Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1159


purple The flower blooms in a magnificent light, which illuminates the whole purple of Tianhe Temple, which is very dazzling.

What’s more amazing is that instead of bloody smell, this drop of purple blood has a refreshing fragrance that can make you feel comfortable. You can even feel that your cultivation base is slowly improving.

Although the improvement of this cultivation base is very, very small, as the old saying goes, flies are as small as flesh, and a drop of blood can be so. It can be imagined that this blood is powerful.

“Fair, wait a moment, it will be all right.”

Looking at the daughter in her arms, she did not hesitate, she looked very determined, raised her hand, and the blood of the phantom rushed out instantly, wrapping up the entire Dading.

Lin Lei and other realm can make medicine pill without alchemic furnace, but now Lin Xianer is in her arms, Lin Lei, the powerful blood of the phantom, knows so much that he is afraid of hurting Lin Fairy.

Warm-up is a Pill Refining Master that will be taught and sensed at the beginning of learning. No matter what level it is, warm-up is also essential.

One thing can be ignored. The Pill Refining Master without the alchemic furnace can be used to directly make medicine pill without preheating.

Alchemic furnace warmed up, Lin Lei also doing two things at the same time. In his mind, he repeatedly deduced the method of refining heartburn. Although Lin Lei had full confidence in his refining technique, he ensured success once. It takes time.

even more how, heartburn is made for your loved ones, so you can’t afford to make mistakes.

In my mind, the burning heart burning refining process is continuously deduced, and it is repeated again and again, and it is deduced to the extreme by Lin Lei over and over again.

In the outside world, the preheating of the alchemic furnace has ended, as if it is a good time. The preheating of the alchemic furnace is over, and the deduction in the mind will stop. Came back to his senses. Thrown into the alchemic furnace, controlled the phantom blood fire and started tempering it.

Lin Lei’s Pill Refining Technique, plus the deduction of burning heart in my mind just now, tempering the Saint You lotus at the moment, the technique is very skilled, it is not rusty, it ’s like … Medicine pill has been refined numerous times by Lin Lei.

“pu pu”

In the alchemic furnace, there is a weird sound, Lin Lei brows slightly wrinkle, Mental Power instantly merges into the alchemic furnace, and explores the nine Saint You lotus,

In my mind, the scene in the alchemic furnace appears clearly, a phantom blood fire is in the alchemic furnace, and the nine Saint You lotus is surrounded by phantom blood fire, a plume of smoke from the nine Saint You came out of the lotus.

“What’s going on?”

The abnormal shape of the nine Saint You lotus makes Lin Lei nervous. According to the result of the deduction, the nine Saint You lotus should not be this situation.

My heart is so tense, and this medicine pill cannot be lost, Lin Lei cares a lot.

Lin Lei will be nervous until he has a slight difference.

“puff puff puff…”

The abnormal noise is becoming more and more obvious, Lin Lei’s heart is getting more and more anxious, as if the heart is about to stop, and the spirit is tense to the extreme.

“Smelly brat, relax, don’t be nervous, calm down and be at ease, only calm down can think about the problem.”

Small dragon’s voice suddenly appeared in my mind, and the words of small dragon woke up Lin Lei.

The body is lightly trembled. The previous tension, soon after the small dragon’s voice fell behind, slowly calmed down and calmed down, in order to think about what was going on.

Divine Consciousness cultivator The condition of the nine Saint You lotus, thinking of the existence of the system, opened the mouth and said: “Exploring the nine Saint You lotus.”

“Ding, ok, please wait.”

With Lin Lei’s order, the system appeared and began to explore the nine Saint You lotus.

I have to say that system is still very good. This exploration method is still a long time before Lin Lei used the opportunity. Later, after the cultivation base came up, I did n’t use this function. Nowadays, it ’s really a wasteless natural resource. what.

With a sigh of emotion, my eyes only stared at the nine Saint You lotus. As long as there was nothing wrong with the lotus, and I walked away in time, this kind of medicine ingredients is not just on the street or on the side of the road.

“Ding, exploration is complete, may I ask the host to check.”

“Crap, hurry up.” Lin Lei can only reply with a blank eye to such a rigid question as system, but there is no way. After all, this is a system program, and he has no ability to change it, unless he can wait to surpass system That day.

However, Lin Lei knows that by that day, I’m afraid he won’t need system.

