Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1155


“father, you …”

Lin Yun stopped and turned face to face with Lin Lei’s eyes. His expression was full of doubts. He didn’t understand the meaning of father’s words just now.

What does it mean in the future?

Lin Yun’s response shook his head helplessly, “literally.”

“That is to say, this time I come back to deal with something, so that I can be promoted to the holy realm.”

“What? You …”

“Are you going to the Holy Realm?”

Lin Yun was shocked. What is the Holy Realm? He knew very well that the Holy Realm didn’t want God World or Immortal World and so on. When he went to the Holy Realm, he could just talk about it.

So, if he wants to meet, it must be his hard work, breaking through the realm, and entering the sacred realm before he can enter the sacred realm to gather with father and son.

But more importantly, there are not many people in God World who break through the realm, just like himself. Now it is the Middle-Stage state of God, only two small realm away from the state, but Nevertheless, he dare not estimate the time needed to break through the Holy Land and enter the Holy Realm?


Lin Lei looked firm at Lin Yun, and decisively, Lin Yun knew that his father had made a decision, and even his close relatives could not keep exporting.

Looking at the father who had just returned, thinking of the scene where father and son would soon be separated again, Lin Yun felt a pain in his heart.

Of course, Lin Yun’s reaction fell into Lin Lei’s eyes, and his heart was funny, “This bastard news, anyway, I’ll wait until I finish talking!”

Shaking his head, bitterly laughed, “Okay, I didn’t say it was leaving alone. What do you look like?”

“Amount …”

“What do you mean?”

Lin Yun was terrible on the spot, but his eyes were full of secretly sad faces. Lin Yun’s cleverness naturally led to the meaning of Lin Lei’s words.

“Did you …”

“Yes!” Lin Lei said without waiting for Lin Yun to open his mouth: “This time back, apart from arranging some things, the most important thing is to wear your siblings.”

“You have worked hard during this time. Although the cultivation base is high, realm can’t catch up and it doesn’t work.

More importantly, your combat experience is too lacking, which is not good for you.

So, after thinking about it, only Heaven’s Chosen in the holy realm can be used as a place for your trial. “

Let ’s be happy. Listening to the results of Lin Lei, Lin Yun is happy. The previous haze has completely disappeared. At this moment, Lin Yun is full of fighting spirit. Androgyny.

“But before that, you have to pass Sect Lord’s Position to Linshan’s bastard boy.” Lin Lei, who was still in a good mood, mentioned his son, and his good complexion disappeared instantly.

“This bastard boy has been for so many years, and his cultivation base is only a little bit, which is too much compared to you.”

Lin Yun: ………

Looking at the father ’s look of hatred of iron and steel, Lin Yun played a shivered and justified Lin Shan. “Father, the character of the hill is like that. Since he does n’t like cultivation, relying on the strength of our Profound Sect , It is not impossible to keep him alive forever.


Lin Lei growled and continued, “How old is he?”

“It’s not a child anymore.”

“I was already prestigious at Immortal World at his age.”

Speaking, I moved to move towards Sect Lord’s Position, I do n’t know when I have an extra pot of wine in my hand, and I start talking.

“You do n’t understand what this world is like.

Remember the words of your father, everything except your own strength is real. “

“This time, I let him understand that without him, without my mother, big brother, sister, he … nothing.”

Lin Yun: ……………

Lin Yun is silent. He doesn’t dare to intercede for Lin Shan anymore. He doesn’t have the courage, especially when he heard the last sentence, there is no thought in his heart to ask for affection, and some just silently for himself The poor younger brother prayed.

“Under the order, this time, except for the disciple who has just entered the door, stay here, and all the sects will gather in front of the great hall.”

“Leave him Profound Sect, at least it will protect those I brought back.”

Looking at his father, Lin Yun’s mouth twitched, and his heart became even more pitiful.

“Well, father, isn’t it a bit harsh to do this, after all, he is also your son.”

“At the time, we had offended too many sects in God World, and our enemies were all over. If you were like this, you would undoubtedly leave the fourth brother in the cracks of those sects to survive.

“I feel a little bit of disciple who has just entered the school with my younger brother’s ability.”

Lin Yun’s meaning. He understands, but what he wants is the result. He wants Lin Shan to ask for help.

Only in this way can Linshan realize what is desperate, what is motivated, and what is called survival of the fittest.

Thinking of the scene where Lin Shan was forced to not be able to strengthen himself, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and a smile appeared from Lin Lei’s face, “It’s settled, please inform them in a while!”

“Of course, we still have to keep a batch of powerhouses, not to protect the forest and mountains, but to protect the family. Although the sect is destroyed in the end, they are not in danger.”

“This …”


Lin Yun still wanted to say something, but he didn’t say anything.

great hall is quiet, Lin Lei sits with Lin Yun, and the wine bottles in the hands of both father and son start drinking.

The news of Lin Lei’s return swept the entire Profound Sect, and even the shadows in the deep Secret Realm and the others heard the news of Lin Lei’s return.

Profound Sect Secret Realm …………

A picturesque building with small bridges, flowing waterfalls, a lake shore, and a wooden-built house came out of it.

And Bing and Linshan followed, Lin Lei’s news came back when he informed the shadow duo.

“Mother, you have to tell Father well, I just made Father unhappy just now, and his tone of voice has changed.”

“My son has never heard Father talk to me in his own name.”


Ying is shocked. She knows her husband and can say such things, it must be very angry.

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