Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1168


Lin Yun looked at the strange breath in front of him. Although there were many doubts in his heart, he still agreed nodded. In his heart, this was his father.

“Father, don’t worry, as your son, how could I be afraid.”

Speaking, sitting cross-legged, waiting for a while, ready to look,

Of course, in this scene, small dragon’s eyes light up. He is very pleased with Lin Yun’s performance. This is Lin Lei’s son.

“Okay, in this case, look for cultivation techniques in a while, try to refine the thunder, and leave the rest to me. Although I ca n’t guarantee that you will not suffer, but can guarantee that you will not lose your life. After the thunderstorm, the cultivation base brings it up a level. “

After hearing this, Lin Yun closed her eyes and waited for rainstorm … uh, no, waiting for Lei Yu’s arrival. He was looking forward to what the scene of Lei Yu will be after refining.

“tiger father will not beget a dog son, okay.”

Crying out in my heart, not staying, Lin Yun’s nature is to find out, then it begins.

Lei Yu grabbed his hand, then waved and grasped Lei Yi’s hand, and aimed at Lin Yun’s back and patted him.

The speed is very fast. As soon as Lei Yi turns into a trail of tears, finally, the palm of the small dragon fits with Lin Yun’s back without seeing a slight gap.


Lin Yun, who had been waiting for a long time, felt that the moment when something entered her within the body, she began to search for nothing.

A thundercutter that is similar to the size of a peach nucleus, but not in the thundercrest, is full of blue flames. Feeling thundercrest from the outside world, it is almost impossible to receive the slightest temperature, but if you feel close to it, you can feel Into the violent energy from Thunder,

In front of this kind of energy, Lin Yun is like a trivial ant, and he is as small as a cricket.

He is convinced that as long as Lei Ling releases a little energy, he can refine and kill to slag.

As soon as Lei Yue enters within the body, a heartbreaking pain emerges from within the body, as if within the body enters a giant Demonic beast, and begins to swell in his within the body, the pain cannot be Words.

The cold sweat on the forehead can’t stop flowing, the complexion pale has no blood, the forehead is blue, and the appearance proves that the terror is not easy to approach.

At this moment, Lin Yun, speaking plainly, is like an ancient corpse that has just climbed out of Jiuyou.

“Hold on, this is just the beginning, then mobilize your cultivation technique, import the silk energy of Thunder into your internal organs, and let Thunder to refine your internal organs, so your fleshhy body It will be greatly improved. In the future, if you are in the same class, you will be able to ride the dust and become a well-known figure among your class. “

The voice of small dragon passed into Lin Yun’s ears, and Lin Yun’s consciousness began to be a bit vague. When he heard this, he became instantly energetic.

“Yeah, I’m refining thunder, now must survive. This is not only what Father wants to see, but also what I think. I must not lose face with Father.”

As soon as this idea was small, the original fuzzy posture slowly recovered. Following the diameter of the small dragon, it began to touch the thunder, and slowly introduced a trace of thunder to his internal organs and began to refine.

zi zi …

The sound of thunder and lightning penetrates the entire palace, and even Lin Yun within the body can dimly see the blue light, twinkles and twinkles, like nine stars in the sky, shining brightly.

“Remember, take your time and don’t take it too seriously. Your current cultivation base is too weak, especially the flesh. It’s so weak.”

“At the beginning, when you were at this age, this kind of thunder didn’t need the help of others. Alone dared to refine it. Although the process was painful, what I got in the end was that it was possible in this life. No. “

In this case, small dragon not at all is a nonsense, thinking that when Lin Lei dared to devour the blood of the phantom during the Breakthrough Foundation Establishment Stage, this courage, I would like to ask, who in the entire holy realm can compare with it.

“Even now, this thunderbolt can’t be me at all. It can be broken by Saint’s flesh.”


The words of small dragon are like a bright light in the dark, which instantly illuminates the road in front of Lin Yun.

Finally, the first energy was completely refined under the disdain of small dragon, and this time, Lin Yun not at all shouted to stop, maybe he knew his soul, and he wanted to be like that Someone.

