Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1163


“Cut, I still use you!”

Lin Lei gave a glance, raised his hand, Daoist Secret Art rushed out, and the space originally carrying the person suddenly appeared four tendencies appearing in the four directions of the space.

Open your eyes and watch the barrier that appears around all around, a smile emerged, “With the existence of this Heaven Sealing barrier, even if the Great Road is here, I’m afraid I can’t break it.”

In the system, Lin Lei, the means of small dragon, is unclear. At this moment, the type is still long, and everyone is to be contained as soon as possible, and then left here.

Looking at the disciple in front of me, the divide sense rushed out instantly and wrapped everyone in the scene in the divide sense. The crowd became empty.

“tsk tsk, finally you can rest assured.”

When things are done, Lin Lei can feel relieved. Now, with the old team of Profound Sect, when he arrives in the holy realm, he is not afraid to create a sect.

Although their cultivation base is like ants to the holy realm, as said before, everyone in the holy realm cannot be a saint.

I have also encountered sages before. The kind of sages with the lowest sanctuary are sect Outer Sect Elder in the holy realm. It is conceivable what level their disciple are.

came back to his senses, glanced at all these things, there is no connection in the expression, although this is Profound Sect, after all, you can not stay here for long, as a cultivator, unless you achieve eternity, otherwise …

“Father, do you really want to leave?”

Of course, just as Lin Lei was looking at the scenery in front of him, a weak voice came into the ear from behind.


sighed then said, without turning back, just the sound, he knew who was talking behind him.

“Hill, don’t blame your father for being cruel, it’s because you’re disappointing.”

“Your elder sister, your elder sister has to endure the pain of engrossing bones every day in order to cultivate, and the cultivation base has broken through to the realm of God’s late Peak.”

“You look at you and save your cultivation base, fearing that you will die if you enter the Holy Realm. In that case, it is better to let you break into God World. When you have the ability to enter the Holy Realm, go to us. . “

“But … but if you do n’t have that ability, that perseverance and determination, then …” At this point, Lin Lei shut up and didn’t open his mouth. He believed that even if he didn’t say it, he should understand what he should know. understand.


Crying softly, looking at the back of the great shore in front of him, his face was bitter, and he understood something just now.

“Well, rest assured, starting today, you will be Profound Sect Sect Master, and you will have to find your own way in the future.”

“Remember, you are my Lin Family Erlang, remember not to lose the Lin Family.”

Speaking, Lin Lei wasn’t talking. However, in the eye sockets, the crystal clear and near-transparent teardrops flowed down from the eye sockets. Lin Shan didn’t know it because he was facing away from Lin Shan.

“Bai Qi, Dian Wei, I’ll take care of you this time.”

“Three thousand years, as long as three thousand years, if this disappointing has not the ability to protect itself, then …”

“Then you guys … you can directly sense the holy realm summon, let the return to the holy realm come to me!”

“As for God World’s Profound Sect, don’t bother.”

In the dark, Bai Qi and Dian Wei were together, and they heard Lin Lei’s sound transmission. The two were heavily nodded and responded, “Bai Qi, Dian Wei, obey the order of the Young Master.”

“Remember what I told you before, don’t live or die, otherwise everything will have to break through on his own.”

“Yes, I and two understand Young Master’s painstaking effort, naturally it won’t break Young Master’s affairs.”

“Well, that’s fine.”

Since the dialogue is two, he is very relieved, so he will leave with such peace of mind.

“Okay, I’m … gone.”

Boom …

hong long long

Early-Stage’s cultivation base is released instantly and senses the summon from the holy realm. To this, anyone who enters the holy realm will.

“I will say goodbye to the Young Master.”

Seeing that Lin Lei was about to leave, the two of Bai Qi knelt down on Lin Lei in the dark, nodding his head, and then got up, watching everything in front of him quietly.

The release of Lin Lei cultivation base was originally from the sky in the eyes, and the clouds were instantly overcast. One after another lightning was faintly discernible among the clouds, and kept rolling.

“Smelly Brat, after entering the Holy Realm, I will teleport you to the Yellow Realm. As for the specific place, I do n’t know, anyway, it is the area where the heavens will be at dusk.”

