Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1165


“Father, I …”

“Well, it’s important to build a sect now, other things, I will share with you after this thing is over.”

Stop, turning to move towards the direction of the system, and rushed down Lin Yun with a stunned face, alone watching Lin Lei enter the silhouette.

“This Little Brat, this is to break the casserole and ask the end. This is, it seems that everything can’t be said in the future.”

I was thinking, Divine Consciousness was released instantly. According to the map in my mind, coupled with the extremely fast speed, I quickly came to the eye of the system called the spirit vein.

“Here …”

Looking down at the eye of the spirit vein below, Lin Lei is happy, surrounded by a dozen high mountains, and the middle mountain is the best. This pattern is most suitable for sect construction.

“Your boy, but you’re lucky enough to find this kind of place. If you are aware of some sect Sect of victory, I’m afraid you can’t keep it with your current cultivation base.”

“Cut, whoever says it must let them know, and …” Rolled his eyes and continued: “Do you know how to use resources? Anyway, I am also an Array Master of Holy Grade 1 and I will arrange it. A large array will hide it here soon.

“And …”

“Why do you have that nonsense.”

“Your boy, you want to unload and kill the donkey, anyway, I used the teleportation array to teleport you here, otherwise you can find a good location?”

Lin Lei: ………

Lin Lei didn’t say anything. He understood the meaning of small dragon. Compared with him, he had nothing to say.

“Just don’t talk. Your kid owes me a lot. When I was in Xuantian, I saved you a lot, plus Immortal World, Aqua Blue Star, God World and …”

“Xing Xing Xing, OK, Chen Sesame has rotten everything, and mentions what he did.” The words of small dragon made Lin Lei a bit ashamed, but had to say that he was right.

“You are right, what you say is right, what is wrong is me.”

“No, let’s not talk about it now?”

“Let’s build the sect first and then talk about the other, okay.”

In the system space, when Lin Lei lowered his stance, he didn’t dare to continue anymore. Nodded answered, “Okay, then hurry up.”


Small dragon finally stopped talking, Lin Lei was sighed for a long time, then the expression of the original joke instantly retreated, and then he turned positive.

divine sense communicates with the system space and removes the glare palace suit from it.

The dazzling palace suit appeared in the hand, dragged by Lin Lei, looked down at the top of the mountain range below, raised his hand and moved the dazzling suit in his hand towards the highest point, just tossed away.

“Hyun light Xuanhuang, differentiation Quartet, Siwei Rongrong, Kai!”

Speaking of which, Lin Lei is also a bit speechless. This glare palace suit is very simple at the beginning, now the high point, so that the rear is pointed at the bottom and thrown away, so that the back glare suit will expand until it becomes a glare palace suit The original look.

“hong long long…”

“hong long long…”

The moment the Glare Palace set was activated, a roar of noises rang from below, and the next scene that shocked Lin Lei appeared.

Originally, there were only eighteen when you added up, but when you lost the glare palace suit, right away, a mysterious energy wrapped the whole Hatsumoto Valley, and Lin Lei was shocked that the original distance The mountain peaks, wrapped in mysterious energy from the glare kit, started to move towards the eighteen mountain peaks?

“This …”

Although he can do it, but it can be done in just a few moments, Lin Lei asks himself that he can’t do it, and it is still in the holy realm.

God World Fortunately, but here is the Holy World, everything makes Lin Lei feel the novel World.

“hong long long”

The roar reappeared. Before this moment was different, the roar appeared. The reason is officially because of the glare palace suit, the mountain shape is formed, and the glare palace suit is expanded as soon as possible. Appeared, cut appeared scattered at the top of each surrounding mountain.

And between each mountain, there is a mysterious thing that is similar to a cloud group, which forms a bridge that is connected to each other.

In Divine Consciousness, there are a total of three hundred and forty-five mountain peaks. Each peak has a palace, and all of them emit glare and the scenery is fascinating.

“This is more powerful than the previous Profound Sect palace. The ability to move the mountain just by one hand is enough to see his power.”

