Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1171

Lin Lei departs, Lin Yun stays in the great hall, and looks stunned at the door of the great hall.

At this moment, he is the only one left in the great hall, and the others have all left, and he is full of brains that were just taught by Lin Lei just now.

It’s really good to be partial, but for some people who don’t like to compete for fame and profit, it’s so good, but Lin Lei is different.

There is a system and a deadline task issued by the system. He is different. If he is not working hard, who will guard the family, who will guard the wife and children!

Especially in the holy realm, this place that eats people without spitting their bones is slightly inattentive, and the ending is only death.

The road to powerhouse, millions of corpses, blood flowing into a river, survival of the fittest. Those who are not fit to eliminate this truth should understand the truth when they have just become a cultivator.

Leave the great hall and order everything. Now just wait for the formation of the formation, and then leave the sect with the disciplines and travel to this Holy World.

hong long long…

hong long long…

Before the main peak great hall, look up towards where the small dragon is, a path of lightning The sound of thunder suddenly sounded, the sky that was originally dark now is even darker.

And in the thunder and thunder, once it reached the light screen, it was moving towards all directions with the speed above the naked eye and spreading to the entire sect, wrapping it in it.

This scene falls in the eyes of Lin Lei, and a little bit of fun emerges, “This guy, the Formation has become so quickly.”

Looking at the Formation above his head, Lin Lei did not feel at all. He will not doubt his formidable power, and now that the entire sect has not been completely covered, the formation of coercion has emerged. If it covers the entire sect, even if he is full of strikes, it is estimated that there is no way to shake it.

“It’s so good, so that I can leave here with peace of mind.” Thinking of no danger here, he felt relieved to leave,


father ……

Suddenly, a clear voice like a yellow cymbal came from a distance and passed into Lin Lei’s ear. Suddenly Lin Lei came back to his senses and turned his head. Going, I saw Lin Xianer wearing her own white clothed, and ran from a distance with excitement.

What she looks like at the moment, Lin Lei doesn’t need to know, she must have heard of her decision before coming back.

The trot came to Lin Lei. After standing, he looked at his father with excitement. Excitedly said: “father, I told Uncle just now that you will bring a daughter when you leave this time. . “

” Is it true? “

Lin Lei: ………

Looking at the smile on daughter’s face, Jinmei nodded, “Yeah, this time takes you away, don’t you always want to go out and see the outside world?”

“And, the side effects of your Xuanbing Tianjin have not been completely cured, and you must do so within three years. Find a way, so you have to leave for the father. “

” You … “

Looking up, the words came to an abrupt end, Lin Lei’s whole body was resting in place, his face was full It is helpless.

In front of Lin Xianer, he was still listening to him, and he was so excited that Lin Lei estimated that she could hear the words except being able to leave the sect. As for what I said later, I had to go into the other person’s ear.

Looking at the excited daughter, Lin Lei reached out and pats her little head, said ill-humoredly: “Hurry up and pack up, so we’re going to leave afterwards.”

“Today Just leave? “Lin Xianer was startled.

“Nonsense, what do you think?” Then, I didn’t bother with Lin Xianer, and turned to where the moved towards small dragon was.

Looking at the stance formed by the formation in the sky, it is estimated that the formation will be completed in a moment and a half.

“father, father, I …”

When I came back to his senses from shock, I realized that there was still father in front of me. silhouette.

“Forget it, let’s talk when you leave.” Thinking of leaving soon, Lin Xianer turned and moved towards the palace not far away,

风 语The palace is the palace where the shadow and ice are, and the place where Lin Xianer wants to go is exactly where the shadow is.

I’m leaving sect now, so I have to treat mother as an individual.

……………… Where the small dragon is, Lin Lei silhouette appears next to the small dragon body, not at all to disturb the small dragon, but sits on one side and looks quietly Nu holding a small dragon.

The arrival of Lin Lei, small dragon felt it, but not at all to ignore it, at this moment is the final moment of the formation of the formation, if not in one go, in a spurt of energy will complete the formation, Afraid when the time comes Formation will be flawed.

At this moment, 99% of Soul Power, after just laying out the formation for Lin Yunhufa, Soul Power consumes the remaining 50%.

The original solid soul body, at this moment, has nothing to do with the unconsciousness, Lin Lei feels very guilty about this.

Time, a little bit past, a little bit of expression in the air, and sure enough, as Lin Lei expected, the formation was finally completed.

In the sky, the original thunder rolled when the Formation was not completed, it instantly collapsed and disappeared.

“Be careful …”

The moment the Formulation was completed, the body of the small dragon suddenly trembled, and it poured backwards. Fortunately, Lin Lei looked at it, and the small dragon fell backward The moment he entered, Lin Lei stepped forward to hold him.

Looking at the small dragon with concern, at this moment the body of the small dragon is more illusive, as if a breeze could blow the small dragon apart.

“No … it’s okay.”

Reach out and pat Lin Lei’s hand, begging him to let go of himself. However, as the small dragon gestured, Lin Lei didn’t seem to see it at all. The hand is still just holding the small dragon, and his complexion is more intense.