“Remember, when you enter the Holy Realm, you will convert your Spiritual Qi first, and then create a sect, so that you can set up a platform to complete the next task.”

The sudden opening of small dragon surprised Lin Lei a bit, especially after entering the Holy Realm, he teleported himself to the Yellow Realm.

“Remember, when you enter the Holy Realm, you must converge first. Don’t be too energetic and be jealous.”


When I heard the small dragon, I shut up and took it seriously. After all, I entered the Holy Realm for the first time, and I felt a little nervous.


The roar rang, and thunder was rolling in the clouds, but then something unexpected happened, even Lin Lei didn’t expect.

I originally thought that Thunder Cloud appeared, and there might be a Thunder Tribulation. When Lin Lei was preparing for the Transcending Tribulation, a beam of light suddenly appeared from the Thunder Cloud, like a holy light, and thunder cloud rushed into The gap allowed the rear to fall directly on Lin Lei’s body.

“I fuck!”

The appearance of this scene, Lin Lei can not help but burst out swear words, this scene looks a little familiar, as if I had this scene when entering God World.

“Guiding the light?” He looked at the beam of light above his head in doubt.

“Crap, of course, the light of attraction, otherwise what do you think it is? Thunder Tribulation?”

The words of small dragon coincided with Lin Lei’s idea. Lin Lei was speechless and did not respond to this.


“I rely, Smelly Brat you … don’t you really think you just prepared for Transcending Tribulation?” Seeing Lin Lei so silent, small dragon smiled and asked.

“Shut up!”

Small dragon so to ask a question, when already knows the answer, it is clear that it is a problem, and for small dragon, Lin Lei just let him shut up.

Small dragon Shut up, Lin Lei looked at the beam of light above his head silently. He didn’t say a word, and closed his eyes quietly to accept some changes.

The so-called light of introduction is nothing more than a passage from God World into the Holy Realm, and this passage is forged from the strength of Space. It is very magical, even Lin Lei can’t figure out whether he is How it’s shaped.

I feel this enlightening light. As time goes by, formidable power becomes more and more powerful, and the effect of Divine Consciousness and Mental Power in Lin Lei, I feel it vaguely. As time goes by, the surrounding space starts to shrink stand up.

An unknown one is about to pull his body up to the ground, and moved towards the sky.

xiu …

When the foot was off the ground, Lin Lei opened his eyes and looked at the smaller and smaller sect below. Tears slipped from his eyes. “Hill, waiting for you in the holy realm for your father.”

“Remember, don’t … don’t let your father down!”

Now that Sect is completely invisible, Lin Lei still speaks. Even though Lin Shan can’t hear it, he has to say, because he doesn’t want to … but there is no way.

God World is all this. What about the holy realm? He doesn’t know. He doesn’t want to let the still weak cousin enter the holy realm. He doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes and let Lin Shan follow Jin En’s old path. He can’t afford it.


The roar sounded, and the thunder was clear. The dark clouds dispersed, and the holy light that originally led Lin Lei disappeared as the dark clouds disappeared.

The original clear sky ten thousand li, the bright and sunny sky reappeared in Lin Shan’s sight.

“Father, rest assured. From today on I will work hard to practice and strive to achieve the deity as soon as possible and enter the Realm of Saint, I …”

“I will go back to you!”

Tears-eyed mother-in-law looked up at where Lin Lei had left, secretly deciding in her heart.

“I hope this little Young Master can practice with peace of mind, or … three thousand years later, we will have to leave, who can protect him when the time comes?”

In secret, looking at Lin Shan’s back, Bai Qi sighed, and then retreated to the back and disappeared without a trace.


Holy Realm, the Yellow Realm is the lowest realm of the Ten Realms, and in a remote valley east of the Yellow Realm, the green hills and clear water, the land of the Bell of Lings, have beautiful and fascinating scenery.

“hong long long”

“hu rumbling”

The roar suddenly appeared, and the emergence of the roar shocked the birds and beasts in the whole valley. Only momentarily, the whole valley was originally quiet. After this roar, it could no longer be quiet.

The moment the birds, birds and birds listened to the roar, they all moved towards the area outside the roar.

Of course, at the deepest part of the valley, a blue light suddenly appeared, and the bright hall couldn’t bear to look straight.

