Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1161


Here, let it go.

Take out a blanket and spread it on the ground, and place the fairy in your arms flat on it.

Sitting cross-legged aside, silently looking at the daughter with pain, Lin Lei was sighed for a long time, and said nothing. Divine Consciousness explored Lin Xianer’s inside of the body. If there was anything wrong, just go Step forward to stop.

Fortunately, however, Lin Lei’s investigation was completely relieved. The moment the heartburn entered Lin Xian’er within the body, it turned into one after another burning warm current, washing her limbs and bones. Even internal organs are starting to warm up.

“It’s okay now. As for the Holy Realm, I will go to the Hidden Scripture Pavilion 2-Layer building of the system to find something that can restrain the Xuanbing Tianjin for you.”

Thinking of this, Lin Lei thought about going into the holy realm. Now that I have passed the day, I am afraid that it has been too late since I agreed to go to the holy realm.

“It seems that it’s time to go out and see the Little Brats.” Thinking of Lin Wanyu and the others, I felt a smile on my face.

silhouette The cave came to the edge of the Tianhe Temple. Divine Consciousness was just released. I saw Lin Tian here.

As for Lin Xianer lying on the blanket, with heartburn to fight her cold, it’s all right, but the medicine pill medicinal power is strong, and it will take some time to merge.

As for the danger, oh, if this dignified Profound Sect is still dangerous, then there is no need for his sect.

“Little Tian, ​​open seal!” Sound transmission opens to Lin Tian outside the seal.


The moment Lin Tian’s voice sounded in his mind, Lin Tian acted, and with a wave of his hand, he removed the seal covering the entire Tianhe Hall.

“Master, Xianer … OK?” I saw Lin Lei, but Lin Xiani was not seen, and asked.

Looking at Lin Tian, ​​a smile flashed, and nodded said, “It’s okay, but this cultivation technique is a bit cumbersome. If you want to be fully cured, you must go to the holy realm as soon as possible, and only when you reach the holy realm. To be able to completely heal the pain of Xianer. “

“That …”

“It’s okay, now I have a kind of medicine pill for me. That kind of medicine pill, plus my blood, can restrain the pain for three years.”

“For three years, it is enough for me to enter the Holy Realm and find a solution to Fairy’s pain.”

“Heart … heart blood, master, you …” Lin Tian complexion greatly changed. Heart blood is not as simple as ordinary bleeding. A drop of heart blood will take a hundred years to recover.

even more how Lin Lei This kind of cultivation base has not worked for thousands of years. It may be a dream to want to recover.

I wanted to say something, but I just said half of it, but the words stopped abruptly, and he understood that what I said now seemed to be ridiculous, that ’s all.

“Don’t worry, a drop of blood won’t take the life of your young master, let’s say …” Turning his eyes and looking at the daughter Lin Xianer who was quietly recovered before great hall, a willing smile appeared on his face.

“That’s my daughter. My only daughter. If a drop of blood can completely cure her cry, I will look back.”

“If I had to use my life, I would never blink my eyes and try to understand her life to save her life.”

“It’s Little Tian you. If something happens, I will also look back.” Then, he reached out and patted Lin Tian’s shoulder, “I’ll go out and help me to look at Fairy, if something is wrong, immediately Sound transmission call me, understand? ”

Listening to Jun, Lin Tian is grateful here, “Relax, I will guard the fairy.”

“Well, I went.”

Nodded to Lin Tian, ​​then moved towards the distance, the silhouette almost disappeared in Tianhe Temple almost instantly.

……… In the great hall of the meeting, it can be lively at this moment. With the neglect before it, Lin Yun is standing in front of a woman at this moment.

On the great hall, a group of people, 3 or 5 people, were chatting about the sky. The scene was lively, but there were only two people sitting on the side and not integrating into it.

“Sister Yu, you are finally willing to come back, I thought you were not going to the Holy World with us this time.” Lin Yun said,

“Why?” Lin Yun said, and let the woman shook her head continuously. “Where is the master, where are I waiting for the disaster, and although my cultivation base is not as high as you, at least our battle strength is It ’s not lower than you. ”

Speaking, the silhouette flashed out 30 feet away, and a pair of hands wanted to prove that they were right.

