Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1167


“Come out, I knew you were here, what is it like to hide away?” Looking up, he looked out of the great hall and said.

When everyone heard Lin Lei’s words, everyone in the room was talking about Lin Lei’s eyes, and he couldn’t see anything.

xiu …

Just when everyone didn’t see anyone, when they were going to turn their heads, a path of silhouette flashed quickly and appeared in the great hall instantly.


“Meet the Sect Master.”

“I just noticed that a strong breath appeared in sect, so I came to check, didn’t expect it is Young Master you …” A few people’s eyes fell on Lin Lei, and then the words didn’t continue. .

“Oh, come here, come on, you just heard what you just said.”

“Hear it.”

“Well, in this case, the killing department and the war department will be given to you later.”

“You need to know that these two are the core existence of sect. Your responsibilities are long and arduous. It is up to you two to guard the sect gate.”

Hearing this, Honglian’s look startedled, and then they turned around again and again, their faces were decided, “I and the two will definitely not disappoint the trust of the Young Master, they will certainly guard the sect, and please rest assured.” p>

“Well, get up first!”

The cultivation base of the two is very clear. Although Honglian was a bit contradictory at the time of Xuantian, but Honglian returned to the door later, Lin Lei didn’t care too much about it.


The two got up and Lin Lei didn’t bother them. As for the war and killing people, they all stood behind their respective leaders, silent, watching everything in front of them,

“Information Department, your leader will also change. Before Lin Tian was in charge of Heavenly Secrets Pavilion, I believe he will do a very good job as Minister of Information Department.”

“So, you will go to work under His Majesty Lin Tian, ​​sit in the Xuanji Hall, where you will become the eyes of the entire sect, and in the future, the information of the sect depends on you.”

噗通 …

The previous scene was exactly similar. All the members of the information department knelt down and saluted Lin Lin, then pushed aside. As for Lin Tian, ​​because the cultivation base was not enough, not at all came.

The person who has discovered the huge breath before is not someone else, but it is simply the general out of Lin Lei’s summon.

Their cultivation base is three levels stronger than Lin Lei. As the existence of Saint great perfection, they can naturally feel that these Profound Sect children who suddenly appeared in sect.

“As for Qingyun, you now also have the Saint perfect perfect realm. In that case, you will become the leader of the four divisions of Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow. From now on, the four divisions of sect will be given to you.”

“Leave the law enforcement department to Kui Gang. Sects who commit crimes in the future will be severely punished.”

Gu Renyun: “Heavenly sin and begging you to be guilty, even if my son is in trouble, he must set an example and punish him severely.”

“pill concocting, refining, formation, runes, and the four parts are handed over to Lin Wanyu, Lin Yun, Karen, Xuanyuan, these four people, their cultivation base has now reached the Divine Emperor, I believe it will not be long It will break through the high state. “

“And, the four of them won the inheritance of the deity, especially Yun’er. After the deity taught him a thunder, then he would become the minister of the refiner.”

The remaining people, who have not been assigned high-level, will all become Outer Sect Elder, and outer sect sect master. As for discipline, divide it according to the cultivation base.

True disciple, seat disciple, elite disciple, Inner Gate Disciple, Outer Gate Disciple, handyman disciple, which is based on the true disciple, and so on, handyman disciple as the lowest level.

Of course, it ca n’t be just handyman disciple. If handyman disciple wants to be Outer Gate Disciple, or Inner Gate Disciple, you have to show your strength, speak with strength, strength has passed, and naturally you can become what you want to be. People.

Sect now follows the deity from the divine realm or when sect was created. Sect also needs fresh blood, and this is the most important thing now.

“Let this part be handled by sword edge and Jian Wudi father and son. Shadow and ice sit still.”

“Remember, it ’s better to be lacking, but the most important part of our sect is good character and good temperament. This is the most important thing. Aptitude comes later.”

“I would rather not accept disciples than let those who have bad temperament and impure nature enter the sect.”