This time, without the help of small dragon, he separated two ray of thunder energy from thunder and started refining. With the first cry, he was already used to it.

But with increasing energy, pain will naturally become more and more painful. Loss can complete things in these illusions, and then the road will be better.

I didn’t speak, I just looked at Lin Yun so quietly, waiting for him to win instant success.

“Sure enough, he won’t be the son of the deity. The experts know if they have shot it. Such a tenacious, decisive personality is too much like me.” In the system, Lin Lei’s soul body stood in front of the small dragon to observe Lin In front of Lei’s screen, he knew exactly what was happening inside the palace, so …

“If you want your face, how do I feel like I’m bragging about yourself?”

“That’s right, I’m talking about myself, Didi, can’t I?” For the small dragon, Lin Lei didn’t care about it at all, he was used to the meanness of small dragon.

small dragon: … …………

The two were not talking, so they stared at Lin Yun’s refining and thundering quietly. After being guided by the small dragon, Lei was completely mobilized by Lin Yun and began to be refined.


Endless Void, the deepest part of Thousands of Thunderfields, a black clothed person is now in front of the thunderbolt, looking at the changes in front of Thousands of Thunderfields, looking dull, as if thinking about something,

“What’s going on, why is my thousands of Thunderbirds so turbulent. It stands to reason that Thunderbird wouldn’t be able to do this?” The Kuroko man didn’t understand.

Lei Yue, I have been with him for a long time before I grew up. I do n’t know why, Lei Yue suddenly disappeared. This made him very angry, but now thousands of Thunder domains are so turbulent and unsettled. The man was a little worried.

“No, it’s impossible, Lei Yue can’t be refined by others. He is the sacred relic of my thunder family. All beings can only use it for my thunder family, no …”

“It is impossible to be refined, it is impossible …” The more he said, the more the man was in the atmosphere, as if Lei Ling was refined and touched all his taboos.

Of course, Lin Yun did n’t see the scene of the man, Lin Lei did n’t even see it, but Lin Lei could n’t think of it. When he first came to the holy realm, he offended the greats of the holy realm because of system. one of the big shots.

The Thunder family is born with a thunderbolt, and its race seems to have been banned in some way. There are only lineage single passes in its life, so there are not many people in the Thunder family.

Of course, I do n’t dare to impudent in front of the Thunder family. Although the number of clansman is rare, the cultivation base of each member of the Thunder family is very strong and placed in the holy realm. It can be done on its own.

And at the moment, Lin Lei didn’t know, at this moment he was still watching his son refining Lei Yue.

A little bit of time is, in a blink of an eye, the first rays of sunlight outside in the morning shine into the great hall.

“It’s dawn.”

Looking outside, the bright sunlight and sky, a smile flashed on Lin Lei’s face.

“Yuner’s refining is getting faster and faster. Now a few hours have passed. With your help, this thunderbolt has been refining for less than a half. If you follow the current speed … Oh, no, if you follow The superimposed speed is refined, and in the evening of Lin Tian, ​​this thunder can be refined.

Think about Lin Lei’s excitement, and he’s looking forward to what kind of benefits it can bring to his son after Rei Hua’s refining.

“Cut, you’re embarrassed to say, if it were not for you, I would do such a troublesome thing?”

“I don’t care, after this matter, help me find something that can restore the soul body. As for the material of the fleshhy body, now that you have entered the holy realm, you won’t fall down if you want to come.”


Lin Lei rolled his eyes and showed helplessness, but not at all refused, after all, this was already promised before.

“Okay, after this thing is over, I will go and find you what you want. Of course, I promised you that I would naturally cook, not only that, your fleshhy body, I want to find you the most Good material, since it is to be done, then do the best. “

“It’s up to you.”

Speaking the strongest, but secretly because I can meet people like Lin Lei, speaking of which is also his personal fortune. If I meet those who are rogue or only think of myself as the director, where is it now? What’s up with him.

“You speak hard.”

Even the character of small dragon, Lin Lei didn’t speak afterwards, and Lin Lei in the passing state is not suitable for speaking too much.