“Ding, the dazzling palace suit has been successfully constructed. The name of the mountain gate is also requested to be engraved by the host. Its three hundred and forty-five palaces are connected to each other to form a natural offensive and defensive array.

The dazzling slaughter is famous for its Form formidable power. It takes four or five days for the saints to reach here **, and only the saints who are here , Others want to break the glare of slaughter, foolish dreams.

His ………

Lin Lei was shocked after listening to the introduction of the dazzling slaughter system by the system. It seems that the previous glazed suit can only be a one-day attack on the saint.

Now that ’s all there is to it, so you do n’t have to worry about Sect ’s safety when you leave and travel in the future.

Think about it, Lin Lei feels a lot easier. Now there are not many sect saints. The most is the god state disciple. I do n’t know what sect can be called other Sects in the holy realm.

“Father … Father, is this … will we have a home in the future?” When Lin Lei thought about it, Lin Yun’s voice came from behind.

“You are here.”

Without turning back, pointing at the sect below, Lin Lei opened the mouth and said: “Do you see how the current sect is different from the past?”

“Are you here?”

Looking down, looking at the glorious and rainbow-like palace, there are only four words in Lin Yun’s heart that can summarize his current mood.

“No one has ever been before.”

“Oh, no ancient man?”

Lin Yun’s comments made Lin Lei a little bit like, but didn’t say anything, laughed and didn’t ask more.

Divine Consciousness was released, and the entire Profound Sect was wrapped, looking for the entrance to the mountain gate. The silhouette faded in place instantly, and then appeared again just to the Profound Sect mountain gate.

The mountain gate is very large, and the whole body is dazzling, but the glare is similar to the stone pillar of bronze, and there is a piece of several feet high stone next to the stone pillar, with a blank piece on it.

“so that’s how it is.”

Looking at the stone, Lin Lei instantly understood his usage, and then summoned the chaos empty gun, using the gun as a pen, like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing on the stone.

“Nine Heavenly Profound Sect”

No, Jiu Heavenly Profound Sect appears in the middle of the stone, and the font is huge and mad, but there is a little convergence in Zhang mad. These four characters have exhausted Lin Lei’s life. All skills.

Done, take a few steps back with long spear in your hand, and look up at your masterpiece. The expression is full of praise.

“Nice, really good, didn’t expect the font of this deity, now it has achieved so much.”

Lin Yun: ………

Behind Lin Yun heard Lin Lei praised himself so much, there was nothing to say, instead his eyes were locked on this mountain gate, his expression was full of admiration.

The admiration of my father is like an overwhelming river, so capable, I ’m afraid of the entire God World … No, I ’m afraid that the entire Holy World is also unique. Who can have such ability? A palace can be called a Top Grade Divine Item.

even more how All the covering the mountains and plains are palaces.

“Let ’s go, accompany your father to all your younger sisters. From today, this is our home, our Profound Sect’s place.”

“From today on, we will become part of the holy realm.”

“Well, child understands.”

came back to his senses, turned his head heavily nodded, and after looking at each other, the two turned and moved towards the direction they came from.

Both of them have a strong cultivation base, so it didn’t take me long before I found the place I left before, and Lin Xian’er and the others have been waiting.

After seeing his father come back, Lin Xianer stepped forward and put Lin Lei’s arm in his arms, tightly, for fear of letting go of Lin Lei back.

“What’s wrong, have you found it?” This is, taking a step forward and asking softly.

“Yes Master, did you find the location of sect?”

“Huh, what’s wrong?”

Successive learning sounds, looking at the eagerness of everyone, Lin Lei just wanted to speak, but Lin Yun could not help but rushed to speak, giving the answers everyone wanted to know.

“Everyone, I went with my father this time. Not only I found it, but the sect has also been built, and Chengdu is no less than the scale of God World Profound Sect.”

“It can even be said that it is much larger than God World Profound Sect sect.” Lin Yun did not feel exaggerated about the current Profound Sect.

“So fast?”

