Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1151


Boom …

The roaring students are becoming more and more obvious, and the two guards are extremely alert in their hearts.

Profound Sect. Although it is not the kind of taking advantage of one’s position to bully people, it is not for anyone who wants to come.

And …

Suddenly this roar came, the two had to be vigilant, who knew if it was the former enemy of Profound Sect.


Suddenly, when the two guards’s eyes glanced at all around, a blue light accompanied by the roar suddenly appeared at the main entrance of Profound Sect.

“Should you … report to Sect Master?”

Looking at the blue light in front of him, the man asked his companions.

“This …”

The companion hesitated. He didn’t know whether he should report it. After all, if everything was reported to the Sect Master, then the Sect Master would not be busy.

Hesitating for a moment, and eventually the companion shook his head. “Forget it, let’s take a look first.”

Finally, the two reached an agreement. Let ’s take a look first, and report the extent to which things really make them uncontrollable.

Then the two became more alert, staring at the blue light where they appeared, as if they wanted to see something in the blue light.

“Hoo …”

“Familiar mountain gate, familiar Spiritual Qi concentration, familiar everything, it seems …”

“The deity is really back.”

In the blue light, Lin Lei entire group appeared, and the moment it appeared at the Profound Sect mountain gate, feeling the concentration of Spiritual Qi around the whole body, and looking up at the familiar mountain gate in front of him, Lin Lei can be sure.

This is the sect he created in one hand. This is his home, Profound Sect.

“I said Big Ben, how wonderful I am that this Blu-ray thinks of the Transmission Array!” Looking at the Blu-ray, the man said.


“Transmission Array?”

Hearing the man’s words, Daben looked up and thought, and the man said that it was true.

Looking at the emergence of the blue light and the breath emitted from it, it really feels like the Transmission Array arranged by the Formation Teacher when they were in the Formation class.

The only difference is a big and small problem that ’s all.

“It really looks like a Transmission Array.”

Da Ben finally agreed with the man’s words, but the problem came back. Transmission Arrays were all equal.

There is no Transmission Array in front of the mountain gate. How can there be a statement that the Transmission Array is transmitted here?

Tangled, extremely tangled.

When the two were entangled, the original blue light slowly dissipated, and finally, the silhouette of Lin Lei’s entire group appeared in the sight of Daben.

“Well, what?”

Looking at the sudden appearance of a group of people, Da Ben was dumbfounded.

Nerves may be a bit inadequate. What is the case with this fuck, although I believe it is a Transmission Array, how can anyone come to Profound Sect?

Also, the breath of the entire group … seems like …

It seems a bit too weak!

At this moment, if Lin Lei’s thoughts are known, oh, then they will not have a small life in the future.

Too weak?

Who said?

This is his Lin Lei’s family and the owner of this Profound Sect. You say that the owner is too weak, so cute, don’t want to live!

From time to time, I feel too comfortable on the sect day, and it’s time to throw you into Jiuyou and walk again.

Lin Lei’s brows froze, and he said coldly, “You guys are on duty today?”

“Yeah, we are.”

Lin Lei’s words, Daben responded with almost no consideration.

“What are you doing?”

Of course, just after the words of Da Ben, the man quickly ran his elbow with his elbow, “You’re crazy, you know who they are, you just respond?”

“I …”

Da Ben wants to refute, but he doesn’t know what to say, after all … the man is right.

“Well, is it really better than one generation?”

Speaking, Lin Lei sighed then said, stepping away moved towards the mountain gate.

Of course, what makes Lin Lei embarrassing is that when he walked closer and closer to the mountain gate, the two originally guarding the door stepped forward the way of Lin Lei and the others.

“This handsome guy, I’m really sorry, this road is not accessible, and I will take a detour.”


Lin Lei is dumbfounded, what does this fuck do?

I was blocked at the gate of the mountain gate, and was blocked by his discipline!

I do n’t know. This is tantamount to suicide. For this kind of behavior, Lin Lei is very upset in his heart. When did he return to his home and be treated like this!

