Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1162


“You … you are awake!”

Looking down at Lin Xianer, I saw Lin Xianer lying on the ground, staring at him dumbfounded, full of doubts, as if wondering why he is here, not her father Lin Lei.

“Xianer, Young Master, he has something to do, he will refine your medicine pill for you and leave.” Then, he reached out and lifted Lin Xianer from the ground.

“Well, is there anything uncomfortable now, my words, now I will take you to see the Young Master, this kind of pain is ridiculous.” With that, Divine Consciousness rushed out and began to investigate the situation of the other ,

However, at this point, the original worry was removed immediately, because at this moment Lin Xianer’s condition is not surprisingly better, and better than him, especially the cultivation base.

The original Early-Stage cultivation base of the prince, only one day later, the cultivation base broke through the prince Middle-Stage and stepped into the appearance of the lord’s later Peak.

The speed of this breakthrough, he has seen it in Lin Lei.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Lin Tian was relieved when the investigation was over.

“Uncle, don’t worry about it, I feel very comfortable now and I’ve never felt better.”

“It seems like … the body is not as cold as it was at the beginning.” Understand Lin Tian’s concerns, Lin Xianer runs the cultivation technique to feel the feelings of the body. It was full of confusion.

“Did you?”

Lin Xianer was so suddenly, Lin Tian was startled, worried and angry, and quickly asked.

Lin Xianer can’t do anything else. I just used him to make medicine pill before. If there is any other disease, maybe I have to use my heart. Lin Tian didn’t want to see.

Even though the girl in front of her … uh, it should be a woman. Although the woman in front of her is the daughter of her own Young Master, he doesn’t allow this to happen.

In his eyes, no one is more important than Lin Lei, including these second-generation Young Masters.


“My cultivation base …” Lin Xianer began to speak out his doubts.

For this, Lin Tian understood, “You scared me to death.”

A smile appeared on his face, and his nervous heart relaxed. “I have just experienced it. The late peak of the prince, yes, it can be so at your age. It is already very good.”

“I think when your uncle and I were at your age, let alone God’s late period, even if God World didn’t come.”

“No, I … I mean, why did my cultivation base skyrocket so much?” When Lin Tian misunderstood what she wanted to ask, she was anxious, and spoke again.

This is not a secret, and Lin Tian did not hide it, and bluntly said, “Because Young Master gave you the problem of refining medicine pill, but I think your cultivation base skyrocketing is not a bad thing, after all, right away To enter San Giro, at least the cultivation base skyrocketing can have the ability to protect itself. “

“You need to understand that your father will not always be there to protect you. Sooner or later, the young eagle will fly alone, otherwise the starved will only be those who cannot fly, coward.”

“Do n’t ask me the question of the soaring cultivation base. You just need to know that this time the Young Master paid a lot for you.”

In spite of this, Lin Tian doesn’t seem to want to stay in this matter any more. He turns around and looks at the highest palace of Profound Sect. “Let’s go, let’s go.”

“Now you win, this news is what Young Master wants to hear most.”

That ’s all for now. It ’s no use saying more. Lin Xianer understands that no matter how much he asks, he wo n’t be able to ask more.

All kinds of nodded, looking at the back going forward, Lin Xianer trot after him.

……………… in the great hall.

Lin Lei was sitting on the steps, looking like an old man, and in front, Lin Wanyu and the others quietly did not dare to do anything there.

“Young Master, I don’t know what to tell me to wait here.”

great hall Silence, needle drops can be heard, but the longer this atmosphere, the more people feel depressed.

Just when everyone wanted to break but didn’t dare, a man in a Tai Chi robe walked out and saluted Lin Lei, “This time into the realm, I don’t know if the Young Master has any specific ideas.”

As soon as this word came out, the tense and depressed scene broke instantly, and everyone couldn’t help but gaze at the speaker with thanks.

Looking at the man who stood out, a smile appeared on Lin Lei’s face, and he asked, “Bai Qi, what do you have to do to enter the Holy Realm at this time?”