Except for the shock, everyone just wanted to go to the place where sect was located as soon as possible. They wanted to see Lin Yun’s mouth immediately. Now the scale and gorgeousness of sect.

“Father, let’s go quickly, I want to see.” Now, Lin Xianer couldn’t help it, and started to puff.

“Yes, Husband, let’s go. I also want to see if the scene of sect is what Yuner said.”

“Huh, Master, let’s go!”

Like everyone’s eagerness, Lin Lei nodded agreed that he was here to take them to sect.

“Okay, that’s it. Then follow behind, don’t lose it.” Then, he stretched out and took Lin Xianer to take a step first, soaring to the sky and moved towards Profound Sect sect.

“Fast, keep up.”

Lin Lei’s departure, Lin Yun and the others each and everyone’s followed along, a dozen people, turned into one after another silhouette, moved towards Lin Lei’s direction of departure.

The cultivation base of Lin Lei entire group is not low, and the speed is naturally fast. Follow Lin Lei and use all the power. Within a few minutes, everyone came to Profound Sect sect.

“Wow …”

“Wow …”

The exclamation and exclamation can’t stop coming from the mouth of Lin Xian’er and the others. His face is even more shocked. His eyes are wide and his mouth is open. The scene is very happy and funny.

“How about this is our sect, do you like it?”

The crowd was surprised. Lin Lei knew very well that he was the same as them before, but anyway, it was built by him. It would not be good if he was too surprised.

For a long time, wait for everyone to come back to his senses, “Let’s go, let’s go and see!”


Subconsciously, everyone is nodded, and the silhouette of follower Lin Lei steps into the Profound Sect gate.

Introduction, there are no very gorgeous opening remarks. Some are only mountains, mountains, or mountains, and of course, palaces on top of the mountains.

Heavenly Paradise, the land of the Bell of Lings, is now only these. It seems that the situation of Ten Thousand Sect worship is still far away!

“This is a long and arduous task, kid, don’t think about the many good things.”

“Return to the show of bells and spirits, what do you think? It is very rare to be a Heavenly Paradise in Grade 4. You also want to make spiritual medicine all appear in your own sect, don’t be naive child.”

“You …”

Small dragon’s ruthless cold water makes him want to hit people, but if you think about it, small dragon is also right.

The reason why such a magnificent cultivation is rare is so rare, so what else can be forced!

“His, that’s wrong!”

Fast, Lin Lei seized the place where I always felt wrong. Divine sense communicated with the small dragon in the system. “You peep my thoughts, you this bastard.”

“What? I don’t know?”

“Did I say something?”

The so-called impetuous rogue, when I see small dragon now, I just want to come.

Small dragon At this moment, Lin Lei looked at it and ignored it. He simply withdrew from the system and continued to lead his family in Profound Sect.

Time passed quietly on the way of everyone’s sect, the night was completely dark, and at this moment, everyone realized something.

“It’s too late today, as for the allocation of the sect palace, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

“Let’s go away, so many palaces, you won’t have nowhere to live if you want to come.”

Say, wave your hand at everyone, and let everyone go.


In the system space, on the light screen in front of Lin Lei, personal information that he has not seen for a long time appears.

As the saying goes, it ’s stolen and half-lived, and now Lin Lei has only time to come to the system to see his progress during this time.

Name: Lin Lei

cultivation base: Early-Stage

physique: the body of Paragon Primordial Chaos

Weapon: Chaos Dragon Spear

Array Master: Holy Grade (Grade 1)

Pill Refining Master: Holy Level (Grade 1)

Refiner Master: Holy Level (Grade 1)

Spellmaster: Grade 1

Redemption point: negative

Prestige means: None

Holy Spirit Crystal: None

Big turntable: once

sect: Last Stream

Experience: 3000/8000

Mission: Ten Thousand Sect worship for thousands of years

“I … fuck, how did this happen?” I was a little surprised to see the layout of my personal information change.

“Ding, the host enters the holy realm, so the system will naturally make some changes, such as the personal information the host now sees.”

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