Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1158


“No … nothing.”

“It’s okay, father.”

At this moment, Lin Xianer is much better with the help of Lin Lei. He heard Lin Lei’s concern, opened his tired eyes, tiredly laughed at Lin Lei, and then closed his eyes again.

It seems that he was bitten by the ice, tired with the help of the whole cultivation base and Lin Lei. After responding to Lin Lei, he fell asleep.

Looking at the sleeping daughter, Lin Lei’s brows were tightly frowned, and his complexion wasn’t very good. He could hardly imagine how this kind of pain could survive her.

Think about how many days and nights in the past three hundred years, everyday all has to go through this kind of inhuman pain, think about the pain in Lin Lei’s heart.

He believes that in this case of Xianer, even her mother and movie are not clear, and even Dao Xianer’s cultivation base is unknown.

As for Lin Shan, Lin Lei has no hope for this son.

Looking at the daughter who slept in her arms, Lin Lei recovered the phantom blood, and did not disturb her sleep.

This time is over, but … tomorrow? The day after tomorrow. What later?

This pain is accompanied by her everyday all. Although her mouth is used to it, who can get used to it?

“oh! my poor daughter.”

Raising his hand, stroking Fairy’s hair lightly, his eyes were full of pain and intolerance. He couldn’t think of everything Fairy had done for him, to help him with this father.

Think about it, Lin Lei’s heart was choked. If he could, if there was a choice, he would rather transfer this pain to himself.

Don’t bother Xianer, Divine Sense enters the system, although he knows that he can find a way to see Xianer after entering the realm, but he can’t bear it, he can’t see Xianer suffer from this pain.

The space where the small dragon is located. At this moment, the small dragon is still sitting on the puddle as usual, but Lin Lei is staring in. It seemed as if he knew Lin Lei was coming for him.

“You kid, can’t help it!” Small dragon said, Lin Lei froze, nodded.

“You know what I’m here for, say, I don’t want to talk nonsense, you know me.” Straight to the point, he didn’t want to waste time.


Lin Lei’s attitude, small dragon has long been used to it, the smile on his face has never receded, and he whispered opened the mouth and said: “Your daughter is a bit troublesome.”

“You also know that the cry of the cultivation technique is eternal, unless you find something that can restrain this cultivation technique, or medicine pill, or find a kind of Divine Fire for your daughter, which may help you daughter get rid of this pain. “

“Of course. There is one more.” Speaking, the small dragon said a lot of words and then continued: “This method has been told to you before, as long as you enter the Holy Realm, enter the 2-Layer of the System Hidden Scripture Pavilion , Where I can find a cure for your daughter. “

“apart from this, there is no other way!”

“Really … really not?” Lin Lei felt a little unbearable. He understood that what small dragon said was basically true, but now the daughter was so painful, he couldn’t bear to watch her go on.


Looking at Lin Lei’s painful expression, the small dragon couldn’t bear it. He was sighed then said. To Lin Lei, he was a relative, and he didn’t want to see Lin Lei.

Contemplating for a moment, hesitating for a moment, looked up towards Lin Lei, slowly opened the mouth and said: “Actually, there is a kind of medicine pill. Although it ca n’t be cold, but at least it can be restrained, at least in It was not so painful when it happened. “

“What? Yes …”

“Tell me.”

Lin Lei, who originally thought that she had lost hope, looked sad. When she heard the words of small dragon, her eyes that lost hope rekindled her expectations. She looked up and stepped forward, her hands grabbed the shoulders of small dragon. Excitedly said : “Tell me what the medicine pill is.”

“You …”


It seems that this kind of medicine pill is very troublesome. Small dragon seems to be very hesitant. You can see that Lin Lei is so excited about the hope in his expression, and finally speaks out what he knows.

“I’m telling you the name of the medicine pill.”

“Although this heartburn is a medicine pill, it is not a medicine pill, either.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Lei didn’t understand what a medicine pill was, but it wasn’t a medicine pill.

And how does this heartburn sound so much like the name of a flame?

Even though there are all kinds of doubts and puzzles in his heart, as long as he can help his daughter, no matter what the heartburn is, he must get it.