“After the newcomers enter the sect, they will all be in the outer sect. After the deity comes back, they will be assigned to where they go, and what you want to train or fancy.”

A path of command appeared in the ears of everyone, decisively and competently, to the extent that Lin Yun had never before, for this reason all the people were saluted, and there was no questioning of Lin Lei’s decision just now.

Looking at this group of people, there is a place to go, nodded should say: “Since so, leave all of them, all of the outer sect go to outer sect. As for the disciples that the leader hasn’t arrived, all leave and go to you The mountain to go to, as for your leader, you have one from each of your ministries, and look for it after dawn. “

“I will understand.”

“Well, go back!”

Waving his hands to let everyone back, Honglian and the others bowed back to Lin Lei, and then left the great hall with their men.

Instantly, the formerly crowded palace of Vast Crowd has now become an icy palace with no popularity at all.

Sitting on the seat, looking at the deserted palace, Lin Lei was empty in his heart, but he didn’t know why, fiercely, a silhouette showing the rays of light appeared.

“Husband, what’s wrong with you, aren’t you unhappy.”

The voice is very soft. Lin Lei listened for a moment, looked up, and the moment his eyes fell on the silhouette and face of the man, Lin Lei was completely in a halt.


Yes, the light and shadow appearing at this moment is not someone else, it is Jin Ling who is already dead.

“Well, it’s me.”

“My husband, it’s me!”

Jin Ling is nodded, his eyes never leave Lin Lei.

“No, you can’t be Linger, you are dead, you no longer exist, no … impossible,”

Looking at the silhouette of Jin Ling, Lin Lei was fascinated, and then turned back, shaking his head like a madman, which was very frightening.

“唉 …”

In the great hall, except for the voice of Lin Lei, there was no other person’s voice, but when Lin Lei was like a madman, a sigh sounded in the great hall.

“Still failed to break through that knot?”

The sigh disappeared, followed by a man’s voice in the palace.

“hu ……”

“You’re here!”

Lin Lei didn’t look up, but the moment the man’s voice appeared, Lin Lei, who was among the madmen, instantly woke up, exhaled, and tried to calm himself down.

“Well, I wanted to ask you what position you were assigned to, didn’t expect to see you like this.”

“Although I haven’t experienced that war, and I haven’t talked about the person in your heart, but it’s not your fault, it’s just an accident, you don’t need to be in guilt all the time.”

“You should know that death cannot be resurrected, and you should not torture yourself like this all the time. If the person here knows that her death has caused you such a result, she will also hate herself very much.”

Lin Lei: ………

Lin Lei didn’t respond, and the man’s voice in the dark grew brighter, and finally the silhouette appeared in front of Lin Lei.

The man is not someone else, but he is exactly the same as Lin Lei, even Avatar, who sounds a bit similar.

“Forget it, knowing that you won’t listen to persuasion, but I still want to say, don’t torture yourself so much. If you go on like this, I’m afraid you will give birth to Heart Demon, then …”

“Okay, don’t talk about it.”

Don’t wait for Emperor Shitian to finish speaking, Lin Lei quickly started to switch the topic, “What are you doing to me?”

Di Shitian: …

“I said, I came to you, I wanted to ask you what position you arranged for me. After all, my current cultivation base is also a perfect realm for God. Although there is no breakthrough Saint, it won’t take long, maybe soon. You can break through. “

The meaning of Emperor Shi Tian, ​​Lin Lei understood, looked up towards Emperor Shi Tian, ​​every time I saw him, Lin Lei felt a strange feeling in his heart.

“The most important task you have now is breakthrough cultivation base, so from today on, you will become the Great Elder of sect. Except for some necessary scenes, don’t bother.”

“Well, so Great Elder!” Di Shitian was not dissatisfied with this position.

“When will I leave.” The topic opened instantly, which made Lin Lei a bit uncomfortable, but he still responded, “Soon, I will leave after processing some things.”

