatting, suddenly, it was dark.


A roar sounded, and the two Profound Sect children who had been chatting and chatteringly felt the moment when the surrounding natural changes, and the cultivation base was vigilant.

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