“No … I dare not, my subordinates!”

“Uh …”

The appearance of Bai Qi left Lin Lei speechless for a while. He didn’t seem to do anything! And, do I look so scary?

Think about it, but naturally this kind of thought cannot be expressed.

Looking at the group of people in front of them, these all are to accompany themselves step by step from the beginning of Profound Sect to the current veterans.

“This time, to enter the Holy Realm, there are three small goals to be achieved first.”

“The first is to establish Nine Heavenly Profound Sect. There is a place to stay in the holy realm.”

Second, your respective cultivation base. Although it is a holy realm, it cannot be all other cultivators of Saint Level. There are also god-levels there, but it is cultivated by the Holy Spirit of the holy realm. God level should be a lot stronger than God World, so immediately into the Holy Realm, quickly change the Spirit Qi within the body into Holy Spirit of the Holy Realm, and then quickly promote the cultivation base. Only then can the first thing be done.

“As for this third, I hope that in ten thousand years, Ten Thousand Sect worship in the holy realm will be achieved.

Everyone: ………………

Lin Lei’s words left everyone in the same place. No one spoke, and even the breath was a little inaudible.

All eyes turned away from Lin Lei. His expression was complicated and various expressions appeared.

“What are you …?”

Seeing what everyone looked like at the moment, Lin Lei asked, he didn’t understand that his three small requirements made everyone do the same.

Everyone was stunned, Lin Lei’s words didn’t respond, and I don’t know how long in the past, Bai came back to his senses, looked up at Lin Lei, and made a mistaken opening, “Young Master, these three things … Well, the first two are okay to say, but this last one, Ten Thousand Sect worship in ten thousand years, this … this is possible … ”

“Yeah, Young Master, let’s not say 10,000 years, even 20,000 years should not be completed.”

“Yeah, that ’s the holy realm, not this God World, where there are hundreds of people, all kinds of powers, and ten years of Ten Thousand Sect worship, we feel a bit exaggerated.” /p>


“Yeah, yes!”

Bai Qi starts one by one, leaving the camera back to his senses one by one.

Most of them are a bit too exaggerated. After all, it ’s a holy realm where saints walk around, not a place with few saints like God World.

Compared with God World, Holy World is a first-class city, and God World is like a ravine, without comparability.

“You guys.”

Lin Lei understands what they think, but Lin Lei doesn’t say anything about it. As for the specifics, they will be involuntarily after entering the realm.

Big smile shook his head, not saying anything, anyway, that’s it, system posted the task, even if he didn’t want to complete it.


The quiet great hall, suddenly a smart voice came from the outside, and suddenly, everyone’s attention focused on the great hall door.

Under the eyes of everyone, the silhouette of Lin Xianer and Lin Tian appeared, and Lin Lei, who was originally a bit stunned, was in a good mood.

“Fairy, you are awake.”


Lin Xianer quickly came to Lin Lei, ignored the eyes of the crowd, and rushed into Lin Lei’s arms all at once, and gave a big hug.

“Aiya, how old and not shy.” He reached out and hugged the daughter in his arms, pointing at everyone around him.

Although this is said on the face, there is a smile on his face, and his expression is even more gentle.

“hmph, people are not afraid.”

In spite of what Lin Lei said, he didn’t release Lin Lei in the end. Although Lin Lei felt helpless, he didn’t pull it hard.

“Xiaotian, you worked hard.”

Lin Lini looked up, grateful.

“Where did the Young Master say it?” He saluted Lin Lei, and stepped aside.

As before, silent, without speaking, looking at the silent people, Lin Lei didn’t know what to say.

“Forget it, just go back and remember what you will leave tomorrow.” Then, waving, let everyone back.

“I’ll wait to retire.”

Lin Lei’s decision made everyone happy, and after saluted, each and everyone exited the great hall.

The entire great hall is left with Lin Lei, Lin Xianer, and Bing and Ying.