“Now my cultivation base is very demanding, so I must go to the holy realm. After all, in this world, there must be more and better opportunities than the divine realm.”

The expression of longing and expectation appeared in Lin Lei’s eyes, and the interrogating Emperor Shi Tian was silent.

“Okay, you can go too. I want to stay alone for a while.” Lin Lei said.

“Can you … can you?”

“Crap.” After a brief look at Di Shitian, the silhouette faded and disappeared in front of Di Shitian.

“Well, I hope nothing will happen!” For Lin Lei, he was very worried, thinking that Lin Lei was always upset because of that, he was afraid that because of that, Lin Lei gave birth to Heart Demon.


great hall The moment Lin Lei appeared from the great hall, he came to the top of a palace, and he had a clear view of the entire Profound Sect.

“Small dragon, let’s get started like this, time is more disturbing in my mind, and time is limited, we have to speed up a few steps!”

“Your mother, can you let me rest first, you were sad just now, why did you leave like this?”

The attitude of small dragon, Lin Lei didn’t bother, and each minding their own business said, “Go to Yuner Lei Yi first, after you help him to refine, then he will not control the formation for Profound Sect. All this is done when we leave. “

Lin Lei said, small dragon did not go on, but chose to silence Lin Lei. I do n’t know that small dragon is really contemplative or simply do n’t want to help now.

The passage of time, little by little, in the quiet night, Lin Lei is alone on the top of the palace, blowing the cold wind, and quietly thinking about the thoughts after leaving the sect.

I don’t know how long it was in the past, maybe ten minutes or maybe minutes, and finally, small dragon spoke.

“Okay, so, let’s go!”


Seeing the small dragon’s promise, Lin Lei didn’t make nonsense either. When Divine Consciousness moved, he wrapped the whole part of the Profound Sect’s palace, and only immediately realized where Lin Yun was.

silhouette flashed, disappeared at the top of the palace, and then reappeared in the palace where Lin Yun was.

“hu … huh …”

In the palace, purring sounds continue to come from Lin Yun’s mouth, with a smile on his face, so that it looks like Lin Lei’s eyes, his heart is warm.

“This child sleeps in every way.” As he said, he reached out to wake him up.

“Also said others, isn’t it your virtue to sleep by yourself? I thought that when we were sleeping together in the Mori mountain range, I had to help you cover the quilt at night. You almost didn’t torture me tonight.”

“I …”

Small dragon This word passed into Lin Lei’s ear. The original hand stretched out, stopped in the air, his face was stunned, but he soon recovered.

However, the embarrassment on the face is indispensable. After all, this incident is too embarrassing. Besides, it was too small at that time, and was hunted down and tired.

“Yuner, Yuner.”

The straight hand in the air moves again, reaches out and pats Lin Yun gently, calling softly.

“Hmm …”

A light groan came from Lin Yun’s mouth in his sleep. Soon after, the originally closed eyes slowly opened, and his sleepy eyes glanced out to see Lin Lei now in front of him. At the moment, the original sleepiness was immediately sober.

“Father … father, you … how did you come?”

Surprised, he couldn’t think why his father came at this hour.

“I’m here to give you something, and just now, I made you qualified as the director of the refiner department. From today you will be the director of the refiner department.”

“You have won my true story. Now you are teaching you a kind of flame. Since then, the refiner will be greatly improved along the way.”

divine sense After communicating with small dragon, he immediately quit his fleshhy body, and the small dragon that had been prepared took over Lin Lei ’s body instantly,

“father, I …”

“Okay, let’s get started!”

The small dragon who took over Lin Lei’s body, took Lin Yun back when he had just said something.

At this moment, the breath on Lin Lei’s body has changed, becoming deeper, and the cold breath makes him tremble, this cold comes from the soul.

“What’s going on, why did Father’s breath change, so deep and cold?”

Lin Yun is very curious, but this seems to have just been born. Without waiting for a reaction, a hand appeared instantly, and several points were shot on his body.