Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1169

In the early Yuangu, a dark shadow rushed across, and shortly after, a few dark shadows followed closely, chasing after the dark shadow ahead.

"Young Lady's speed is too fast, is she really only the god cultivation base?"

Looking at Lin Xian'er, who was constantly rising in front of her, Haneda shuddered. His face was full of ugliness.

"Cut, you're sorry to say that it was a good job, but you provoke this great aunt, but now it's better, let alone relax, you see, this has to follow this Great aunt, for fear of something. "

" No, Haneda, you are really a bit unreasonable in this matter. If you do n’t have this great aunt, let us When a few come out, they can still be lazy, roast meat or something, look at it now ... what a life this is. "

" Huh, agree. "

Lin Xianer, who sprinted ahead, didn't know. Haneda and the others who followed him complained and chatted, of course, not complaining about her arrival, but complaining about Haneda.

"I ... I ..."

Looking at myself saying this all the time, he was very helpless, and I didn't know what to say for a while.

It is true that this unopened mountain range has a lot more good things, especially the demonic beast here. There is no divine realm. They mainly want to see the demonic beast and the divine realm. What's different in the world.

Now, Lin Xianer's arrival, they are indeed somewhat restrained. Lin Xianer, as a daughter of Lin Lei, and their Young Lady, now naturally think of Lin Xianer's safety.

The crowd looked at each other for a while, and finally chose to remain silent, and continued to follow.

Haneda and the others are also curious and don't know what's going on here. The happy smile made them very helpless.

Now she is happy, but she is suffering those who follow her.

They are all Divine Emperor's late cultivator, but now Lin Xianer, who is a late god cultivation base, will not let them go, which makes them very hard and ashamed.

"Sure enough, the Holy World is full of Spiritual Qi, and can be seen everywhere in heavenly materials earthly treasures, but this is not in the world of God."

Walking all the way, watching can be seen everywhere of heavenly materials earthly treasures, she would like to have them all, but think that this is her own place, and then she did not think about it.

Recall that when I was in Heavenly Dragon Mountain in Shenjie, she went down a few times, but there were Demonic beasts and Demonic beasts, and heavenly materials earthly treasures were even less pathetic. The heavenly materials earthly treasures cannot be used at all.

Time is in a hurry, a few hours have passed, maybe tired, and Lin Xianer, who stopped all the way, stopped.


Just stopped, I have n’t sat down yet, a few dark shadows rushed quickly, stood in front of Lin Xianer, bowed saluted, "Seven people like Haneda See Lin Xianer Young Lady. "

Lin Xianer: .........

Looking at the crowds of sweaty, wolf-shaped looks, for a while," Surprisingly, " What's wrong with you? "

" There doesn't seem to be a demonic beast along the way. What do you guys look like? "

Yes, but I didn't encounter Demonic beast on the way. Liu Quanyou is also some low-level Demonic beast. It doesn't seem to pose any threat to the seven of them, but now, each and everyone's ...

"Uh ... this ..."

Lin Xianer ’s problem, everyone burst into sweat, thinking, "Where did you encounter the Demonic beast? Prove that you are your Senior too fast, we do n’t Afraid you were hurt, should n’t you be close to protect your Senior? "

Of course, thinking of this in my heart but not saying so, wiped my sweat, and laughed," Young Lady laughed, this It ca n’t be a problem in the holy realm or the air. I did n’t get used to it for a while, so this is what it looks like. "

" Yes, Fairy Young Lady, for so long, I want to come You ’re hungry, too. Let ’s give you something to eat. You can wait for us here. ”

Hada really did n’t want Lin Xianer to go on, and then switched the topic to the other six. Winked.

"Yes, Fairy Young Lady, please wait here a little bit and come back immediately."

"Yes ..."

The crowd echoed , And then leaped in front of Lin Xianer, moved towards all directions and rushed away, leaving only a face of aggressive Lin Xianer.

"Uh ..."

"This Haneda really did what he said." He shook his head with a smile, then turned, and looked at the stream in front of him.

The stream in front of me is clear and bottomless, and there is no trace of impurities. The water is exuded with the spirit of Holy Spirit. The water mist surrounds Lin Xianer, and Lin Xianer is bathed in the mist. Extraordinarily comfortable.