The crowd left, the great hall is still quiet, but now only his family is left, and he turns to look at the shadow two who have not spoken from beginning to end. Lin Lei is very clear about their thoughts, nothing more than to Linshan things.


sighed, reaching out and holding Lin Xianer in her arms, came to the shadow of the two, watching the shadow of complexion pale, Lin Lei slowly said, “Shadow, don’t blame me for being cruel. Too aggressive and aggressive. “

“I do this, I just want him to be independent, you see what he forgot now.”

“I haven’t been away all the year round. I don’t know that because of my reasons, Shaner has become what he is now.”

“I was wrong, and it was because of this that I put Shaner here and let him experience the road I had traveled. Of course, the conditions are much better now, so …”

“Don’t blame me, I don’t want to.”

When Lin Xianer in her arms heard these words, she was puzzled by her eyes, “What happened to the hill?”

“Husband, your decision is too ruthless. If there is anyone in God World, maybe it won’t be so worrying, but now Profound Sect is elite. Except for the new entry discipline, everyone else has entered the sanctuary. World, with the character of the hill, what can I do in case of export? “

“Forget it, Binger, since Husband has decided so, then do it. After all, Husband is right, the hill … the hill is indeed a little too much.”

“But …”

“Okay, things are settled, so don’t talk about it.” After Bing finished talking, Ying Ying started talking abruptly.

In the conversation between the three of them just now, Lin Xianer also heard some cats, “Father, younger brother …”

“Xian Er, you don’t have to participate in this matter, rest assured, your father and I will not be treated as people,”

“The tiger poison still has no child, even more how Xiaoshan is my son.”

“You can rest assured that you have arranged for your father. When I leave, there will be two holy cultivators to protect him in secret.”

“Well, I knew my father wouldn’t ignore the younger brother.” Lin Xianer was relieved.

I did n’t know Bing and Ying just now. Lin Lei gave sound transmission to Lin Xianer.

“However, if the hill is still not as enterprising as it used to be, and it is not for progress, three thousand years, he only has three thousand years, and if time is doubtful, if he has not been able to protect himself, then When the time comes, the two cultivators of the holy realm will withdraw and return to the holy realm. “

“Well, daughter understands.”

Lin Xianer’s heart is like Ming Jinger’s, and she understands the meaning of doing so.


Skip this topic, Lin Lei has n’t stayed in this kind of thing much. Seeing the night outside slowly, the family has n’t seen each other for so long. Chatting with daughter-in-law is inevitable.

The cold wind swept at night, but the entire Profound Sect was not as quiet as usual.

Profound Sect The lights are on until the day of dawn, the horizon, a touch of morning sun is slowly angry, red rays of light shines into the great hall of the discussion.

“It’s … it’s bright.”

Holding Lin Xian’er in his arms, looking at the morning sun through the window, the excitement flashed in the pupil.

“Yeah, I’m leaving soon.” Lin Xian’er said, slowly in his words.

“Let’s go out.”

Holding up the fairy in her arms, immediately got up, lifted his wife on one side, looked around at the three, smiled at each other, turned around and walked away from the great hall.

At this moment, outside the great hall, the ugly, the crowd crowd is standing in front of the great hall.

But the magic thing is that there is no messy voice in the scene, but it is very quiet. Everyone’s eyes are all looking at the door of the great hall, as if waiting for something.


great hall The closed door opened, and a silhouette of the four Lin Lei appeared in the sight of everyone.

“I’ll see Sect Master, see Madame Sect Master, see Young Lady.”

“Report to the Sect Master, I’ll wait for all the rest, and I can go into the Holy Realm at any time.”

The voice is loud and shocking, and the whole great hall is shaking in the sea of ​​sound.

Looking at the disciple in front of him, the sound of red sound, Lin Lei’s heart was very tense, “OK, don’t be restrained.”

“In a while, I will put the Seoul and other places into the space, after all, Seoul and the like enter the holy realm, and after entering the sacred world, the deity will release the Seoul and the like.”

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