Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1157


Lin Lei couldn’t figure it out. He remembered that the cultivation technique taught to his daughter didn’t seem to be Xuanbing Tianjin, but now …

This cultivation technique looks powerful, but it is also very powerful, but it is because everyday all has to go through the ice to eat bones. In Lin Lei’s view, this cultivation technique is so cruel that it was given by Lin Lei. seal.

He never thought of it. It was only after a while that he hadn’t seen her daughter. She practiced her seal cultivation technique as much as possible.

Lin Lei is also very surprised. He didn’t know it. He has been out a while ago, not at all. So he has no idea about this.

“What’s this Little Missy …”

Lin Lei’s face shows helplessness, he wants to know, what is this girl trying to do?

In the Temple of Tianhe, Lin Xianer woke up from her cultivation, but she could see from her cold face that she was very angry, very angry, and so angry that she wanted to kill.

It’s cultivation, and it’s the most critical time of cultivation. Who knows to be disturbed.

More importantly, cultivation is just the most taboo thing to be disturbed, but now someone has come to her most taboo thing.

The eyebrows froze, the pupils opened, and the eyes looked towards the gate, and a look of killing flew into the sky.

“No matter who you are, interrupting this Majesty’s practice requires a price.”

Get up, the cultivation base is released, and the surrounding space is already below freezing point. When Lin Xianer releases the cultivation base, it is like freezing the entire space.


The closed gate suddenly opened, and Lin Xianer’s silhouette suddenly appeared at the gate, glanced at all around, when the moment when they saw Lin Lei, the original murderous aura when they saw Lin Lei, instantly Convergence, the cultivation technique has converged to the extreme.

Lin Lei, feeling Fairy’s body full of Murderous Aura and cold, Lin Lei froze, but when she saw the moment when she recovered Murderous Aura, the solidified complexion eased a lot.

Lin Xianer’s performance has just proved that Xuan Bing Tian Jin’s influence on her.

“Father … father?”

The first time I saw Lin Lei before Tonglin Mountain, the response was very similar. They all spoke in a tentative tone, as if the appearance of Lin Lei was incredible.

In this regard, Lin Lei felt very guilty about Lin Xianer’s changes. A smile appeared on her stiff face, and nodded echoed, “I am back.”


Lin Lei tone barely fell, Lin Xianer turned into a stream of light and rushed to Lin Lei. Reached for Lin Lei.

Tears, dripping from the eyes of disappointing, choking voice, “You are finally back, daughter hasn’t seen you for a long time.”

Speaking, the words are ambiguous, and at the end they are completely painful.

On the side, Lin Tian saw this scene and stepped aside without disturbing their parents. They quietly took the absence to talk,

“wu wu wu ……”

The sound of hissing and exhausting cry passed into Lin Lei’s ears, and a cry turned into a sharp dagger stuck in Lin Lei’s heart.

From childhood, except for Lin Yun, she has counted this daughter with a firm mind, but now she looks like this, Lin Lei understands that all this is his fault.

Reach out to protect Xianer, and gently stroke his back and hair, and tears flow from his eyes, opened the mouth and said, “Cry, cry, just cry.”

Just so quietly, listening to the sound of Xianer crying, Lin Lei not at all stopped, he knew in his heart that such a long period of grievance backlog in the heart, now erupting, is a good thing for her.

A little bit of time passed, Lin Lei didn’t know how long it used to be, just knowing where it is now, the sun on the horizon is down, and the cry of Xianer slowly stops.

The entire Profound Sect, because of Lin Yun’s one after another command, began to get busy, and Lin Shan was understood Lin Lei’s command at this moment.

This command was a ruthless blow to him. He did n’t expect his father to do such things.

He really wanted mother to plead, but Bing did stop talking, and told the pros and cons of the matter. Lin Shan was quite sensible. After hearing the pros and cons, he didn’t speak, and finally he could only accept this fact silently.

Lin Lei is sitting on the steps in front of the palace, and Lin Xianer is also lying on Lin Lei’s lap, and Xi Yang’s golden light is reflected on Lin Lei. This scene is very peaceful. .

