Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1164


“Wow, Senior Sister, look at that thing, it looks like a bamboo curtain!”

“Well, it should be, like the pictures in ancient books, it should be bamboo curtains.”

“Then pick it up quickly, I heard that this thing can be eaten raw, and it tastes sweet, it’s delicious!”


Lin Lei’s words didn’t seem to be heard or they didn’t even notice Lin Lei was talking.

Lin Lei shook his head with a bitter smile, and ignored them, seeing everyone still looking at all around with surprise.

“Little Brat, you understood the system you just explored. How about, do you want to create a sect here?”

“The Profound Sect’s palace can’t be brought up now. In that case, should you buy another set in the system, shouldn’t the palace with Profound Sect also have a set of Supreme Treasure?”

“Oh … how dare you say, Supreme Treasure the day after tomorrow, is Supreme Cabin the day after tomorrow, right?”

“Moreover, now that I am carrying a huge debt, do you think I can still afford it?”

“Yes, you know you pit me, and don’t talk about giving me a set.” With that, a cast of a blind eye was ignored.

Small dragon’s careful thinking. If he doesn’t understand, I’m afraid I have already bought the set of Supreme Treasure he said at the moment, when the time comes, let alone huge debts, even if it sells blood, it can’t be regulated anymore. Repayment in time.

But …

I thought of getting lottery twice when I was in God World. Now, at this time, although I do n’t know if I can have the kind of good luck to pick a set of acquired Supreme Treasure, but I also keep it, do n’t waste it No need to.

Moreover, it seems that Lottery System hasn’t been started for a long time. I think that lottery is about to start soon, and my heart is a little inexplicable.

“System, I want lottery.”

I just had this idea in my head, and then quickly spoke to system.

“Ding, the lottery carousel is on.”

“To enter the lottery carousel, please operate it by the host.”

system hint As soon as the sound fell, the original green hills and clear water picture became blurred, and when it was clear again, the whole person came to the Lottery System space.

Look up, a white jade big carousel floats in the air, and there are nine boxes on the big carousel.

“Tiantong Divine Tree?”

“Di Kui Supreme Treasure, Peach of Immortality Fruit Tree, Ginseng Fruit Tree, reincarnation divide technique, Tianqing Fingerprint.”

“His, this is …”

As Lin Lei each and everyone explored the box, a name appeared in Lin Lei’s sight.

“I … fuck, does this really inform me?”

Lin Lei is very helpless, even if he doesn’t want to open it, dying, after all, a lottery opportunity is wasted.

“Ding, may I ask my host to open mysterious item.”

system voice coming one after another, Lin Lei reached out and covered his forehead, nodded who couldn’t bear to look directly, “Open it!”

Turn around without going to see the process of opening the mysterious item. As for the opened items, as soon as you open the system, you will be prompted, and he is not worried in comparison.

Sure enough, only for a moment, the voice of system hint sounded again in space, and the sound lingered in Lin Lei’s ear.

“Ding, mysterious item has been opened, congratulations to the host for the glare palace suit, thunder one.”

“Dazzle … Dazzle suit?”

Lin Lei turned away and heard the sound of system hint turning on mysterious item, his expression was stunned, and his face appeared stunned.

Under what circumstances, isn’t it only the glazed palace suit? When did the glare suit appear?

And what is that Lei Yan?

Each and everyone doubts surfaced, turned around and looked up, and between them a gorgeous set of palaces appeared, among which Lin Lei was dazzled by densely packed palaces.

The mysterious breath is revealed from the glare suit, Lin Lei has a feeling, this suit is definitely king of kings, strong and strong.

After lingering for a few minutes on the glare suit, I looked away, and went on with the glare suit on the blue rays of light.

“system, check Lei Yan.”

“Ding, viewing Lei Yan, please wait …”

“Boom …”

Gaze at Lei Yan, but the more he looked, the inexplicable throbbing in his heart made Lin Lei have the urge to rush up and conquer it.

However, to Lein’s surprise, he hasn’t started yet, and the phantom blood can’t help rushing out of the body, floating in the air and confronting Lei Yan.

“Ding, exploration is complete, may I ask the host to check.”

Lin Lei is the most uncomfortable with system, but there is no way but to help nodded, “check.”

A light screen appeared, all above Lei Yan’s introduction.

“Lei Yan, the core source of Thousands of Thunderfields, is based on thunder breeding, and the holy fire of nine grades, and its refining can be as smooth as the ground in Thousands of Thunderfields. It has no effect at all, even Myriad Incarnations thunder and lightning , Control thousands of Thunder Tribulation. “


After reading Lei Yan’s introduction, he uttered three words in his mouth, and his heart was terrified.

Thousands of thunderfields, although I haven’t heard of them, but the names are so domineering, naturally I won’t be inferior to the place.

Also, this kind of thunder flame can control Thunder Tribulation as much as possible, and that alone excites him.

