Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1160


Lin Xiani’s wake up, Lin Lei didn’t know. At this moment, Lin Lei has focused all his attention on the alchemic furnace, and there is no trace of thoughts in his heart.

The only idea he has now is to complete the heartburn burning refining, and then use this to relieve the crying caused by his daughter cultivation technique,

In arms, looking at the appearance of his father, Fairy is crazy. In this case, there is only a young age. Now it has been over a thousand years.

For thousands of years, she hasn’t been by his side so close.

Think about her feelings and satisfaction at the same time. In the arms of this man in front of her, she feels very relieved and satisfied.

“Father, I really hope that it will always be in your arms.” This is the only thought she dares to think so. Even her mother has never had such a thought.

As Lin Lei’s general, Ying understands that Lin Lei’s picture is not only as simple as God World, but she cannot lock the man’s heart herself.

Quietly and quietly lying in Lin Lei’s arms, watching him so refined medicine pill, for a moment, it was extremely quiet.

Lin Lei, at this moment, was extremely tense in his heart. When he thought of He Dan, he was so nervous that he couldn’t help himself.

Since entering the Dan Road, he has never been as nervous as he is today. He was afraid, afraid of the heartburn inflammation refining failure, and his baby daughter was crying yesterday.


“Kowloon Hope.”

Kowloon division is decided. Lin Lei’s Hedan technique is not the top level, but he is used to this Hedan technique.

Also, the probability that Hedan will be divided by Jiulong will be much greater than the secret art of other Hedan.

Drink …

Drinking violently, I saw that the original Hongmeng fire was divided into nine strands instantly, and the nine strands of Hongmeng fire changed instantly, blinking into the Fire Dragon illusionized by the nine days of Hongmeng fire.

Out of Kowloon, around eighteen drops of tempering solution began to swell. This scene, if seen by Pill Dao’s accomplished Pill Refining Master, is afraid that it will startled to fall the chin. It may even be directly at Lin Lei. In front of them, ask Lin Lei to teach them the secret art of the Jiulong Secession.


The final word rushes out, and the mantra in the hand is constantly changing. The symbols of each and everyone mysterious and unpredictable emerge from the hands of Lin Lei and then rush into the alchemic furnace, and finally fall into eighteen drops of tempering liquid.

A magical scene appeared, the moment the symbol rushed into the alchemic furnace and the eighteen drops of tempering liquid merged, the eighteen drops of tempering liquid merged together in an instant, and the water and the milk blended without distinction.

In an instant, in just an instant, eighteen drops of tempering solution, the tempering solution of the mutually repellent medicine ingredients, are instantly fused under the operation of Lin Lei.

“Hoo …”

“The most important thing is coming, I hope not to go wrong.”

Looking at the fusion of eighteen drops of tempering solution in the alchemic furnace, a drop of cold sweat came out of Lin Lei’s forehead. Today, the tempering solution is fused, and the next step is Ning Dan. This step is the most critical. If Ning Dan fails, everything that has been done before will be futile.

“Whew …”

A long spit out of turbid gas, a facial expression grave, a belief moved, a medicine pill appeared out of thin air, and then flew into Lin Lei’s mouth autonomously,

medicine pill melts in the mouth, and then becomes one after another pure medicinal power, which rushed into Lin Lei’s whole body. Originally, Essence, Qi, and Spirit were somewhat lacking. At the entrance of medicine pill, medicine pill was turned into a punch. The moment to Lin Lei’s limbs and bones, the lack of Essence, Qi, and Spirit, the missing Spiritual Qi returned to the Peak period.

Although you do n’t reply, it does n’t affect you, but it will be a relief.

After doing all this, it is important not to separate at this moment. With a fixed look, he looked towards the alchemic furnace, and then the curse in his hand changed suddenly.

Nine Dragons in Kowloon.