A gleam of fine light flashed in my eyes, and the smile on my face couldn't stop. "This rich Heavenly Paradise, but the younger brother is just fine. Even if he doesn't want to cultivate, he will follow Spirit Qi here. The richness of the cultivation base will also be improved. "

Thinking of the younger brother Lin Shan who is in the lower bounds, the smile on the original face instantly converged, frowning, and sadness emerged.

"Forget it, I don't want to do this anymore, I believe the younger brother can pass the father's test and successfully advance to the state of breakthrough breakthrough Saint." For Lin Shan, she is very confident.

咻 ...

While Lin Xianer was thinking, once splitting the air sound passed into Xianer's ears, he turned his head to look, and Haneda was not far away now.

"Young Lady, we're lucky, we just saw this Braun Fruit Tree just a short distance away."

Said, step forward, will The hundred Spirit Fruit in her arms was handed to Lin Xianer and asked her to take it, but he was not idle himself. He picked up one and ate it, regardless of whether the fruit was dirty or not, it was a bit shocking to heaven.

Looking at Haneda thinking so much, Lin Xianer's appetite suddenly opened up, a smile emerged, she reached for a fruit, learned Haneda, put it near her mouth, took a small bite, and suddenly, The juice exploded and the fruit scent poured into the nasal cavity.

"en? This fruit ..."

It's just a small sip, Lin Xian'er's eyes brightened, and she ate again with a smile on her face.

If Lin Lei or the film is here, when I see my daughter's smile, I will be shocked.

"If you want to eat more, you will only have this kind of passion fruit. There is only one such one." Seeing Lin Xianer was willing to eat it, Haneda didn't care about the other, biting the fruit and freeing up Then, all the fruits in his arms were put into Lin Xianer's arms.

"You ... don't you eat?"

"No, they should also bring food when they return. I ’ll eat them just fine, and this passion fruit is just a little bit, and it ’s gone after eating."

Hada's remark In Lin Xianer's ears, a strangeness suddenly poured into my heart. You must know that the entire Profound Sect is basically a young disciple, and the oldest is only over five thousand years old that's all.


In the sky where Lin Yun is located, Lin Yun sits cross-legged and sits in the center, his body is faintly discernible, a little tear flash.

The paleness on my face has disappeared now, and one after another smelly black mucus is sticking to Lin Yun's whole body skin like the cheekbones.



Lin Yun opposite, small dragon looked at Lin Yun's current situation, smile appeared, his face slightly Was pale.

"Thank you, small dragon."

Lin Lei's voice rang in the mind of small dragon, with a sincere tone and a little apology.

"Cut, your boy."

Speaking, the soul body withdrew from Lin Lei's physical control, and the small dragon returned to the system.

"Hurry back to your body."

"Well, I see!"

Small dragon tone barely fell, Lin Lei didn't hesitate, As soon as the divine sense moved out of the system, he dived into the body.

“Come a little ...”

Suddenly, Lin Lei who returned to his own body suddenly abruptly felt after one after another soreness, but now he just stretched his lower body slightly, Within the body the bones make this soothing sound.

"didn't expect, I have Saint Physique, but I have not yet been able to carry the soul of a small dragon."

Lin Lei understands that his cultivation base is too weak, although The fleshy body is sanctified, but after all, it still can't bear the small dragon, otherwise it won't happen now.

"Your boy, I think a lot, how long have you cultivated, how long have I cultivated, and I want to bear my strength."

"I haven't heard In that sentence, if you are beautiful, do n’t think too beautiful. If both are occupied by you, then what are you still doing here, go beyond the Chu universe and go to a stronger place to cultivate. ”

"I ..."

Small dragon's words are a bit straightforward, but the truth is that his current cultivation base is a bit weak, and his cultivation time is not long.

"Okay, you look at Yun'er here, he's fine, come back after all the pain, it really did not lose your face."

"Crap And don't look at whose son. "The words of small dragon make Lin Lei particularly long.

"Well, if you give me some color, you can open a dyeing house for me." With a blind eye, he continued: "You still stare at your treasured son, I will give you this Profound Sect I don't know about the formation."

"Well now?"

"Nonsense, when are you not going now?"