When he was there, Profound Sect went down to Elder and down to the handyman disciple, and that was not respectful to him.

What about now?

时过境迁, things have remained the same, but people have changed?

Just kidding, how long did he leave.

However, the only thing I can be sure of is that the two of them are indeed Profound Sect’s children, but if there is a breath of control in the body, it means that he reopened it.

Thinking of it, Lin Lei’s helpless mood diminished a little.

As for Lin Feng and the others who came up with Lin Lei, they looked at the scene in front of them strangely.

Looking at their reactions to his son Lin Lei, he is now beginning to wonder if his son’s previous statement is true.

“Uh …”

Cough … what …

Feeling the skeptical look behind him, Lin Lei almost collapsed, “Fuck, I really have a Sect Master here!”

With a roar in his heart, he immediately looked up and looked at the two in front of him. The hatred in his expression remained undisguised.

If Ruo Kuigang is here, seeing Lin Lei’s expression, I’m afraid he will hide far away. When will Lin Lei get angry and come back.

“Did you join Sect at the beginning, did your current Sect Master not tell you the history of Sect, such as his father, did you create these nine Heavenly Profound Sect’s Sect Master Lin Lei?”

“Does Profound Sect not have a statue with a Sect Master or a little image information?”

Lin Lei is in a hurry. Although it is very easy to get in, after all, it’s a disciple of his own sect. It’s not good to do too much.

And this is exactly what he is most aggrieved now.

Listening to Lin Lei’s words, Daben and the two looked at each other, looking as if they were asking if the other party had what Lin Lei had just said.

However, to the disappointment of Lin Lei, both of them looked confused, apparently they did not understand, and they did not have the proof that Lin Lei said.

“Well, what did I think.

Think about Lao Tzu who is also the founder of Profound Sect. Now when I enter the gate, the gatekeeper disciple doesn’t even know the founder. “

Think about it, Lin Lei secretly decided, after today, must make a statue of himself in front of the mountain gate.

Not only that, but you also have to stipulate that if you are new to science, you must know the appearance and life of the founder.

Otherwise, like this time, wouldn’t it be so awkward every time I return.

Think about it, it is very necessary, and it must be implemented immediately.

“I said, what do you want to do?”

“Looking for someone?”


“How do you give a sentence?”

Lin Ben’s silence, Daben couldn’t help asking, as Profound Sect children, wouldn’t they, like other sects, see some mortals coming to sect, they would throw them out and even throw them away. Beheaded.

The two did not find out that at this moment Lin Lei’s complexion was dark and extremely extreme.

“Father … father?”

While the anger power broke out in Lin Lei’s heart, and no matter what sect disciple was not disciple, a weak and tentative voice came from behind him.



Lin Lei’s voice is familiar, but I still can’t remember it. Turn around and look towards where the voice came from.

Into the eye, a man who is similar to Lin Lei in seven or eight points is now in the distance, and his confused eyes are looking at Lin Lei.

The moment Lin Lei collided with the man’s eyes, Lin Lei was dumbfounded, because the young man was not someone else, impressively, his son, Lin Lei, Lin Shan.

“Fuck, what’s wrong with Lao Tzu?”

“The most embarrassing scene of Lao Tzu was seen by this smelly brat. Will the image of Lao Tzu be played in the future?”

Of course, after a while, Lin Lei responded to Lin Shan’s call.

“Come here and explain to these two idiots, Lao Tzu … heh, who is this deity.”

As soon as this word comes out of the mouth, Lin Shan can be sure that this fuck is his own father Lin Lei who has been out for hundreds of years.

However, the question comes, why is this father still at the mountain gate when he gets home, and even more strangely let him go out to explain his identity.

Confused, but stepped forward, came to Lin Lei, pointed to Lin Lei, and explained to the two guards.

“Daben, this is my father, now Profound Sect Sect Master Lin Yun’s father, the founder of Nine Heavenly Profound Sect.”

Stop, turn and look at the father that hasn’t been seen for many years. Without saying a word, he rushes away and reaches for Lin Lei in his arms,

“Father, you haven’t been back for a long time?”

