Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1156

“You ca n’t forget to be a man, and I think it’s a bit irresponsible to call father.”

Lin Yun and he are both from the edge of the universe’s cyan planet, where parents call parents at home.

“Why, have you forgotten?”

“Uh, no … no.”

“It just feels a little different to come back to father this time.” Lin Yuni looked at Lin Lei.

He can feel that Lin Lei feels closer to him when he comes back this time, and makes him feel his father’s love more.

“Oh, you little brat.”

Lin Lei understands what Lin Yun said, but if you think about it, once you only knew to promote cultivation, there was indeed a shortage of family members.

In Destiny, personality has really changed a lot.



Lin Lei’s heart was warm when he heard the title he hadn’t heard for a long time, so that he could feel home.

That’s it, the two are not talking, sitting together and waiting for people coming outside.

Not long after, one foot appeared in the sight of Lin Lei and Lin Yun.

As the foot appeared, the owner of the foot also appeared in Lin Lei’s sight.

A young man, it ’s fair to think about it, but Lin Lei ca n’t remember it, but from the other side, Lin Lei feels a thick murderous aura.

Looking at him, Lin Lei frowned and began to look for his own memory in his mind. He wanted to see who this young man was.

Lin Lei was silent, but when the young man saw Lin Lei, he was so excited that he couldn’t step forward, and came to kneel in front of Lin Lei. p>

“Kill the sky?”

Lin Lei’s voice was heard in Lin Lei’s ears, which brought Lin Lei back from reality to reality.

“Why is the name Killing Sky so familiar?” Lin Lei felt very familiar with the name of the youth, but couldn’t remember where she had heard it.

Lin Yun, who was sitting aside, noticed Lin Lei’s picture, his face collapsed, and quickly reminded: “Dad, this is what you conquered in Xuantian. The killing day was still small.”

“Xuantian accepted?”

I heard Lin Yun ’s reminder, Lin Lei looked up towards killing the sky at a glance. This time, Lin Lei looked very carefully. In addition, it was conquered by Xuan Tian, ​​and soon Lin Lei remembered the killing. day.

“Oh, boy, get up!” Lin Lei remembered it now.

It was also because of conquering and killing the sky that it delayed the opportunity for Immortal World to rescue his wife and children.

The killing of the sky didn’t disappoint him either. He had the original ants and practiced to the current Divine Emperor big perfect realm.

Feeling the cultivation base of killing the sky is not far from the deity, and Lin Lei feels that if killing the sky wants to break through the deity, you can do it at any time.

“Sect Master, you won’t forget me just now!” Get up, look up at Lin Lei, and start talking.

Lin Lei: ……………

Lin Lei is silent. Lin Lei has no choice but to fight against this kind of upright personality.

What are you talking about?

When Lin Yun saw father did n’t speak, he quickly opened up a circle. “Kill Uncle and laughed, how could father forget it, it ’s just that you have been too handsome for this time, and my father has not returned for a long time , It is inevitable that some eyes may be. “


Looking at Lin Yun like this, Xia Tian laughed out of his heart and wanted to say something.

Lin Lei’s eyes fell on Lin Yun, and his expression was fully appreciated.

From the perspective of Lin Yun’s approach just now, he is indeed suitable to be a leader. It seems that he has become a Sect Master for years.

Retract your gaze, and set your sights on the killing sky again, “Your boy, after a while, quickly pack up, maybe I will go to the holy realm after the arrangements.”

“Holy Realm?”

When I heard Lin Lei’s words, I was stunned, and I felt wrong, “You said you were going to the holy realm?”

“Yes, why can’t I enter the Holy Realm?”

For the expression at the moment of killing heaven, Lin Lei is very speechless, sloppy, I don’t believe I’m still sloppy!

As a killer in the Divine Emperor realm, he quickly recovered his expression and calmed his undulating heart. “Sect Master Unrivaled Divine Art, sooner or later in the Holy Realm.”

“However, listen to what Sect Master just said. It seems to be taking me into the holy realm!”

“Yes, are you willing?”

Lin Lei understands killing the sky, and it would be strange if he would not like this militant.

Sure enough, Lin Lei had just come up with this idea, and then he heard the killing response.

“Yes, of course, God World is already bored. I heard that Saintess in Holy Land in Holy World is very beautiful, maybe I can find a daughter-in-law there.”

Lin Lei: ………

Death request. Lin Lei couldn’t agree. I thought this guy would challenge the Holy Son Saintess in Holy Land after entering the holy realm. What is this operation now?

As the two talked, one after another came to the great hall.

Headed by Zhongying and Bing, after seeing Lin Lei intact, one of them is full of excitement and peace of mind.

“I’ll see Sect Master.”

Father Lin Lei saluted.

“Well, get up!”

Looking at the people below, a smile appeared on Lin Lei’s face. Many people below were missing for a long time.

“Little Tian is back!”

Lin Tian’s arrival makes Lin Lei eyes shined. For this brother who accompanied her to death, she is very happy to see him.

“Master, you are finally back.”

When Lin Lei named, Lin Tian’s excitement was almost revealed. Ever knowing that Lin Lei was in use, he was so anxious to find him, and was returned by Time and Space Storm.