“Ding, system hint, hesitant that the host possesses phantom blood fire and Hongmeng fire, so this thunder inflammation cannot be refining by the host. Please ask the host to think twice, and never ignite the fire because of greed.”

Lin Lei: ………

Lin Lei is completely out of temper this time. After co-authoring for a long time, he got nothing but a palace suit.

“I said, kid, don’t be greedy for being a man, although you can’t use it, you can give him to others!” Small dragon suddenly said.


“Well, your son Lin Yun, although he now only has the cultivation base of the state of divine respect, but his physique is the closest to you. Although he does not inherit your Paragon Primordial Chaos, it is not bad. “

“If you can overcome this Lei Yan, future achievements may bring it up a level, and maybe he will be a great help for you in the future.”

“Is Xiaoyun?”

Small dragon made Lin Lei silent, not because he didn’t want to give it, but was thinking whether conquering Lei Yan would have a bad impact on his son, or because of refining Lei Yan and body dies and Dao disappears.

The 9th grade of the holy class, I knew that his phantom blood fire is now only the point of the Grade 6 of the holy level. I can imagine how powerful the formidable power of the 9th grade thunder flame is.

“Rest assured, you treasured son will be fine.” It seemed to understand Lin Lei’s concerns.

“Think of yourself. You were just the foundation, and you dared to die refining Phantom Blood. I didn’t insist on it.”

“Trust your son. He is your seed. I believe it won’t shame you.”

At this point, what else can he say, in the end he can only promise nodded, I hope when the time comes small dragon can help!

Thinking, I placed the glare suit and Lei Yan in the savings grid.

“Ding, may I ask the host to continue? You have another chance for lottery.”

“No, let ’s save it next time. Now that I have taken these two good things, I have almost run out of luck, next time!” Lin Lei came back with a load now, not only got what he wanted, but He also got Lei Yan’s coveted flame.

“Ding, lottery carousel to close.”

The screen jumps, and before Lin Lei reacts, the screen in front of him changes back to the green mountains.

Lin Yun is moving and there is no big difference from before. Look east and west and touch, the whole is a group of rare treasures.

At this moment, the forest was dim, and it was getting dark. Looking at the surrounding environment, I was thinking of my glare suit in the system space.

“Yun’er, accompany my father to a place full of energy, let’s build a sect!”

After making the decision, he looked up and said to Lin Yun, who was touching a large basin like a mushroom in front.


“Father, aren’t we all leaving the younger brother’s palace for Sect?” Lin Yun was very curious about Lin Lei’s words.

“Why, whoever is allowed to be a father can only own such a set of palaces.” Then, turning his eyes, he jumped up and rushed into the sky.

“Father, wait for me.”

Lin Lei suddenly acted, Lin Yun naturally followed, and leapt to move towards Lin Lei’s direction of departure.

The shadow and the others didn’t follow, but sat quietly waiting for the return of the two.


It feels so good to fly freely in Heaven and Earth. Looking down at the valley, the more I look at Lin Lei’s heart, the more surprised I am.

What kind of valley is this fuck? It is clearly a mountain range, and this mountain range is not small. Compared to Heavenly Dragon Mountain Range of God World, this first Yuan Valley is better than Heavenly Dragon Mountain of God World. Range is much bigger.

“System, give me a look into the veins of the Holy Spirit spirit vein. I want to build a sect on the spirit vein to keep our disciplines prosperous.”

“Ding, the 300,000 redemption points needed to explore the eye of the Spirit Vein, will the host continue?”

Lin Lei: ……………

Lin Lei is completely helpless. Now he wants money. It wasn’t like this when he was in God World. How did he enter the holy realm and the system became greedy.

“Ding, is the host exploring the eyes of the spirit vein?”

At the moment of God’s death, the voice of system came again, and Lin Lei, came back to his senses, quickly responded with nodded response, “Of course I explored.”

“Ma, don’t you just owe money? You have more lice and itching, you don’t have to worry about debts, come on.”

“Ding, system is exploring where the eyes of the early Protozoic spirit vein, please host …”

System is silent, but Lin Lei does not stop. Divine Consciousness instantly envelopes the square thousand thousand li. Although the system is exploring, he also wants to see if he can detect the richness of Spiritual Qi.

However, Lin Lei knew from this investigation that the Spiritual Qi in the valley is almost the same strong, regardless of each other, which makes him feel like a fist hitting cotton.

“Father, are we really going to build a sect here?” Lin Yun’s voice came from behind him.

Turning his head, looking at Lin Yun with emotion, a smile emerged and said softly: “This early Proterozoic Spirit Qi is rich, and there is also a spirit vein in the sacred realm. As far as I know, this early Yuangu is An unmined valley, so building a sect on the eye of this spirit vein is a perfect fit. “

“Hatsumoto Valley?”

Glancing all around Shanlin with a curious look, then he looked up and wondered, “Father, how do you know this is Chu Yuangu, and are you not here for the first time?”

“Holy Spirit’s crystal? Father, how do you know it is here?”

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