“Have you missed me?”

“By the way, my sister said she had a magic weapon and wanted father to help her make it.”

“Oh, yes, and there …”

“Mother misses you too, but since the last time they came back, they have been in Secret Realm behind the mountain, as if there is something in mind?”

“That me …”

噗通 …

The abnormal noise came from behind, and it was chattering, talking endlessly like a forest of words, the words stopped abruptly.

Turning and looking, I saw Da Ben already kneeling on the ground, their entire bodies lying on the ground, their faces on the ground, their bodies shaking tightly.

“You guys … what are you doing?”

“Although this Young Master knows that he is handsome and has a high status, you don’t need to do this!” Lin Shan didn’t understand the meaning of the two.

Lin Lei smiled, but now his face is finally back, turning to look at Lin Feng and the others behind him, his face is full of pride.

“father, mother, this kid is your son’s son in God World, Lin Shan!”

Speaking, kicked on Lin Shan’s ass, and stared, opened the mouth and said: “Smelly brat, can’t you come over and meet your grandfather grandfather and grandfather?”





The crowd exclaimed, their expressions were very weird. Even the two big Bens lying on the ground heard this kind of words. They had a lot of fear before, and even looked straight at the scene in front of them.

Of course, only Lin Lei looks indifferent and is not half surprised by the shock of the crowd, “Well, haven’t you said my identity before?”

“Since it is reincarnation and rebuilding, now returning to the ontology to take you to God World, naturally you have to return to your original life.”

“And I’m at God World, I have a small sect, although not very big.”

Three sons and one daughter, but …

Speaking of this, Lin Lei’s expression was obviously faint, “eldest son Kim Eun was killed by the enemy in Immortal World, so now he has two sons, a daughter and three wives.”

Speaking, pointing to Lin Shan again, opened the mouth and said: “This is my fourth son, and my third daughter is a twin.”

Speaking, looking at the God of God, Lin Shan, full of shock, looked at him with a kick, “Not yet hurry up, should I let Lao Tzu take his own hands?”

Lin Shan: ………

For those sudden loved ones in front of him, Lin Shan’s mind is still blindfolded.

However, looking at the threatening eyes of father Lin Lei, Lin Shan could only suppress the doubt in his heart and bow down to worship.

“Grandson Lin Shan, meet grandfather grandfather, see grandfather.”

Everyone: ……………

Although I understand Lin Lei’s identity, reality has limited their imagination. Until now, Lin Feng and the others have been shocked by this scene.

“Father, mother, grandfather.” Lin Lei reminded softly.

“Uh, oh right, right.”

Lin Feng first returned to God, reached out and helped Lin Shan to lift him up. Although his heart was still full of shock, he still accepted it. After all, it was his son’s son and his grandson.

“Hill, how old is this year.”

A very common question, but Lin Lei froze. I forgot to introduce it to the family, but it seems to be a bit late now.

Sure enough.

Lin Feng looked at Lin Feng and asked, Lin Lei grinned honestly and almost blurted out, “It’s not clear, but it should be one or two thousand years old!”

“Uh … hehe, little child is really kidding.” Lin Feng smiled awkwardly but without politely.

Lin Shan didn’t say anything, he could perceive Lin Feng and the others’ cultivation base, so he didn’t say much.

So many mistakes.

“That … father, let’s go ahead and talk.” Lin Lei just wanted to quickly end this awkward state.

On the side, Lin Shan looked at himself like father, smiled in his heart, and quickly opened the rescue field, “Yeah, let’s go in!”

Speaking, instead of waiting for Lin Lei to speak, Lin Shan directly held Lin Feng and Huoyun one by one, and moved towards the gate of the mountain.

At this moment, the two guards of Daben did not stop the two as before, but respectfully, moved on their knees and moved towards the side, giving way.

Lin Feng and the others left, Old Master and the others naturally did not need to stay, then left immediately.

“It’s over, it’s doomed.”

The two kneeling on the ground, watching the crowd leave, except when Lin Lei did not leave, he was wet with cold sweat for an instant.

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