Looking at the daughter lying on her lap, Lin Lei said softly: “Xianer, remember for your father that when you left, it didn’t seem to be Xuanbing Tianjin, but why did you come back this time? The cultivation technique has changed, and depending on the Xuanbing Tianjin you are practicing, you have already practiced the Fifth Layer. “

Get up and look towards your father, with a firm expression on his face, “father you are not in the scene, and I can’t see you again, but every time you encounter danger, the daughter can’t help, there is something in the sect big brother, I feel like I’m too crap, so I want to practice faster. “

“Well, I saw this mysterious Xuanbing Tianjin at the Book Collection Pavilion, so … just …”

“Just break the seal, and after seeing Xuan Bingtianjin’s introduction, I resolutely practiced this cultivation technique, right?” Lin Lei started and finished the words behind Lin Xianer.


In this regard, Lin Xianer not concealed, but boldly admitted it.

“You …”

Lin Lei panicked. He did n’t expect Lin Xianer to practice this cultivation technique for his father.

Thinking about the weeping that I need to experience every day after practicing Xuanbing Tianjin, Lin Lei couldn’t bear to continue her cultivation.

“Fair, otherwise, you want to cultivate and give you a stronger and better cultivation technique for your father,”

“You give up the cultivation technique of this cultivation technique. This cultivation technique asks too much pain every day, because the father can’t bear you suffering every day, do you understand?”

“For the past few years, the reason why you practice so hard for your father is not to let you suffer, not to suffer from you, so as to be able to protect you and be your father …”


Lin Xianer suddenly spoke, Lin Lei’s voice suddenly understood, his eyes fell on Lin Xianer’s body, full of doubts.

“Daughter wants to cultivate this cultivation technique.”

A firm expression flashed in Lin Xianer’s eyes. “Three hundred years, daughter everyday all has suffered from painful wetness. For so many years, daughter has been used to this pain.”

“Also, daughter learned from this cultivation technique that in addition to many things, daughter wants to continue to cultivate, daughter …”

“I want to practice.”

Lin Lei: ………………

Lin Xianer’s words directly caught Lin Lei, leaving him unable to say anything.

“Okay, father, don’t talk about it.”

Lin Xianer didn’t want to stay too much on this kind of thing, a smile emerged, and turned the topic, “Yes, father, what are you going to do this time, how long?”


Understanding the meaning of Xianer, long sighed, “This time I come back, arrange some things so that I can take you to the holy realm.”


“Holy … Holy Realm?”

“Are you father …”

Lin Xianer’s eyes waited, her face looked incredibly toward Lin Lei, what was dimly guessed in her heart!

To know who to pick up, it must be a great perfection of the deity, or be directly sanctified, and let the post communicate with Heavenly Tribulation.

Now that Father has finished going to the holy realm, that does n’t mean that Father ’s cultivation base has been detached from this world.

Looking at Daughter’s shocked face, Lin Lei smiled proudly, reached out and scratched the daughter’s little nose bridge, and spoiled, “You Little Missy are smart.”

Lin Lei not at all wants to conceal things about his cultivation base, and Lin Lei has no need to conceal his daughter and his family.

“You think so well.”

“Your dad and my cultivation base have been sanctified, and they are beyond the tolerance of this realm. The reason why they have not left is to take you into the holy realm.”

“So, let ’s go with the father this time. I fell into the holy realm and found some cultivation resources for the father to try to make you break through the Seventh Layer of Xuanbing Tianjin faster. After that, for the father is giving You look for an advanced cultivation technique similar to Xuan Bing Tian Jin, but without any side effects. “

“So, you do n’t have to endure the icy bones every day!”

“I can also enter the Holy Realm?”

For Lin Lei’s words, Lin Xianer not at all noticed the following words, but he was fancy to enter the holy realm.

“Of course it is.”

At this time, Lin Tian, ​​who was standing aside, had not spoken, came over, and continued, “The power of the young master can never be compared in this world.”

“At first, the young master took us a Profound Sect, and entered Immortal World from one plane. At that time, we had not met the requirements to enter Immortal World.

Speaking this, Lin Tian looked towards Lin Lei, his expression was full of worship and reverence.

“God Uncle.”

When Lin Tian came over, Lin Xianer quickly got up and saluted her.