“My day, finally here.”

Of course, in the blue light, one silhouette slowly stepped out of the light. When the whole person appeared, the original blue light suddenly disappeared, as if it had never appeared.

“Uh … here … is it?”

Man, just stepping out of the blue light, looked up and looked forward, but after seeing what was in front of him and his surroundings, the whole man stayed in place.

At this moment, there were mountains and water around, but to the man’s surprise, the tree was too big, and the Spiritual Qi in the water was so full that he had never seen it before.

all around Surrounded by mountains and forests, making him unable to see all the original surroundings.

“Sigh …”

“Here … is this the Holy World?” Looking at the strange surrounding scenes, the man’s heart was weak.

“Nonsense, your boy, so where Spiritual Qi gathers, do you really think God World will?” Then a voice sounded from the man’s mind.

“Cut, you understand, it’s done!”

As for the sound in his head, the man didn’t bother too much. He turned his eyes away, so that he didn’t care about the sound in his head.

Men are not others. They are Lin Lei who has been promoted from God World. It is just different from the past that other people’s promotion is a prescribed place.

And he is different. Just when he was about to enter the Holy Realm, a small dragon and a Space Teleportation directly broke him out of the access channel, but came here when he appeared.

Lin Lei looked at this place in front of him, and he didn’t know anything.

“system, explore this place.”

“Ding, the inquiry is required to redeem points, may I ask the host to continue.”

“Ding, remind the host, now that you are still in debt, do you need to continue credit?”

“Ding, may I ask the host to explore the valley in front of me?”

The sound of system hint, one after another coming to Lin Lei’s mind.

“Fuck, forget this crop!”

If he does n’t remind him, he forgot to owe the system all his money.

However, I ca n’t take care of that many at this moment. In such an unfamiliar environment, I am afraid that I will suffer if I do n’t master this place as soon as possible.

know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated, which is his life credo of Lin Lei.

“Credit, hurry up.”

“Ding, okay, please host later.”

“Ding, exploration is in progress, please host …”

System is quiet. As for Lin Lei, he has n’t been idle. He moved toward the front. Although he ’s not familiar with this place, after all, with the strength of the Taoist Saint-Early-Stage, he has the ability to protect himself naturally. should)!

“Fuck, if this tree is in God World, I am afraid it will be more than enough to build a sect palace!”

“Fuck, Heavenly Spirit Grass?”

“Xuanhuang fruit?”

“This is … this is, my god, this is the 200,000 year-old Huanglianzijing?”

Each and everyone medicine ingredients appear in Lin Lei’s sight. For these top-level existences of God World, here can be seen everywhere.

If this scene is known to God World people, they will hate why they were not born in the holy realm.

“Ding, exploration is complete, may I ask the host to check.”

“Fuck, let’s talk!”

“View of course.”

“Ding, please host check.”

Speaking, a light appeared in front of Lin Lei out of thin air, and a few lines appeared on it.

The name of Chuyuan Valley, the Holy Realm, and a remote valley to the east of Huang Yu. This place is located in the veins of the Crystal of Holy Realm, which is where Heavenly Paradise, cultivator cultivates Cave Mansion.

The early Yuan Valley, stretching ten thousand li away, is rich in products and has not been mined, which is suitable for sect site selection.

“I fuck, don’t be so clever!” Looking at the words on the light screen, Lin Lei thought he had read it wrong, and quickly rubbed his eyes, but still looked the same as before.

“It looks like a coincidence. Didn’t expect a random place is where sect chooses.”

Looking up, looking at everything around you, his loose eyes became sharp and sharp. At this moment, Yuan Yuangu, when he learned that he could be a site for sect, he decided to settle here.

“If such a beautiful place is not used, it will be recless waste of natural resources.”

“Hehe, so, it is also cheaper for me. I was thinking that entering the Holy Realm would have to waste time looking for the location of the sect. Now it ’s alright, save trouble.”

Thinking, Lin Lei is not in a hurry. Divine sense moves slightly, communicates with the system space, and releases ice, shadow, Lin Xianer, and some disciplines.

“Fuck, here … Spiritual Qi is too strong here!” exclaimed from Karen.

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