Then, it is necessary to fall asleep. As for Lin Yun’s affairs, he is very relieved, especially at ease. He believes that there will be no accident with Lin dragon.

Lin Yun’s palace is lively, but compared to the entire Profound Sect, Lin Yun’s lively is nothing.

Because Profound Sect disciple was released by Lin Lei and arranged their place, everyone is busy in a frenzy at this moment.

Central Yuangu is a place that has not been mined yet. Among them, spiritual medicine, there are many kinds of immortal grade Divine Grade medicine ingredients. Of course, there are also holy products, but not many.

Of course, these treasures of immortal grade Divine Grade are enough for them.

At their current level, if they want to practice with the holy product, the end result is nothing more than being unable to bear the energy in the holy product, and they end up in a blast.

The leaders of the palaces all sent disciples into the early Yuan Valley to search for heavenly materials earthly treasures, so that they could later be transplanted to their palaces and decorate the palaces.

Profound Sect has just taken shape. Except for the palace, which is a mountain, the Immortal Realm, which is surrounded by clouds and fog, is nonsense.

Lin Xianer was awakened by the outside movement. She got up and walked out of the palace. She looked at the busy Profound Sect disciple, and was curious. Then she stepped forward and called for a Profound Sect disciple.

“For, Senior Brother, what’s wrong with this sect?”

“It wasn’t like that yesterday, why did I sleep all night and the sect changed a lot.”

“And you guys, what are you asking? Why does each and everyone seem to be busy?”

Each and everyone questions come to the ears of men. The man not at all is impatient. On the contrary, he looks at Lin Xianer with a smile and answers all the questions she asked. p>

“This Junior Sister, Profound Sect has just taken shape. Last night, the upper sect re-distributed the Profound Sect disciple. This is not the case. Today, the leaders of all departments ordered their disciples to enter the early Yuan Valley to find heavenly materials earthly treasures. Nothing to sect the facade. “

“What? Yesterday … assigned last night?” Lin Xianer was shocked and looked at the man with a strange expression, all in doubt.

“Well, yes, why … don’t you know?”

Lin Xianer’s response caught the attention of the man. At first he thought that Lin Xianer was a common disciple, but after hearing what he said, he didn’t think so.

All Profound Sect disciple appeared in the great hall yesterday, and Lin Lei ordered them to listen clearly.

Of course, this girl is clearly not aware of what was assigned yesterday.

“His … You seem … I seem to have seen you somewhere!” Staring at Lin Xian’er, he kept looking, and the more he looked at him, the more familiar he became.

“No, I must remember.”

“Since you didn’t experience the branch yesterday, then you are …”

“Yeah, you are the Fairy Young Lady.”

Feng, Lin Xianer’s identity appeared in the mind of the man. Suddenly, the man’s body was on one side, and he quickly backed down, bowing his arms saluted, “disciple Haneda has seen Xianer Young Lady.”

Lin Xianer: ………

When she was recognized, Lin Xianer was helpless. “Senior Brother Tian, ​​you don’t have to do this.”

“Looking at your cultivation base, it should have come step by step with father. It stands to reason that I should call you Senior Brother.”

“No, no, Young Lady, you are joking, you are the daughter of Sect Master, and that is Sect’s Young Sect Master. Although you make sense, the rules are rules.”


Handa insisted that Lin Xianer couldn’t help it. In the end, he couldn’t help but compromise.

“Okay, okay, just call it whatever you want, but just now you went to Chuyuan Valley to find heavenly materials earthly treasures?”

Hearing this, somehow, Haneda had an ominous hunch, but it was still nodded.

“very good.”

“Let ’s go with me. Now I come to the holy realm, and I want to see the scenery of the holy realm.”

“Hatsumotoya is the realm of Profound Sect. I do n’t blame me for leaving because I want to come to father.”

Saying, looking at Haneda with anticipation.

“Hurry up, it will be all right, hurry up.” The small dragon in Lin Lei’s body, Divine Sense has been watching Lin Yun within the body of thunder, and watching thunder shrink a little, He was very excited.