“Ding, please host check.”

system The sound just came down. As soon as the screen appeared in front of Lin Lei, I saw a picture of the nine Saint You lotus on it, and the picture of the nine Saint You lotus appeared on the side of the picture.

“Nine Saint You lotus, which belongs to the yin nature, grows and is next to the Nine Nether River, and undergoes the nourishment of Nine Nine air and Nether-River Water, thus forming, forming for thousands of years, growing into thousands of years, and blooming for millions of years , A Grade 6 holy medicine. “


“Grade 6 holy medicine?”

The introduction of Nine Saint You made Lin Lei confused. He has heard of the Holy Medicine, but this Grade 6 is a what the hell, but he has not heard of it.

However, now that the introduction of Nine Saint You is clear, Lin Lei also understands what is going on.

Nine Saint You lotus is Yin, and Lin Lei’s phantom blood fire is Yin as well, and the world is Yin to evil, as it is used to refining Nine Saint You lotus.

“Forget it, since this is understood, then change to another flame.”

Speaking, at the moment Lin Lei’s mind changes, the color of phantom blood fire red changes to gray, and the flame temperature and phantom blood fire only increase.

The fire of Hongmeng was obtained from the system after Lin Lei was promoted to God World, because I liked it with the phantom blood fire, so that not at all was used. Didn’t expect it now. It comes in handy.

Compared with the phantom blood fire, Hongmeng fire is slightly better, but because phantom blood fire is a growing flame, it must be a phantom blood fire. .

The fire of Hongmeng is from the fire of Hongmeng, which is the fire of most Firm most Yang. Perhaps it is better to refining the Saint Saint Lotus.

Lin Lei’s guess proved true.

The appearance of the fire of Hongmeng, the original abnormal interview of the nine Saint You lotus was missing, and replaced with the normal state of tempering.

I see that in the alchemic furnace, the nine Saint You lotus that was originally the same was replaced by Lin Lei with the fire of Hongmeng, the nine Saint You lotus began to melt instantly, and was finally tempered by the fire of Hongmeng. For a long time, the nine Saint You lotus in the fire of function disappeared, replaced by a drop of blue, thumb-sized, tempering fluid.


The closing word is used. Lin Lei takes a photo with his left hand facing the alchemic furnace. The liquid in the alchemic furnace bursts out, and finally falls into the jade bottle that Lin Lei had prepared.

The appearance of “pa ta”, Lin Lei lifted his heart and let go a little.

“Finally refining a strain of medicine ingredients.” Thinking about what just happened, Lin Lei felt sighed.

didn’t expect I haven’t refined the medicine pill for a while, and forgot to see the most basic things.

Think about thanking the small dragon sincerely. If it wasn’t for the small dragon who spoke at a critical juncture, I’m afraid it’s still in a state of confusion.

Tianzhu grass, similar to Azure Bamboo, but the Spirit Qi to Lin Lei are a little jealous.

With the lesson learned from the nine Saint You lotus, Lin Lei has learned cleverly. In tempering, he first learned the attributes, names, and year of growth of medicine ingredients before he started tempering.

The so-called know yourself and know your enemy, fight every battle without defeat, is like the nine Saint You lotus, if you have not probed, you would never have killed him. The little-looking holy lotus has millions. years.

And Tianzhucao also looks inconspicuous, and there are many years. There are always 500,000 years of vintage. The cut grade is lower than the grade of Shenglian, and the prize is Grade 4, the holy medicine, which is also a rare thing.

With several successes, Lin Lei was released. Time passed by a little bit. Thirteen hours passed and the moonlight flashed in the sky. As time went by, the morning sun flashed in the sky, and it stayed there all night. Lin Lei spent the refining.

Lin Lei, who owns the holy realm, is full of Spiritual Qi. Although the refining time is slightly longer, it still stands up to it.

In the past thirteen hours, Lin Lei has refined seventeen medicine ingredients, and now only the last yellow lotus seed essence is left. This kind of medicine ingredients Lin Lei has not used the probe function.

It is not necessary, but because of Coptis chinensis, which was used by Lin Lei before. This kind of substance has a neutralizing effect when refining large medicines. The year is already very high in thousand thousand years.

In the past, when Lin Lei was refining, the best Coptis chinensis was only tens of thousands or tens of thousands of years old. This was his first use.

Aside, among the seventeen jade bottles, there is the presence of tempering fluid. Looking at his achievements in thirteen hours, a smile appeared on his face.

