Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 11664


“You’re here!”

Lin Lei silhouette has just stepped into the moment where the small dragon is. He is on the lake with his eyes closed, and his eyes are open, looking at the place where Lin Lei is. The sound is indifferent.

Listening to the meaning of this small dragon seems to know that he is coming.

“Here it is, but you can guess, the deity is so appropriate this time. If you guess it, there will be prizes.”

Speaking, the silhouette quickly flickered, and came to the shore to make it. There was an extra table a year ago, and there was a gap on the table.

“Well, where have we, the great Saints who just like drinking, gone, today is a drop, and change to tea!”

Lin Lei: ………………

Ignore the small dragon. I started to make tea. The movement is gentle. The movement is smooth and undisturbed. The whole picture is very beautiful and I can’t help being taken into it.

Lin Lei. Even the small dragon was brought in, but the moment he was taken to the mood, the small dragon woke up, his eyes were slightly shocked.

He knows clearly that the person who can bring him into the mood with top secret can be counted on one’s fingers.

Of course, perhaps because of his familiarity with Lin Lei, he did not take away the precautionary dike. More importantly, Lin Lei’s ability.

“en? Don’t guess?”

Small dragon Falcon, Lin Lei paused in his hands, looked up at small dragon, his face still looked like before, ordinary spring wind transform to rain smile.

“That being the case, I’ll say it, but the reward and so on will be fine.”

Speaking, Lin Lei bowed his head again, continuing what he hadn’t done before, “this time comes to you, there are actually four things I would like to ask.”


Small dragon behaves like this, small dragon brows frowned, the body can’t stop backing up, the body is tight and alert.

If it is still the same as before, or he is not so, but the behavior of Dawn now can be said to have a three hundred sixty degree reversal from the previous character, which makes him feel hairy and always feel bad. Things are coming.

“Well, since you haven’t spoken yet, then the deity will treat you as promised!”

slightly smiled, waiting for the small dragon to speak, the opening will slowly talk about the four things just said.

“You can rest assured that what the deity said should be very simple for you, otherwise the deity will not come to you.”

“No more nonsense, this first thing, you should be clear, my daughter cultivates the problem of Xuanbing Tianjin, and now to enter the holy realm, as you said before, the Hidden Scripture Pavilion has something to save my daughter, although You said, there is this in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, but in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, the books are absolute volumes, let alone say three years, even 30 years is not easy to find the fear. “

“So, I want to ask you to sell me a face and help find it.”

“I …”

“Don’t talk before you say it. I won’t be too late when I finish talking.” As soon as the small dragon spoke, my words were just revealed, and then Lin Lei was ruthlessly choked back.

I do n’t care if the small dragon is not angry, each minding their own business continues: “The second thing is the cultivation base of the deity. Now the deity achieves the throne, but the difficulty of cultivation is greatly increased. But, let alone say, the speed of this practice alone is dozens of times slower than when I was in God World. “

“After entering the sacred realm, the deity has practiced. Today’s conventional retreat practice can be said to the deity as a chicken rib, and the so-called Wangmei quenches thirst.”

“What do you want?”

Finally, the small dragon couldn’t help but speak, although Lin Lei was annoying him before, but when he heard what Lin Lei said, he realized the seriousness of the matter.

Yes, as the body of Paragon Primordial Chaos, with the addition of Primal Chaos Heavenly Scripture, and the fleshy body of the saint, this is enough to make the whole holy world crazy, and now many pets give it one, instead It became a drag.

If you practice according to conventional practice, let alone stand on the top of the mountain in the Holy World for thousands of years, even if you give him hundreds of thousand years, I am afraid it will not be possible.

“I want to go to the Holy Reality. Now the Holy Reality is no better than God World. There may be something in the sect Holy Land that can let me break through, so I plan to go to a sect and let the worshipers or join directly. The other side ’s sect, when it finds something suitable for the deity to break through, it is not too late for the deity to leave. “

So, this is the third thing the deity said.

“Oh? Why do you mean this?”

Small dragon is puzzled.

“The third thing is love, that is, the deity intends to leave Profound Sect and go to the world of the great cultivation of the holy realm to find the opportunity that belongs to the deity. As you have also seen, today’s Profound Sect, there is some worry about the department. So I want you to set up a few prohibitions and formations, who must not leave before they break through the holy realm. “

“More importantly, no one other than Profound Sect can enter Profound Sect.”

“so that’s how it is!” small dragon nodded, a clear look, I’ve been waiting here for so long.

“The fourth thing is the matter of Lei Yan. Now Lei Yan is on the deity, you also said that this Lei Yan has no use on the deity, so the deity wants to ask you to replace me and let me help Yuner refining Lei Yan. “

“If Yuner’s current cultivation base is refining to complete Lei Yan, he may be able to enter the Great Perfection in one fell swoop, which is a step closer to his entry into the holy realm.”

“In this way, he has more survival ability in the holy realm, so he does not need the support of his deity.”

Let ’s say four things. Looking up at the small dragon full of expectations, he hopes that the small dragon can agree. These four things are very simple for him, although the third thing may make the small dragon a little weak. But he stayed for too little time, he had to hurry up every minute and every second in the future.

Silent, just looked up at the small dragon with determination and expectation, waiting for his decision.

Time, one minute, one second, and every minute that time passes, Lin Lei’s heart will hang for one minute. He is afraid that small dragon will not agree.

“I promised.”

“I promise you to help you with the four things you just said.” Small dragon suddenly said.

“Why … what, you … you promised?” The words of small dragon suddenly came out. Lin Lei could not react for a while, and asked for confirmation.


Lin Lei’s actions made small dragon unable to bear a complaint about his eyes. Then he re-nodded and said, “This time I heard clearly.”

“I said, I promised what you just said.”

