Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1153


The scene was very quiet. Lin Feng and the others heard everything from beginning to end.

I ca n’t bear it because I ca n’t bear the state of Lin Shan and the state of Lin Xianer.

It was Lin Xianer who was shocked. Even if a retreat was more than 300 years, more than 300 years, it was not as simple as three days. At this moment, everyone finally understood that in God World. I’m afraid the least is time.

The quietness of the scene brought Lin Feng and the others an uncomfortable feeling. Huoyun looked a little bit aside.

When it came to Lin Lei, unexpectedly, Lin Shan’s dumbfounded scene appeared. He was sure that this was the most shocking and most memorable scene he had ever told.


Huo Yun came to Lin Lei’s side, and he didn’t want to slap it directly in the back of Lin Lei’s head.

“You bastard boy, you are so strong, why should you force your children?”

“Will you father not protect them?”

“I …”

Looking at mother, Lin Lei looked innocent, and looked very wronged. He didn’t seem to say anything! Why is he being beaten now?

You can’t figure it out, but you can’t refute it.

However, in my heart, this feud was silently memorized, not to Huoyun, but to his son Lin Shan.

“Don’t give me yours.”

“From now on, I don’t want to hear you from the hill mouth to force him to practice, otherwise …” Huo Yun raised his hand, as if to say, you said that you were forcing and the slap was waiting.

For this, Lin Lei is helpless, he doesn’t want to, he also wants to stay with his wife and children, but this world doesn’t allow it.

This is not the world of destiny. Here, if you do not have the power to crush sentient beings absolutely, then you will become the fish on the cutting board of others.

Lin Lei understands that Huoyun and the others have just arrived at God World, and maybe they do n’t understand God World ’s way of life. Therefore, not at all can only be explained by nodded.

“Okay, mother, what you say is what.”

“I will never force Linshan to cultivate anymore.”

Although he said so, he already had his own plan. As his son, Lin Lei, how could he be a vagrant wanderer.

Even if he allows, this World will not allow him to do so, because without the protection of Lin Lei and Profound Sect, he will be pushed into the powerhouse by the cruel rules of survival of this World.

Of course, unless he is willing to take his life in the hands of others.

On the side, Lin Shan came back to his senses from a moment ago, a lunge came behind Huoyun, raised his hands and lifted his shoulders for Huoyun, a flattering look.

“Father, are you telling the truth?

Really not forcing me to cultivate? “

Lin Shan understands that this father is the existence of fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth, and the only weakness is his relatives, especially grandfather grandfather’s order, and he dare not disobey.

“Grandma, don’t you see father!” Lin Shan screeched.

“Lei, didn’t you hear the words of the hill?” Huoyun reminded.

Lin Lei: ……………

Looking at Lin Shan who pinched his shoulders for Huoyun, fiercely glared at him, and immediately nodded, “understood mother.”

Looking up towards Lin Shan, opened the mouth and said: “Relax.”

“The deity came back this time to settle them, and then I will leave this Domain.”

“As for you …”

Lin Lei paused after watching Lin Shan, and then continued: “The deity is not in charge of you, after that you are alive or dead. It depends on your own creation. After all, the deity cannot stay by your side.”

“The fledgling will one day fly for food by itself, you … take it for yourself.”

At this moment, Lin Lei spoke in the words of his deity, a word he had never said before his wife and children, but this time …

When Lin Shan heard this, his expression startedled, and he felt inexplicable in his heart. He was also saddened that Lin Lei had just returned and would leave.

“Let’s go, I will show you the palace.”

Speaking of the body, a soft energy emerges from the body, enclosing everyone except the forest and mountains, the teleportation disappears.

“father …”

Lin Lei’s move was too fast, Lin Shan disappeared before he could react, and watching Lin Lei disappeared, Lin Shan was inexplicably panicked.

I don’t know why, thinking of the words of Lin Lei just now, he doesn’t know why, there is a kind of taste.

My dear, this is not a tone that Father spoke to his son. He regrets some of what he said before.

In front of the deepest and highest hall of Profound Sect, Lin Lei appeared with a silhouette of the crowd, and the guard who has been patrolling here saw the crowd suddenly appeared, and a leap made Lin Lei and the others up .

“Why, even the deity wants to stop it?”

Looking at the head, he remembers that this is the first Profound Sect children, and has followed since the beginning of Chongjong.

More importantly, in his within the body, there is a breath of control.

“You … you are …”

The head of the man heard Lin Lei’s words, stepped forward and looked directly at Lin Lei’s face. When he saw Lin Lei’s face clearly, he fell down and knelt down. “Song Wei met Sect Master, and he was discipled.”

Song Wei’s actions, and so on his own words, made the surrounding disciples shivered, followed by kneeling down, all in his mouth were “I’m so guilty”.

“hmph, it seems you still know the deity.”

coldly snorted, and then started talking to everyone, “get up”

“Yes, Sect Master.”

The crowd stood up, respectfully now in front of Lin Lei, it looked as if he had no intention of leaving.

“Anything else?”

“Uh … no, no.”

“If that’s the case, keep on patrolling, what do you do with me?” Looking at Song Wei, Lin Lei couldn’t help throwing a blank eye.

“Oh, well, go here.”

Speaking, Song Wei suddenly realized that he saluted behind Lin Lei and the others in a hurry.

“Lei, did you really create this sect?” Looking at Song Wei’s departure, Lin Feng was still a little unbelievable.

Looking at the palace in front of him, such a magnificent place is the sect of his son, which makes him have a fluttering and unrealistic feeling.

“Okay father, I don’t need to ask this question later. I will ask Yuner to arrange an eviction for you later, and I will ask you for Teacher to let you learn the words of God World.”

“As for your cultivation, I will let the cultivator of Divinity Venerable Level protect you, so that you won’t make any mistakes in rebuilding.”

Since leaving, it is necessary to arrange everything. It is impossible to leave everyone here and let Hurry leave.

Hearing this, Old Master and the others nodded, choose to be silent, this moment everyone understood their own illusion.

“Let’s go!”

Speaking, Lin Lei stepped out and took everyone moved towards the great hall of the discussion, but at this moment, Lin Yun and Kui Gang were both in the great hall.

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