Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1154


Looking at Kui Gang who was kneeling in front of him, a smile emerged, and he reached forward and raised Kui Gang up.

“I know, no one can hide it from you!”

Indeed, after all, Kui Gang and the others were summoned out of the system. After Lin Lei returned to Profound Sect, Kui Gang changed back to sense.

even more how I was so close.

More importantly, after Lin Lei breakthrough the Holy Realm, Kui Gang and the others ’cultivation base will directly break through the Holy Realm from the perfect realm, cross three small realm, and directly advance to the Dao Saint Saint perfect realm.

If you are so close and Kui Gang hasn’t found it, then Lin Lei will normally consider whether someone should guard the sect.

“Master, where have you been during this time?” Supported by Lin Lei, Kui Gang asked.

At this time, Kui Gang was promoted to great perfection, but the good for Lin Lei suddenly failed, which made him very worried.

“This …”

Looking at Kui Gang, Lin Lei said a silence, and continued to say, “This matter will not be said first.”

By the way, turned and looked towards the parents behind him, “This is my parents, loved ones.”

“As of today, arrange them in the Temple of Heaven!”

“It happens that you are here too, my parents are still training at a lower level of vitality. After you take them to the Temple of Heaven, help go to the Book Collection Pavilion to find a top-level cultivation technique and teach them by the way. pill helped them Foundation Establishment. “

“As for the cultivation technique, wait for them to test the spirit root attribute, and then find the attribute cultivation technique that suits them.”

Speaking, pointing at Kuigang introduced: “father, mother, grandfather, Fourth Uncle, he is my subordinate, and owns the cultivation base of the Dao Saint perfect perfect realm. I have him to protect and protect you, I believe it is very You will soon be able to adjust to life here. “


Looking at Kui Gang, Lin Feng and the others nodded, arching his hand at Kui Gang, but this arching hand scared Kui Gang stupid.

“pu 通”

“Absolutely, Kui Gang is a young master’s subordinate, and some of them are relatives of the young master. It is not appropriate to be so polite.”

Knelt on the ground, bowed his head, his body trembling, as if experiencing something terrible.

Of course, this scene scares Lin Feng and the others, Dao Guo Saint, although understands what level Dao Guo Saint is, it can make a powerhouse so, if it is also shocking.

Thinking, eyes could not help but fall on Lin Lei. Looking at his own son, he was inexplicably agitated, so sad that he could abdomen. How can Lin Feng, who is father, not feel relieved?

Going forward, Lin Feng adapted to his current status and helped Kui Gang up, “Well, don’t say this in the future. Since Lei Er lets you teach us our cultivation technique, let alone these rituals. . “

Speaking, Lin Lei gave him a look, as if to let him adjust.

Looking at Father Lin’s stolen gaze, Lin Lei understands clearly in the mind’s opening.

“Yeah, Kui Gang!”

“Since I have said so in Father, I will do whatever I want in the future. Besides, you will be your teacher in the future.”

“The so-called strict teacher is a good apprentice, at least to enable them to have enough general ability in God World.”

In contrast, Kui Gang understood Lin Lei’s thoughts, and nodded responded, “Yes, my subordinates understand.”

“Well, so, take them there, I’ll go to Yuner and have something to say.”

Speaking, turned and looked towards his relative, clansman, “father, you go with Kui Gang to the place where you live, and after a while, let Yuner and the others accompany Xianer to please you.” p>

Lin Feng didn’t refuse, Huoyun didn’t refuse, and Old Master didn’t even refuse. As the think tank of the Lin Family, he saw it most clearly.

“You go, Kuigang just took us!” Old Master responded.

After you enter Profound Sect, Old Master speaks very little, both hands count.

“Hmm …!”

Turn around, Lin Lei moved towards great hall, and after Kui Gang watched Lin Lei drive away, his eyes fell on Lin Feng and the others, looking respectfully saluted. ! “

Kui Gang is not a kind-hearted person. To put it plainly is a stuffy bottle gourd.

Turn around and wave with your hand, a soft energy covers the crowd, and then blasted away towards the east direction.

鸾 天 殿, is also a representative of Supreme Existence in Profound Sect, but has been empty for many years, not at all people staying in that ’s all.

At the door of the great hall, the moment Lin Lei stepped into the great hall, a line of sight fell on his body.


A smile emerges, no need to guess who Lin Lei can think of who this line of sight is.

Moved towards looking forward, a young man, who looks like 90% of Lin Lei’s, has a loose robe, a Purple Gold crown on his head, a dashing eyebrows star, a godlike figure, and looks handsome.

Looking at the young man, watching the white hair of the young man’s horns, his heart hurt inexplicably.

“It’s been hard for you these years!” Lin Lei opened his lips lightly, but the voice was less ordinary and more soft.

“Father, you are finally back.”

Lin Yun flashed to Lin Lei’s side, the two looked at each other for a long time, and a bear hugged, then Lin Lei hugged tightly in his arms.

“child… child misses you so much.”

A tear dripped from Lin Yun’s eyes, the Sect Master of the dignified God World Number One Sect, and the powerhouse with the Middle-Stage cultivation base, now weep.


Unfortunately, Lin Yun’s fluctuating mood, Lin Lei was sighed for a long time, reached out and hugged it tightly, freeing one hand, and stroking Lin Chief Yun’s hair.

“These years have made you sit in this Sect Lord’s Position, locked you in this cage, tired!”

“Not tired … not tired!”

Lin Yun choked and said, “This sect is father’s. Even if you take Yuner’s life, Yun’er has to hold father’s sect.”

“No matter how hard or tired Yun Yun’s afraid, it’s … it’s …”

Speaking here, the words stopped, as if having a fish bone stuck in one’s throat, but I didn’t dare to say it.

“What is it?”

Release Lin Yun, and look at his son with curiosity.

“It ’s… father. You are often away. Mother has died a long time ago. Aunt Ying and Bing Ai have been at Secret Realm. Younger brother younger sister is not around. It is inevitable that I am a little lonely.” The eyes that originally contained the stars were bleak. A little.

“Oh …”


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