“I will help you find a cure for your daughter. It will help you not only forbid Proformation in Profound Sect, but also help your son, refining Lei Yan.”

“So, you can pursue the breakthrough with peace of mind. As for these trivial things, just leave them to me.”

This time, the small dragon speaks very slowly, and all the words appear in Lin Lei’s ears, and this time, he also heard clearly.

“very good, thank you so much for small dragon, how would I be nice without you,” Lin Lei said excitedly.

“Well, don’t you respect yourself?” Lin Lei was happy, but small dragon was unwilling. Think of Lin Lei’s appellation just now, my heart was sour and a little uncomfortable.

“Uh … uh, this …”

The words of small dragon make Lin Lei a bit embarrassed. I think it’s a bit embarrassing when I think about the attitude just now.

“I wasn’t ……… I …”

“That’s it.”

Lin Lei just wanted to explain, but was blocked by Lin Lei, “I understand what you mean, rest assured, promise you, I will do it.”

“But the first thing will be a bit slow. After all, you also know that there are many books in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. Now that the system has changed, there are many more books in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.”

“But other things can be completed in a short time, but it will be very weak when I finish the formation of the ban. When the time comes, you need to help find the soul raising fire, as long as you get the soul raising fire Before I can recover quickly. “


Lin Lei understands that he quickly responded to nodded, “You can rest assured, as long as there is such a thing as soul-breathing fire in the world, I will find it for you.”

“Well, then you go. Now that you have set your goals, you will naturally start running. You can’t do the same as before. Now it is in the holy realm. You can bear everything and wait for it to be truly powerful. Prestige can deter holy holy people, and it is not too late to restore nature. “

“I understand!”

“So, I’ll go.”

Speaking, Lin Lei silhouette retreated, disappeared into the system, and returned to the Profound Sect great hall.


“Why didn’t you let me help Lin Lei? It wasn’t good to discuss before. From now on, let him run alone, so that he can become a real powerhouse, not a waste sheltered by you and me.”

“But why are you doing this now?” The moment Lin Lei left, the small dragon looked up at the sky and asked, puzzled.

If Lin Lei is here, you must know who the small dragon is talking to.

“Yeah, you also said that it was a time of rushing, indeed, you are right, but refining Lei Yan, do you think that with the host’s current cultivation base, you have the ability to help Lin Yun refining?”

“As for the formation of Profound Sect, you must understand that Profound Sect is the task of Lin Lei, and it is also the task that you and I need to guard. If this task is gone, then he may complete the task. Will it? “

“This ………”

The words of system make small dragon speechless. Indeed, system is right.

“Okay, this is exactly what I said before, help him do everything he wants to do, and leave the rest to him.”

“Although we ca n’t help you with cultivation, as you said, trivial things do n’t need him to do it yourself.”

“You ……… I think you are spoiling Lin Lei and don’t want to make him embarrassed.”

When the words came out, the entire space was completely quiet, and no one was talking.

…………………… In the Profound Sect great hall, Lin Lei sat in the middle of the great hall, and in front of him was the formal tea set he used in the system.

Take a cup of hot tea with a strong fragrance of tea and put it on your mouth.

“tsk tsk, good tea.”

Open your eyes, a light flashes through your eyes, and then wave your hand. Divine sense communicates with the system and releases all the Profound Sect disciple in the system.

Suddenly, except for his Lin Lei, the great hall was empty. At the moment, it was overcrowded. Not only the great hall, but also the vast crowd outside the great hall, the scene was really shocked.

“pu 通”

“I’ll wait for the Profound Sect children, see the Sect Master.”

The sound is neat and uniform, the scene is shocking, and the sound is more like breaking Nine Heavens.

Lin Lei was not disgusted by this shocking voice, but was very pleased with their existence.

“I didn’t let the deity disappoint. I thought you followed the son of the deity, and you may be more or less slack, or you have some estrangement from the deity, so it seems that the deity is worried.”

Of course, these words Lin Lei are joking. This sect will be passed on to Lin Yun sooner or later.

“I dare not wait.”

Lin Lei was joking, but they didn’t think it was a joke. Cold sweat spread all over the body instantly, lying on the ground, afraid to look up, for fear of comfort and actions that caused Lin Lei’s dissatisfaction.

Lin Lei is more satisfied with the actions of the crowd. Now that the joke has been played, watching them at the Vast Crowd, the original smile converges, and the momentum of the invisible superior appears instantly, sweeping the entire great hall.

“Today, this is our Profound Sect’s sect in the holy realm. Now when you enter the holy realm, you can’t wait here as usual, and you need to be careful.”

“Bai Qi and Dian Wei are not in the Holy Realm. Naturally, the War Department and the Killing Department lack the rule of the general leader. So, where are the War Department and the Killing Department?”

xiū xiū xiū ……

As soon as Lin Lei’s voice came out, he was originally in every corner of the crowd. The humble person rushed out and came to the crowd. He kneeled in front of him and said respectfully: “All members of the War Department, killing the Department, Waiting for Sect Master instructions. “

The moment the two books appeared, the killing air and murderous aura in the great hall instantly reached the fixed point, the temperature in the entire palace suddenly dropped to ice sculpture, and the surrounding frost on the stone pillar and the ground faintly frosted everyone’s hearts. shock.


Looking at the more than 3,000 kill and war members who appeared, Lin Lei was very pleased. They were the tentacles of the entire sect and also the trump section of the sect.

The War Department is responsible for conquering the outside world. As for the killing department, it also assassinates some people who do not obey the sect.

Although there are many deities in the sect of the holy realm, there are tacit teams like them. Ask who has them.

“From today, you two, the war department will be in charge, and the killing department will be in charge of Honglian. Since then, your two have been stationed at Heavenly Killer Hall and Disha Hall.”

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