The color of guilt in his expression also increases, and he did n’t expect that the layout of the formation would consume so much Soul Power.

“It’s … it’s okay, but Soul Power consumes that’s all too much. When you find heavenly materials that can supplement Soul Power and eat it for me, I will reply.”

Speaking, small dragon sat down with the help of Lin Lei, and his pale complexion was slightly better.

“You …”

Don’t talk, wait for everyone’s arrival, and then leave Profound Sect.


Profound Sect is full of voices in front of the mountain gate. Lin Lei is now in front of the mountain gate, looking at the shadow and the others, telling a few times , And then looked towards the twenty disciples who followed him this time.

Looking at twenty people, the one-size-fits-all Divine Emperor’s perfect realm is just one step away from achieving honor.

“Well, yes, that’s all for you.”

“More Sect Masters appreciate it.” Twenty people, saluted with arched hands, smiling all over their faces.


The calm nodded, eyes looked towards Lin Xianer in the shadows, a touch of dodging flashed in the pupil, “Once the fairy, we should leave “

” Fairy … “

When she hears her daughter, she will leave, and she is very reluctant. If she has a choice, she is willing to follow her husband and daughter.

Unfortunately …

It is a foregone conclusion, there is no recovery.

In this way, with the reluctant attention of everyone, Lin Lei and 22 others left Chu Yuangu and went to the holy realm they expected.

“Let ’s go. We ’re going to leave for a while, and Husband will give us the things we need to deal with.”

Gaze at Lin Lei and The silhouette of the others disappeared into sight, and the shadow turned towards the ice track.

“Well, yeah, it’s time to act.”

The two looked at each other and decided everything, then turned into Profound Sect.

Lin Lei’s departure, not at all affects Profound Sect’s normal operation. Just as Lin Lei’s advice before leaving, he once again became Profound Sect’s generation Sect Master.

In a hurry of time, it seems that the white horse has passed, and the holy realm not at all has stopped without Profound Sect. The appearance of Profound Sect not at all has attracted the attention of others and forces.

Yellow Realm, although it is the most barren place in the entire holy realm, but no matter how barren, compared with the divine realm, it is hundreds of times stronger than the divine realm.

In the middle of Huang Yu, this area is under the jurisdiction of an emperor dynasty. This emperor dynasty is called the Qingxuan emperor dynasty, and this is also the boundary of the Myriad Treasures sect.

Here the Myriad Treasures is the Peak force in the Yellow Realm, and the Qing Xuan Emperor only exists with the Myriad Treasures. In the Yellow Realm, there are many sects, Grade 1 Grade 2 Rank Three Sect Countless, and Myriad Treasures is beyond the existence of a Rank Sect.

In the middle of Huang Yu, Qing Xuan Emperor Dynasty Imperial Capital, Xuanyuan, here is the entire imperial dynasty hub, here, various giants, sect, in this Imperial Capital have branches and industries It can be described as very prosperous.

Except for Xuanyuan Imperial Capital, two men and one woman, two seemingly peers, went side by side to the Imperial Capital city gate. Looking at this holy city, the hearts of men were filled with emotion.

“Father, this Xuanyuan Imperial Capital is indeed much larger than the Imperial Capital of Imperial World, and I feel that there is a powerful Formula in this city.”

“It’s just …” Speaking of which, Lin Xianer kept talking …

“It’s just? What?” Looking at his daughter, Lin Lei became interested.

The two are not others, but they are Lin Lei and her daughter Lin Xianer who left Sect.

As for the 20 people in the War Department and Kill Department that she brought, at this moment also turned into a merchant or Loose Cultivator, scattered into Xuanyuan Imperial Capital.

Looking up towards father, the original hesitation in the expression disappeared and replaced with firmness. “Although daughter felt that there was a formula in this Imperial Capital, but this formula was faintly discernible, and for a while the daughter was a little bit It’s weird whether this Formula really exists, is it a daughter’s illusion. “

After hearing this, Lin Lei smiled, his face full of relief.

It is true that she is right, but not everyone can feel that there is a Formula in Imperial Capital.

He also felt it just now. Imperial Capital does have a Formula, but the Grade is very good. Even now, he wants to break this level of Formula.

“Xianer, there are indeed formations, but this kind of formation is not what you can now involve.”

Saying, looking at the city wall, continued: ” It ’s been over a year since we came out of Profound Sect. You ’ve seen it and heard it for more than a year. These times, but today are the strongest. ”

“ But if it ’s If you want to crack this level of Formula, just follow what is taught to you by your father. I believe it won’t take long. This level of Formula is broken, not far … “

” Hey, I said you ca n’t go Go, can’t help but get out of the way, you are in the middle of the road, lacking morality? “A strange voice came from behind.


Turn your head to look at the moment, all eyes around them are focused on the two of them, and they are always looking at the idiot.

“Father, let’s hurry up!” Understand that the words just pointed to the two of them. For a time, Lin Xianer quickly pulled Lin Lei towards towards go with.

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