Injured, but after a long period of recuperation, coupled with God World’s sufficient Spirit Qi and medicine pill, those injuries are not significant.

“Hehe, it’s all right, it’s gone for a while, let’s talk to each other brother.”

cast a reassuring smile today, then looked towards them, looking at them, these people can be called the mainstay of Profound Sect.

Originally smiling, the moment they saw them, the smile converged, and the original majestic and cold face returned.

“This time the deity came back, I want you to hear some rumors.

“This deity will march into the holy realm, and once again the deity will take away a large number of disciples from Profound Sect, including the current Sect Master Lin Yun.”


Lin Lei tone barely fell. The crowd below was panicking, and his expression was unbelievable.

“Why, have an opinion?” Lin Lei was a little dissatisfied with the restlessness below.

“No … I dare not.”

The crowd was silent again, each and everyone listened quietly, no one was talking, despite all the doubts in their hearts.

“In a while, I will let Yun’er go down and prepare to gather manpower. This time, the entire Profound Sect, with the exception of some new disciplines, will follow this deity to fight in the holy realm.

“However, sect cannot be ownerless for one day, so the deity and Yun’er agreed that Lin Shan will take over as Profound Sect Sect Master.”

Boom …

As soon as this remark came out, it struck Ying’s head like a thunderbolt.

At the same time, all around everyone set their eyes on the shadows, and they didn’t understand what Lin Lei meant by this arrangement.

“Sect Master, this …”

“That’s the thing.” Seeing Bing going to speak, how could Lin Lei not know what she wanted to say.

“From today, Lin Shan will be the Sect Master. Sect will kneel. Sect Protection Great Array will be there. If you want to be not bullied and want resources, you can only watch him become stronger.”

“God World, which is being swindled and surviving the fittest, will either become stronger and dominate this world, or be stepped on by others as a slave, or be abused by others Beheaded. “

“As for what Lin Shan wants, it depends on his own consciousness. No one can always shelter him.”

When this remark came out, the audience was silent. Lin Yun wanted to open his pleading, but he also saw the scene just now, and finally chose to shut up.

Ying has no energy. The reason why it is still here at the moment is that Bing is pushing her behind, not letting him fall.

“The next thing is your clothes. After a while, go back and prepare.”

“When to leave, wait for my notification.”

Speaking, he turned to Lin Yun and said, “Yuner, it’s up to you, how it came, it’s up to you, remember what I said to you before.”


Get up and open the mouth to Lin Lei and said: “understood, Dad.”

“Well, so …”

Speaking, today turned towards the bottom below, opened the mouth and said: “Let’s go, Little Tian, ​​let’s go with our brother!”

Speaking, the flashing silhouette appeared instantly at the door of the great hall, Lin Tian glanced at Lin Yun, and then flashed and followed Lin Silhouette’s silhouette and left.

“pa tower”

The moment Lin Lei left, Ying couldn’t help but fell to the ground. His entire face was pale and pale. Thinking of what Lin Lei had just said, she had an urge to stay to protect her son.

“Sister, husband, this is also no way, after all … after all, the hill cultivation base is too weak, even if it is not compared with Yuner, it is beyond the reach of Xianer.”

Although I don’t want to talk, Bing couldn’t help but look at the appearance of the movie.

“I … I …”

If you want to refute, you can say that the sound was just held up by something, and you can no longer speak.

Lin Lei leaves, Lin Yun sits on the top, looks at the people below, opened the mouth and said: “Cultivation base, since I have said so in Father, then everyone should prepare!”


In front of a palace, a silhouette of Lin Lei and Lin Tian emerged, looking up at the palace in front of him with complex colors.

“Tianhe Temple!”

“Master, Xianer is practicing here, but it seems to have been in retreat for 300 years. The cultivation base has not been weak before, and I do n’t know how far the cultivation base has been.” .


To be honest, he who does n’t know father is thinking about it. Looking back on the past things, he regrets it very much, and he lacks concern for these children.

Divine Consciousness is released instantaneously, divide sense communicates with Lin Xianer, who has not cultivated in the palace, opened the mouth and said: “仙儿.”

During the cultivation, if you make a hard break, it will inevitably cause the cultivation deviation of the cultivator, and the communication of the sense of the divine is not the same. The communication of the sense of the divine is only the opposite’s divine sense, which has no side effects on the cultivation.

In Tianhe Hall, the woman with her knees in the center is dressed in a robe, she has no cleanup on her head, she wears her hair, looks delicate and pretty, she looks pure, and she is a top grade beauty.

Of course, the only thing that can be done is that cold face, coupled with his face, the loss is chilling.

“Who is interrupting this practice.”

The eyes that had been tightly closed opened sharply, and a touch of fine light flashed through the pupils. The cold breath was more intense and the amazing aura poured out of the body.

“What’s going on?”

Feeling a murderous aura. Lin Lei’s expression was stunned, and Lin Tian looked aside in doubt.

This is so, Lin Lei put this cultivation technique at the highest place of the Book Collection Pavilion, but how can it appear on his daughter, and looking at his level of cultivation, it seems that he has cultivated the feeling of the fifth layer.

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