"The so-called iron while hot, quickly finished the news for you, I feel at ease, Otherwise, you always remember that I can't rest well. "

In spite of it, the silhouette rushed out of the system and instantly came to the roof. Looking up at the entire Profound Sect system, a bitterness appeared on his face.

"If you want to know, you will not agree with Lin Lei's Smelly Brat. Such a huge sect, if you want to cover it all, I'm afraid it will cost 30% of Laozi's Soul Power!" Thinking about myself, I will lose 30 soon. % Soul Power, it hurts so much.

"Forget it, I owe it to you in my last life!" Thinking, the expression is disturbed, my hands are raised, the immense and magnificent Soul Strength is released instantly, and the spell of each and everyone in my hand is constantly playing, a shocking world Formation started.

In the palace, Lin Lei does n’t know. It takes 30% of the Soul Power of the small dragon to lay down the Formula. If you add 20% of the Soul Power that helped Lin Yun to refine the thunder, I ’m afraid that the small dragon body will become weak again. The appearance of the state.

For these, Lin Lei didn't think much about it, he or you know that the formation was entrusted to the small dragon and he was assured.

Looking down, looking at the son in front of him, his face was filled with a loving father's smile.

"Yuner, there is so much I can do for my father, and the future is up to you."

Each minding of their own business, regardless of Lin Yun Hear no, raise your hand, a set of equipment appears in front of it. If the Artifact Refining Master sees this set of equipment, I am afraid it will startled to fall the chin.

The entire sacred world, a first-class sect is afraid to put such a level of equipment in such an obvious place so white.

"Yuner, this set of Huoyun equipment is a continuation given to you by your father. I owe you too much for my father in this life."

"This set of Huoyun The equipment is specially designed for you when the parent refiner enters the holy realm Grade 1, and the level is the best. "

" Holy Artifact middle grade. I am afraid that the entire holy realm does not have your equipment. "

Indeed, Holy Artifact middle grade, and no one in the holy realm has Lin Lei so powerful. One shot is a set of Holy Artifact middle grade. Outfit.

Quite quietly, small dragon sculpts the Formation outside, and Lin Lei is in the palace, and Suzuo looks like a girl, and her mouth doesn't stop.

Lin Yun felt the strength of within the body, where he was in Danfu, and after that thunderous cluster, his closed eyes slowly opened.

Father Lin Lei is in your eyes. Looking at Father, Lin Yun's face is full of smiles.

"Father, your son did not live up to your death, successfully refined thunder, and the cultivation base broke through the perfect realm of the thunder."

Speaking, face The excitement could not be masked, and he stepped forward and planned to give Lin Lei a big bear hug.

"Yu Shui Jue."


When Lin Yun arrives, a Le Shui Jue is used by Lin Lei, a water column is out of thin air Appeared and wrapped Lin Yun's whole person in it.

"Father, what are you doing?" Feeling the restraint of the surroundings, Lin Yun felt helpless and could not escape, but only accepted the fate washed up by the water column.

"You look at the impurities on your body, it's smelly and disgusting, don't you think it's good to hold me like this?" Rolled his eyes and explained.

After hearing this, Lin Yun looked down, and sure enough, the mass of black was suppressed by the water column produced by Yushui Jue.

In this regard, Lin Yun was very sweaty, and his sexuality was stopped, otherwise what would happen later, he couldn't guarantee it.

Yu Shui comes fast and goes fast. Just ten breaths, Lin Yun's impurities are washed away.

"Hurry up and replace this set of equipment on your body, and replace the equipment on the ground. This is a fire cloud set specially made for you by your father. Each piece has a Holy Artifact middle grade, may come by with luck, but not by searching for it. "

Pointing at the fire cloud suit that was laid out a long time ago, Lin Lei opened the mouth and said.


The fire cloud suit that fell on the ground. At a glance, Lin Yun's entire attention was focused on the fire cloud suit, and his expression was full. Fiery, obviously, he likes this suit very much.

"Hurry up!"

Knowing Lin Yun likes it, Lin Lei urged.

"Oh, okay."

Regardless of the actual situation, take off the suit on your body, and wear the suit on the ground, one by one.

Clothes, pants, armor, boots, crown, a three-foot cicada-winged sword, and the top of the sword, looks like an atmosphere. The whole set of fire equipment is eye-catching.

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