Seeing Lin Lei’s doubts, the small dragon smiled and looked bleak, “This kind of heartburn is made from the blood of the loved ones and the god-level fire.”

However, the medicine ingredients needed for heartburn are very rare, but …

Speaking, the smiling small dragon had a raised mouth and a wicked smile that made Lin Lei’s heart tremble, and he felt that something bad had come to him.

“You do n’t have a shortage in this area. As long as you buy from system, you will naturally be able to start refining heartburn for your daughter.”

“And, I promise, and the Pill Refining Technique of Holy Grade 1 should be able to make this kind of heartburn.”

Lin Lei: ……………

Lin Lei now understands, co-authored for a long time, and finally had a bad feeling. It turned out to be this.

However, as long as he can heal his daughter, let alone go to the system to exchange money, even if he used his life, he wouldn’t hesitate.

“Okay, what do you need?”

“Calm!” Lin Lei’s decision, small dragon had long anticipated, and then did not hesitate to directly blur out the refining method of burning heart disease and the medicine ingredients used.

“Burning heart inflammation, Holy Grade 2 is used to suppress ice and cold poison. The blood of the blood of the close relatives is the medicine guide. Nine Saint You lotus, Tianzhucao, Myriad Treasures spirit stream ……… The yellow lotus seed essence is milled for thousands of years, and it can be shaped by Divine Fire.

After refining, you need to take it in the power of the cold and cold poison, once to control the wetness of the cold and cold poison.

Speaking, the small dragon hesitated, and then said again, “However, this medicine pill can only suppress your daughter’s cold and cold poison for three years. After three years, his cold poison rushed out again and re- Come back once a day. “

“Even so, do you … refine it?”

However, in the view of small dragon, there is no such trouble at all, as long as it is enough to enter the holy realm, in Lin Lei’s mind, three years is enough, as long as it can not let its daughter suffer Hard work, not to mention the exchange point, even if he loses everything, it is worth it.

Lin Lei’s expression is definitely his best answer. To this, small dragon is not talking, and nodded backs out.

“Ding, the host needs to buy heartburn’s medicine ingredients. It will cost 6,100,400,000 points to exchange. Will the host continue to redeem it?”

“Ding, the host’s balance at the exchange point is insufficient. May I ask if the host chooses a credit account? The conditions for the credit are the same as before. The host needs to repay by the host’s lifespan in order to repay within the prescribed time.

“Ding, the conversion ratio is 1/100, one day offsets 100 years of lifespan.”

“Ding, may I ask the host, the body will continue to purchase heartburn’s medicine ingredients?”

The voice of system echoed in Lin Lei’s mind. He had used this exchange method of system before, so he did n’t hesitate at all.

Even when it comes time to repay, you do n’t have the ability to pay it back, but what about it, your lifespan is gone, let him deduct it.

Don’t think about it, just agree and say, “Buy.”

“Ding, is buying the medicine ingredients for heartburn for the host. Please host the host …”

“Ding, the host’s redemption points are being deducted.”

“Ding, hesitant that the host has insufficient redemption points and is on credit, please wait …”

A series of system hint sounds rang in Lin Lei’s mind. Lin Lei was not distressed, but still smiled, looking at the sleeping daughter in her arms.

“Fair, rest assured, Dad has found a way for you to suppress ice. Immediately, you can stop experiencing the inhuman cry.”

Speaking, Lin Xianer’s happy expression when he was no longer suffering from that pain has emerged in his mind …

Time passes a little bit, maybe because of credit, so the purchase time is much slower than usual.

“Ding, buy medicine ingredients from the 18 refining heartburn, medicine ingredients to put in the system space, please host to check later,”

“Ding, due to the purchase of burning heart disease, the 6,100,400,000 exchange points are deducted. Please check with the host later.”

“Ding, because the host purchased the heartburn medicine ingredients, if the credit system is 61.36 million exchange points, please host to pay off within three years, if the three-year deadline, the host fails to pay off the debts , If in accordance with the previous agreement, recycle with lifespan until the host pays off the debt. “

“Ding, hesitate that the host has more than 60 million credits at one time, and the system specially rewards a lottery opportunity, hoping that the host will continue to work harder in the future, and the debts owed to it will reach a new high.”