The Nine Dragon Jubilee in Kowloon was also created by Lin Lei. However, this Nine Dragon Judgment is a top-level existence. It is the highest level he has ever seen.

“Nine Dragon Nine Dragons, Nine Dragon Nine Dragons, Fusion, Refining, Ning.”

The curse of Nine Dragon’s Nine Dragons continually emerged, and then each and everyone’s ink rushed into the alchemic furnace. Eighteen drops of tempering solution, originally mixed with water and milk, began to harden a little under the action of Lin Lei’s Nine Dragons.

hong long long ……

hong long long ……

Suddenly, the sky was originally ten thousand li, protected by Formation, and the weather should not have appeared. Suddenly, the storm suddenly changed, and the dark clouds instantly swept the sky above Lin Lei’s Temple.

Within Fangyuan Hundred Zhang, dark clouds instantly shrouded, the wind rose, and the lightning appeared.

The wind and thunder are intensified, and the instantaneous changes in the scene make the entire Profound Sect, and Lin Tian’s facial expression grave, which protects Lin Lei.

“What’s going on, why is the weather abrupt?”

“Is there a treasure in this world?”

In front of the mountain gate, the Scarlet Flame Tiger glaring at people in the distance. Over the Tianhe Temple, when the thundercloud rolled over, his expression was startled fiercely.

When he turned his head and looked at the thundercloud above the Temple of Heaven, Scarlet Flame Tiger’s face looked clear.

The previous concerns were put down, and a smile appeared on his face, “It turned out that Lei Ge was pill concocting.”

Smile, Scarlet Flame Tiger isn’t saying anything. He has seen this Thunder Tribulation a lot. He has been by Lin Lei since he was a kid. It would be strange if he didn’t even know it.

Out of the Tianhe Hall, Lin Tian looked up at the sky. When he saw the dark clouds and the thunder rolling, his complexion eased a little, “It seems that it is not far from the successful refining.”

Speaking, he turned his head and looked towards the interior of Tianhe Temple, and his face showed a relaxed look.

Although he hasn’t seen Lin Xianer very much, as a servant of Lin Lei, he is not the same as Lin Xianer. Even if he needs his life to treat Lin Xianer, he will have no complaints at all. Give your life to save Lin Lei’s Bloodline.

In the hearts of everyone, medicine pill was quickly developed, but in Lin Lei’s mind, this is the proudest step at this moment,

The process of Ning Dan is very slow. If you do n’t care, you will fry the oven.

So, Lin Lei at this moment has gone in carefully.

“Drink, condense me.”

Lin Yun, the thundercloud above me, felt that the phenomenon of Ning Dan appeared, Lin Lei became more nervous, and Spiritual Qi increased the output and began to urge the time of Ning Dan.

Now, in the afternoon, the time when Xuan Bing Tian Jin is about to hit again, when Xuan Bing Tian Jin is about to hit, Lin Xin’er will be eaten after the refining heartburn is successfully made.

The time is tight. Lin Lei cannot tolerate the slow progress. The spirit strength increases. Lin Xianer, who is lying in Lin Lei’s arms, naturally feels it.

He was very puzzled. He didn’t understand why his father had to rush so fast. The most important thing for pill concocting was to calm down, especially the process of Ning Dan, but it was anxious.

“Fuck, smelly brat, you are crazy.”

In the system, feeling the eager heart and eager actions of Lin Lei, small dragon couldn’t sit still.

Spiritual Qi Ning Dan runs so fast, an accidentally fryers, and now, Lin Lei has used Holy Spirit, if this medicine pill fryer, the consequence is not to look at the hue.

The entire Tianhe Temple … Uh, no, the land of Tianhe Temple, which is a hundred miles away, will be flattened by this high-speed running Spirit Spirit and turned into nothingness.

“No time, small dragon, help me quickly.”

Small dragon’s anxiety how can he not understand, but time is really running out, he can’t wait, can only be so.

“Well, you, you pit me again?”