She is very clear about Lin Tian ’s existence. She knew how important Lin Tian ’s existence was from the time she was born.

So, no matter whether it is Lin Shan, or him, or Lin Yun in a state of honor, he is afraid to impudent in front of Lin Lei.

“Haha, Fairy, I haven’t seen any beauty for years. As the saying goes, it ’s good. At a glance, you look so much better than those so-called Saintess and Goddess.”

“haha …”

Lin Tian’s words not only made Lin Xianer laugh, but even Lin Lei was amused by Lin Tian’s words.

Lin Tian, ​​he knows very well and never makes a lot of mischief, but now it will. Lin Lei is a little surprised, but likes him now.

“Hey, Uncle said and laughed.” Lin Xianer was salted, modestly said.

However, looking at the smile on her face, she knows that she likes this compliment very much.

“father, I …”

“Ah …”

A scream came out of Lin Xianer’s mouth. The original cold air around him dropped to the freezing point after Lin Xianer screamed.

The sudden cold, naturally rushed out of Lin Xianer within the body.

“Not good…”

Feeling this chill, Lin Lei quickly hugged Lin Xianer in her arms, and the cultivation base was released instantly to resist the cold.

“Little Tian, ​​hurry up and seal this place, don’t let anyone pass here, killer without mercy.”

“Now, the side effects of Xianer cultivation technique appear, this process is a bit long, I must suppress it with my cultivation base.”

After hearing this, Lin Tian’s nodded in the facial expression grave, he understands the danger.

“Just rest assured, just leave it to me here.”

In spite of this, Lin Tian is not staying, the silhouette disappears in place, and soon the entire river hall is sealed by a kind of terror energy.

“Hehe, Little Tian, ​​this guy is not simple, but he has learned such a terrible seal technique.” He glanced at the seal, then looked down towards the daughter Lin Xianer with frost in his arms.

“Oh, this girl,”

Tasting sighed, the phantom blood fire burst out instantly and turned into a faint energy, which was controlled to the extreme by Lin Lei, and then the hand with the phantom blood fire was stuck behind Xianer.


Phantom Bloodfire talked about Fairy’s back and rushed into her within the body. With the guidance of Lin Lei, Phantom Bloodfire started talking about Lin Xianer’s meridian running.

Xuan Bing Tian Jin is scary, but it is not enough to see in front of the phantom blood fire.

The operation of the phantom blood fire, coupled with Xianer himself is also defending against the ice, and suddenly, the original cold body slightly warmed back.

“Oh, this Little Missy is okay, I have the courage, I like it.” The voice of small dragon suddenly appeared, next moment, small dragon appeared beside Lin Lei, his eyes fell on Lin Xianer.

“Your mother, since I’m here, give me a way. What about my daughter? Is there a way to solve the shortcomings of this cultivation technique?” Looking at the small dragon, Lin Lei seemed to grab the life-saving straw. And asked.

Looking at Lin Lei, small dragon hesitated for a moment, opened the mouth and said: “Yes, but after you enter the holy realm, the Hidden Scripture Pavilion in the system will come and go to the cultivation technique of the Second Layer, , You will find a solution to your daughter cultivation technique. “

“Hidden Scripture Pavilion 2-Layer?”

Lin Lei looked at the small dragon in doubt and entered the system Hidden Scripture Pavilion many times, but he never found any 2-Layer building.

“Yes, Hidden Scripture Pavilion 2-Layer.”

For the question of Lin Lei, small dragon cast a blind eye, “Who said that the Hidden Scripture Pavilion has only one layer. Although it is only one layer now, it can wait for you to enter a higher level or the cultivation base to a higher level. , Hidden Scripture Pavilion will appear you haven’t seen before. “

“His, it’s been so long to get system, haven’t figured out the desktop routine?”

Lin Lei: ………………

For the question of small dragon, except that Lin Lei used words to express it, he really didn’t know what was more appropriate for his current mood.

For system, what he knows now is just tip of the iceberg. To understand system, hehe, I am afraid it still has a long way to go.

“Hmm …”

Just as Lin Lei was silent, there was movement in Lin Xianer, who was unconscious.

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