In arms, Lin Xianer has not been awake since she fell asleep yesterday, and seems to be tired. Maybe she has been practicing for a long time. She walks beside her who she trusts to make her feel at ease, so this Yeah, she slept soundly and soundly …

He looked down at the daughter in his arms, and then entered the tempering again. Now one night has passed, and it will not be long before he will enter the pain again. He must refine the medicine pill when the pain comes. .

Thinking that the fire of Hongmeng was used instantly, Huanglianzijing, under the action of Mental Power, entered the alchemic furnace.


The moment when Huanglianzijing enters the alchemic furnace, the fire of Hongmeng immediately wraps it, and the last step of tempering begins …

In Divine Consciousness, Huanglianzijing is tempered by Lin Lei’s tempestuous fire. A little bit, the essence is extracted from the body. This process is very short, because the number of Huanglianzijing is not used how long.

“pa tower”

A crisp sound, the moment the temporaria liquid of Huanglianzijing falls in the jade bottle, the tempering part is over. Now, everything is ready, only when Dancheng is ready.

……… Profound Sect The mountain gate is in the peaceful and quiet air, one after another silhouette suddenly appeared in the sky, and the fast moving towards Profound Sect came,

Scarlet Flame Tiger is still guarding the mountain gate. Lin Lei originally planned to replace it, but I did n’t say how long I would stay here.

Now that powerhouse appears in the sky, Scarlet Flame Tiger will naturally not ignore it, look up, looked towards the strong breath from those little black spots, and a murderous aura emerges in the eyes.

“ao wu”

A roar came from his mouth, yelling at a little black spot in the distance. Immediately, the body, which was only the size of a husky, changed rapidly at the moment of roar, and returned to its original appearance a little.

hundred zhang, lower eyelid, Scarlet Flame Tiger’s body returned to half of the body, 100 zhang high Scarlet Flame Tiger appeared in front of Profound Sect’s mountain gate.

“Ah, so big?”

Aside, Xuelingtian looked at Scarlet Flame Tiger suddenly, his eyes widened, and he had an unrecognizable look.

In this regard, Scarlet Flame Tiger has no blood spirit. If it is normal to fight and make trouble, how can he still be as usual when unknown people come.

Returning to the body, the Scarlet Flame Tiger itself radiates the undying fire flames that have been refining from the evil phoenix. Such a Scarlet Flame Tiger has a strong momentum and is very powerful.

“What’s going on?”

“Who? Let Scarlet Flame Tiger find the body?”

The moment the Scarlet Flame Tiger returned to the body, the momentum was sensed by many powerhouses within Profound Sect, and all eyes gathered at the position of the mountain gate in a flash of curiosity.

Yes, that’s curiosity, not worry. Everyone knows Scarlet Flame Tiger’s cultivation base. Even Lin Yun can’t guarantee that he is his opponent, let alone in this God World.

In the distance, the small black dots that originally passed from all directions saw the Scarlet Flame Tiger’s combat status after a mysterious sect.

“Why, what is this silly tiger trying to do?”

“Fuck, wouldn’t it be to treat me as an enemy and want to get rid of it!”

At this moment, everyone who came to Profound Sect came up with this idea by heart.

So Lin Lei once again knew from their breath who they were.

When Lin Lei was going to return to God World, he asked the system to disperse and disperse in God World and let them all return to Profound Sect as quickly as possible.

In front of me, the little black spot in Scarlet Flame Tiger’s eyes is not someone else, it is the discipline and various men returned by Lin Lei summon.

Tianhe Temple, the smell of disciple and its subordinates felt naturally, but feeling the breath of Scarlet Flame Tiger, Lin Lei’s expression added a touch of pity.

“tsk tsk, Little Brat, it ’s not that the deity does not help you, but that you are too beautiful to see, Yu girl, their breath has forgotten, see you this time is not dead.”

An evil smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and then he re-gathered his mind and put all his attention in the alchemic furnace.

The fire of Hongmeng rushed out, one after another was printed from Lin Lei’s hand, and the eighteen bottles of tempering liquid on the side were already empty at this moment.

Sleepy eyes rubbed dimly and looked up at Lin Lei. When I saw Lin Lei’s move at this moment, my heart was a little nervous. Pill concocting was most afraid of disturbing. He was different from his own actions. father’s pill concocting.

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