As soon as this is done, the people around them will not gather their eyes very much, and their faces will all smile.

“Lin Wanyu, I said you can dying, don’t bully a child, can you think that everyone is just a tigress like you?” Suddenly, a very uncoordinated voice rang out in the great hall. As if intentionally heard by everyone.

“Well, who is this, as far as that senior Sister was said, it was a fatal rhythm.”

This idea basically sounded in everyone’s mind when they heard this sentence.


Lin Wanyu, Lin Lei’s big disciple. When he heard the remarks just now, his complexion instantly cooled down, turning his head to scan the crowd, his eyes were fierce, and the killing pattern made everyone reluctant to step backward.

“Is you?”

Finally, his eyes locked on a young man, looking at him, Lin Wanyu’s face was very gloomy. He had not seen this young man before, but the amazing Murderous Aura that he felt from the other side knew that the other side was not easy.

“Dare to ask your Excellency?”

Although I do n’t understand the identity of the other person, I can appear here, and I am sure that I am also a Profound Sect.

“Well, I haven’t seen you for a while, when will you be in this kind of red tape?” Lin Wanyu’s move surprised the youth.

“Bastard, who are you?”

As soon as the man’s words came out, Lin Wanyu couldn’t help it anymore. He raised his hand and rushed out. The silhouette burst out and instantly came to the man. The long sword ran across the young man’s neck.

As a sword repairer, quick and fierce is the basic trick, and it has always been a sword repair destiny. It is a verbal insult to young people. Lin Wanyu can’t help it.

“I depend, you really come!”

I felt the chills of my neck being blown by the sword energy, and the whole person’s eyes moved, and his face moved incredibly toward the rear.

If this sword is stabbed, it will be dead if not dead, and everyone who knows Lin Wanyu knows that if Lin Wanyu catches the battle time, the final result will be only one word, dead.

Looking at the man backing, Lin Wanyu sneaked, “Can you hide it?”

Raise your hand, change your sword, and suddenly more than a dozen sword shadows emerge in the void, aiming at the man’s neck, chest, limbs, and the fatal place of the man.

In this scene, it can be seen that Lin Wanyu moved the murderous intention, and if she was stabbed by these dozens of sword shadows, she would definitely lose Yellow Springs, and she would not have a second chance to survive.

In the dark, Lin Lei, who has been here a long time ago, saw this scene, frowned, if the dozen sword shadows are really stabbed, I’m afraid …

This time, even if he looks at the image, it is impossible to use it for teleportation. It locks the front of the man. The silhouette disappears in the dark instantly. When it reappears, it just comes to the man.

silhouette Now the position of the man, looking at the dozen or so sword shadows rushing in, the most part-time job rose slightly, and a smile emerged, then he moved the spirit of Holy Spirit around him, raised his hand and waved his robe in the direction of the sword shadow. .


A roar rang out in the great hall. The scene that everyone wanted to see didn’t appear, but when I saw the face of the hands-on person, I was shocked and bowed saluted.

“I’ll see you later (Sect Master, Master)”

“disciple met the Master.”

The people’s voices drew Lin Wanyu, who was in shock, back to God, and then saluted.


Nodded to everyone, watching a few holes in his robe’s cuffs, shaking his head with a bitter smile, and coming to Lin Wanyu, looking at himself next to this disciple that hadn’t been seen for a long time, his expression was full of curiosity.

He was curious, what did Wan Wanyu go through in the past few years, so that she could promote her cultivation base to the beginning of the deity in such a short period of time, her tricks were extremely hot, her strokes were deadly, and she was the slightest. He didn’t give his opponents time to breathe and chased after the victory, which made him curious, but very pleased.

I have said before that when encountering an enemy, you must not be soft-hearted and be merciful to the enemy is cruel to yourself.

Now she does it, and she does it very thoroughly.

Looking down at Lin Wanyu, a child who seemed to be doing something wrong, stretched out her hand and smiled, “Little Missy, how long haven’t you seen each other, how did you become so talented?”

As soon as this remark came out, the scene eased a lot instantly, and everyone’s heart was relieved a lot.

