Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1152


The two beasts are now ashamed and unable to show one’s face. Indeed, as Lin Lei said, I am afraid that the entire God World is afraid of being the only one.

Looking at the silence of the two, Lin Lei nodded and said: “Okay, don’t give me the silence is gold.”

“As I said before, go to the law enforcement department to get me a penalty.”

“How about the deity to check in the future?”

“Yes, I’ll wait.”

After the two of them worshiped, they got up and moved towards sect, and the door of Sect naturally left Lin Lei alone.

“Xiaohu, you’ve been wronged for a while.” In a word, Lin Lei said to Xiaohu aside.

“Oh, yes, Xuelingtian, you also follow Xiaohu.” Looking at Bloodly Heavenly Dao.


Xue Lingtian got out of Lin Lei’s sleeve, raised his head and reprimanded Lin Lei, and promised Lin Lei to be very sorry for his ancestors.

Now he still has to be guarded as a doorman, which makes him unbearable.

“hmph, what and what, the demonic beast of my divine realm will keep the gate, why do you?”

“Do you think you are better than me?”

“or is your Bloodline nobler than me?”

Xue Lingtian’s attitude, Xiao Hu is very unwilling to see. In his eyes, Lin Lei is everything, and everything that does not obey Lin Lei’s order is his unseen.

Like the blood spirit sky now.

“I … I …”

Looking at Scarlet Flame Tiger’s appearance of wanting to eat, Xueling Tian shivered and pushed back, and he did not dare to look at him with a dodging expression.

Looking at the two of them, a smile emerged, opened the mouth and said: “OK, this thing is so settled, I will ask Yuner to arrange for someone to bring you down, okay!”

“Well, don’t worry, Lei Ge, you go!”

“Well, good!”

No more stay here, turn around and step into the Profound Sect gate, and let the chase move towards the direction of the forest peak and the others.

In Profound Sect, Lin Shan took Lin Feng and the others on the road. Lin Feng and the others were a marvelous step along the way. They were very surprised at everything in Profound Sect.

They have also seen sect, of course, the sect of the destiny world, but now, presumably, it is a world of difference.

Only a palace in Profound Sect, it is better than the entire sect of the strong heaven fate Yunfengzong.

Also, the palaces here are all very luxurious, with high-end atmosphere. Lin Feng was very excited when he saw it.

At this moment, walking on Lin Feng and the others side Lin Shan, at this moment, I have accepted these relatives.

Looking at Lin Feng and the others in a look of amazement, Lin Shan smiled and introduced, “grandfather, here is the sect created by father.”

“It’s a little far from where I live, but it’s so good. Let’s walk like this so that we can introduce the situation of sect to everyone.”

Speaking, pointing at the palace in the distance opened the mouth and said: “Here is the sky mountain range, the entire sect disciple should have an eight-nine million!”

“Of course, there are even more sects in the entire God World. There are millions of disciples in a Holy Land. Compared with Profound Sect, the number of Proect Sect is not dominant, but Profound Sect is in God World. But it ’s very strong, and it ’s no exaggeration to say that our Profound Sect said that it was God World second, and no one dared to call it first. “

When this remark came out, Lin Feng and the others were shocked. A Holy Land has millions of disciples. Such an eight-nine sect is the overlord of God World. How can this not shock them? of.

But at the same time they were shocked because, you know, this is a sect created by their son.

Think about it, there are constant smiles on the face, and the Old Master is full of red light. I want to see the reputation of Profound Sect.

“The palace I am in is called Tianji Hall. It belongs to the depths of sect. The palace is large, but I usually live alone.”

“I was taken care of by my subordinates, but I was all coaxed away. After all, I do n’t need anyone to take care of myself, and I usually practice. A retreat is a century old, and it is useless to keep them.”

“But you are here, maybe you will use it.

At that time, I will personally select a batch for you, and let them serve you. “

Lin Shan is very hilarious at this moment. He has lost all his previous credits, perhaps because of Lin Lei’s previous actions.

However, Lin Shan didn’t know. When he was saying hi, Lin Lei appeared behind the crowd long ago, following the crowd and not speaking.

However, when Lin Shan said that cultivation is a century old, Lin Lei couldn’t help it.

Although it is not usually sect, it is also critical to these sons, but he still knows their news.

The second son, Lin Yun, is usually busy with sect and is very diligent. For this son, Lin Lei is very relieved.

As for Lin Shan, the four sons, Lin Lei, feel alive and angry.

It’s delicious, lazy, drinks, and doesn’t like cultivation. It’s neat and idle. When thinking of what he just said about cultivation, Lin Lei couldn’t help coming out from behind, and then kicked him up.

“You bastard boy, you are embarrassed to say that you cultivate.”

Lin Lei’s voice appeared, Lin Shan’s neck shrank, and moved towards the side, and as far as the pain in his buttocks, Lin Shan was still in charge.

“father, I …”

“Shut up for me.” Lin Lei didn’t want to listen to his rebuttal, knowing his personality, “You look at you, your current cultivation base is Divine General. In the beginning, you … you want to be mad at me ! “

Think about the path you used to take. From 4,000 years ago, you have cultivated from nothing to ants, to the sanctification of today.

“Father, you also know that cultivation has to be gradual and gradual. Like her sister, it is closed all day, and there is a normal life for girls.”

“You …”

“Father, listen to me.”

Lin Shan seems to want to say everything in his heart, Lin Lei opens his mouth and is choked back by him.

“The last time I saw my sister, it was 300 years ago, 300 years!

I practice in my palace all day. I ca n’t see my sister and that ’s all. Even mother ’s desire to see her sister is a luxury.

father, when do you say cultivation is head? If this is not the case for cultivation, then this is the way! “

He doesn’t like this kind of day, he likes to travel and go out to see those new things, instead of staying in his palace all day and practicing all day and night, he doesn’t like it.

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