Lin Lei’s fearlessness made small dragon understand that from the very beginning, he was drawn in by Lin Lei plot against. Although it is dangerous, if there is his help, is this a dangerous thing?

Think about the small dragon’s heart, but there is no way. If you don’t help, although Lin Lei won’t be killed, the serious injury is nailed.

To enter the holy realm now, if it is at this time, the time for entering the victory will be delayed, for which he will have to take a shot.

I have to say that Lin Lei this step is awesome, for this small dragon has no way to help.

“Asshole, when you reach the Holy Realm, find me a fruit called Lingxu Guo, otherwise I’ll end with you.”

“Okay, let’s get out of here quickly. I can’t hold it.” Small dragon tone barely fell, Lin Lei’s voice followed immediately, as if knowing that small dragon would agree and wait here,


Holding your eyes, without saying a word, raising your hand, a pure air pierced through the palm of the small dragon, and a vortex appeared before the double palms, and the pure air rushed into the vortex. To go directly into the alchemic furnace.

“en? this aura…”

After feeling some kind of breath in the alchemic furnace, a light smile appeared on Lin Lei’s face, and in my heart, small dragon shot.

But …

Lin Lei was shocked by the breath that appeared in the alchemic furnace. Now he uses Holy Spirit, but his Holy Spirit is like a rat in front of the pure dragon spirit. When I saw the cat, I had a bad feeling.

“Is it my hallucination?”

The moment when that feeling appeared, I searched again, the former great disappeared, as if it never appeared, or it was that he had hallucinations and felt wrong.

If you ca n’t figure it out, shake your head and no longer paid attention to. With the help of small dragon, the speed of Ning Dan has been increased by a certain number of times. It became like a medicine pill.

Time, a little past, an hour passed, and the heartburn was finally condensed successfully, but the color of medicine pill made Lin Lei look into it.

Half blood red and half blue. This medicine pill is the first time Lin Lei has seen it.


hong long long ……

hong long long…

At the moment when the heartburn was complete, the thundercloud over Tianhe Hall seemed to be unable to hold the thunder and lightning. A Thunder Dragon rushed out of the thundercloud and dived down towards the place where the heartburn was located. The speed was strangely fast. It’s outrageous.

“Oh! You bastard boy,” feeling Lei Yun’s formidable power, small dragon sighed then said, a flash of helplessness flashed through the pupils.

“I’ll help you once.”

Speaking, looking up at the sky in the system space, raising your hands, drinking lightly, “San.”

Boom …

A roaring sound made Lin Lei shocked. The Thunder Dragon originally dived down with Heaven and Earth’s power. At the moment of diving down into the air, when he was about to rush in front of Lin Lei, Thunder Dragon Instantly turned into nothingness.

What’s even more shocking is that the thunder cloud brewing Thunder Tribulation in the sky collapsed and disappeared at the moment when Thunder Dragon collapsed.


“Day, what’s the situation.”

“What the hell.”

A puzzled voice rang out across Profound Sect, even in front of the mountain gate, which which is included Lin Lei.

Others may not know it, but he is very clear that it must be made by small dragon, and only small dragon can do it.

Blasting Lei Yun at random is not a joke. Even if he is sanctified, he can’t do it with a wave of his hand.

Spoken words and words, Lin Lei’s experience is not deep enough, and it is not enough for Lei Yun to dissipate.

The appearance of this scene has brought Lin Lei’s strength to small dragons to a new level.

“Where exactly is this guy’s strength?” The idea emerged and then abandoned.

Raising your hand, a shot, the heartburn in the alchemic furnace rushed out, and finally fell into Lin Lei’s hand.

medicine pill When Yu Wenwei dissipated, the moment when the medicine pill appeared, the entire Tianhe Hall, including Lin Tian, ​​who was outside, smelled an undeniable fragrance.

“It is done, the master is done, and the young Lady is saved. Lin Tian is excited.

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