Lin Wanyu is even more so, “Master, if you say something there, even if you do n’t earn money with him, Xiaoyu won’t earn money with you.”

Speaking, he reached out and held Lin Lei’s arm, just like when he was a kid, he behaved like a cute omnipotent.

“haha …”

“You this girl.”

Laughter, took Lin Wanyu to the crowd, glanced at the crowd, all the people he wanted to see were present at the moment.

“Presumably, what happened to you when you came back, I already know!”

“Yes, I’ll wait.”

“Congratulations to Sect Master, Master has been promoted to Saint.”

“Haha, all right, don’t come here with all these heads.” Watching everyone bow and congratulate, a cast of eyes rolled out.

“I was going to go to the holy realm today, but I was stumped by something.”

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, wait a few before the great hall, let’s go into the holy realm together, let Profound Sect resound through the holy realm, and worship the Ten Thousand Sect people.”

“I’ll wait for my command.”

Now, after finishing the business, it ’s natural to be homely, after all, I have n’t seen it for a long time.

Looking at the big disciple on the side, thinking of the young man who just spoke, he turned his head and looked, “I said kill the sky, I just heard your words,”

“What? Kill the sky?”

Lin Lei said, Lin Wanyu was dumbfounded.

She is young. She thought it was only a small child to kill Tian at the beginning. Now goodbye to the youth looks like a living stool.

Not only Lin Wanyu, but even those who are often outside, were stunned when they heard Lin Lei calling the youth’s name.

“Uh, hehe, that Sect Master, you can’t blame me, look at the killing look of Lin Wanyu just now, you said, a girl, who shouted and shouted every day, and looked like a killer just now, Tricky, you say, tigress doesn’t fit her well. “


Everyone is silent for a while, maybe it ’s hard to say, maybe it ’s because they are right, the specifics are only clear to them.

The crowd was silent, but the party couldn’t help it, “Your uncle, kill the sky, I think you are going to rebel.”

Speaking, it looks like a flustered and exasperated who wants to rush to tear up the sky.

“haha …”

This scene made Lin Lei laugh. It hasn’t happened in a long time. If the daughter’s problem is solved now, the new situation will be wonderful.

“Xuanyuan, you can also cultivate base during this time, Divine Emperor great perfection, also a step away from the realm of the god.”

“Xiaorou’s cultivation base is also good, just like your big brother, really didn’t expect, our weakest Xiaorou practiced as fast as possible.”

“Distant, you just dying. I remember when I left, in addition to Xuanyuan’s cultivation base, I counted you as the highest one. Asked now, your cultivation base has made a little progress?”

“It won’t be Fan’s heart, because Fanxin delays cultivation!” Of course, this sentence is a joke, and he still understands the alienated character.

“Master, I … I want to bring Xiaoyu with me into the holy realm, for the Master to complete.”

Speaking, estranged and kneel down, as if you didn’t promise me, you won’t get up.

Of course, this scene made Lin Lei’s words, forcibly stopped, his expression was stunned, and he couldn’t believe it.

He said it casually, but now it seems as if he said it casually, it has become true.

“Master, you do n’t know yet, the second child is very prosperous, this time out, he also turned around a beautiful daughter-in-law, very beautiful and beautiful, even I couldn’t help but want to take it It’s over. “

“Yeah, the Master, the Second Senior Brother brought back, is devastatingly beautiful, very … no, it is 100% beautiful.”

If Lin Wanyu and the others pull Lin Lei back from shock, and look down at his Second Brother, he can hardly believe that he once believed in the estranged way of Buddhism and Taoism will do all he can …

“Master, you say something, the second child is still kneeling!” Seeing Lin Lei not speaking, Lin Wanyu quickly started to remind.

“Uh … that, okay, okay, you get up, promise you for your teacher, bring your favorite girl, okay!”

“More … many thanks Master.”

At this moment, the alienation was happy, and got up to salute Lin Lei before retreating aside.

“Okay, go back today and pack up, wait for tomorrow morning to gather, and then go to the holy realm.”

“Xiaoyu, a few of you still have Bai Qi and the others and Yun’er stay, everyone else back.”

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