“My sun, how do you tease me?”

“Arrears on credit also reward lottery? Also … Fuck to a new high?”

System ’s reward and punishment system completely broke Lin Lei ’s perception. However, this is not a loss. Although she owed more than 60 million, she saved her daughter, and more importantly, she got one time. lottery opportunity.

So, plus a reward from the previous purchase single direction Transmission Formation reward, now there are two lottery opportunities. Think about it, it seems that it has not been drawn for a long time.

The idea of ​​lottery was just born, it was strangled by Lin Lei forcibly in the cradle. Now the most important thing is to refine the medicine pill, and let the later enter the holy realm to completely solve the problem of daughter.

Thinking, looking up at Lin Tian outside, the faith moved, sound transmission instructed Lin Tian: “Little Tian, ​​I ’m going to start the furnace pill concocting in a while, as for entering the holy realm, do n’t worry, wait for me Come out and make decisions. “

Lin Tian, ​​who was bored outside, heard the voice in his head. His face was startled, his face was straight, and nodded echoed, “Be assured, leave it to me.”

“Well, that’s good, remember, when I am making medicine pill. No one should disturb, and anyone who disturbs the pill concocting of the deity will bear heavy responsibility.”


In doing all this, Lin Lei didn’t care about the things outside. To Lin Tian, ​​he was very convinced that as long as Lin Tian was there, no matter who it was, he wanted to break through the seal. That was a delusion.

Also, although the seal above his head is Lin Lei’s holy Array Master, it will take some time to break it. He is the same, even more how others.

Everything is ready, waiting to make medicine pill. As for the refining method of burning heart pill, the small dragon will inform him of this medicine pill at the moment, and will combine the burning method of burning heart pill together. Passed into Lin Lei’s mind.

Looking at the daughter in the eyes, Lin Lei didn’t mean to put it aside. With his body, there was nothing in front of him, and suddenly a big tripod appeared.


A buzz came from Dadingzhi, as if expressing its excitement.

“It has been a long time since the medicine pill has been refined, Lin Tian will let you open and close.” Looking at Dading, Lin Lei gave a glance, and then Chaos Dragon Spear was sacrificed.

“Hello, it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt, just poke it, um, yes, just take it.”

I pointed my gun at my heart with one hand, my face was decisive, my expression was fierce, my arm was strong, and my gun pierced the heart directly.

“pu 呲.”

A sound of piercing flesh sounded in Lin Lei’s ears, and the pain spread to Lin Lei’s whole body with the sound.

“His …”

The pain spread to the whole body. Lin Lei, whose face was calm, suddenly grinned, and cold sweat broke from his forehead …

“Really … really fucking!”

Feeling the pain from his heart, Lin Lei had the urge to hit the wall.

In the past, when fighting with people, it was not so much when I received the middle, but now I do it myself …

Thinking, Lin Lei wouldn’t think about it anymore, it’s too shameful, there is no other person around sexy, otherwise his name will be destroyed like this.

Thousands of thoughts flew, the arm was forced, and the long spear was pulled out, and a jade bowl was placed on the heart, and this purple blood flowed out from the heart.

The moment the blood flowed out, the wounds that had been pierced by Chaos Dragon Spear merged at a speed where the meatballs were visible.

In just a blink of an eye, the wound is restored as before, and no scar remains,

And there is only one drop in the jade bowl, and only this purple blood is in it.

In this scene, Lin Lei was a little helpless. “Saint Physique is really perverted. In just a moment, the wound was restored as it was.”

This is also Chaos Dragon Spear. If it is another Divine Item or Holy Artifact, you want to cut off the body of Lin Lei or you want to get a little blood from within the body, I am afraid it is not so easy.

Looking at the row of medicine ingredients and your own blood, these things, just thrown into God World or the holy realm, will undoubtedly set off a foul wind and bloody rain. Each of these things is indispensable. Well, in ten-thousand does not have one, there is no one who doesn’t want it.

Lin Lei ’s purple blood, do n’t look at only a small drop. If it was refining by a prince, I ’d be afraid to break through Divine Emperor directly into Divine Emperor’s later Peak.

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