Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1172

“Let ’s go.”

Understanding the upset in Father ’s heart, even her is very uncomfortable, but thinking of the identity of the other person, I am here at Qingxuan Imperial Capital, even if I am upset. And uncomfortable, can only endure.

I don’t want to be too long in this matter, then I change the topic, stretch out my arms and hold Father’s arm, and move towards the city.

Looking at the daughter on the side, Lin Lei understood her thoughts, and then she didn’t think about it. As for the matter of revenge, she said it later.

Lin Lei is a little curious about Qingxuan Imperial Capital. Along the way, please tell me a lot about Qingxuan Emperor’s affairs, especially when you first step into Qingxuan Imperial Capital. The guard did not collect any money or The Dog acts fierce when his Master is present, and that alone was enough to make him look at the Qingxuan Emperor.

What is going out of the countryside and entering the city? It looks like a country bumpkin. Just when you stepped into the city gate and saw the scene inside, suddenly, he felt that the person who called himself country bumpkin said that It seems a bit right.

The bustling, prosperous, vocal, people selling, people coming, people going.

In this Xuanyuan Imperial Capital, Lin Lei can feel what is really prosperous.

Today, it’s just so busy in the daytime. The scene of people coming, people going is enough to be comparable to all the cities he has seen.

“Father, here … heh, a little … a little bustling, ha …” Alas, looking at the bustling sight in front of her, Lin Xianer couldn’t help but speak.

Lin Lei : …………

Turn your head and look at it. At this moment, the attention of the daughter is all in the slippery place in front of her, and her eyes are full of expectations and Longing.


Looking at all this, Lin Lei shook his head with a bitter smile. As a cultivator, these all are the appearance. If you ca n’t see it, you can only indulge in these bustling scenes. In China, it is impossible to reach a better situation.

“Wake up.”

I don’t want to see my daughter being corroded by these smelly scenes in front of me. I secretly called the cultivation base and sound transmission reminded Lin Xianer.


Indulged in the bustling scene in front of me, unable to extricate myself, suddenly a sound like thunderbolt sounded in my ear, and came back to his senses.

“Little Missy, practice well, if after successfully cultivating it, these illusory things are at your fingertips.”

“Yes, understood, father.” Lin Xianer was ashamed of nodded, Then it did not return to normal as before.

I’m not saying anything, speaking of which is still too young, and I moved to move forward.

“Star powder, fifty Holy Spirit crystals, this village does not have this shop, come and see!”

“Jiuyun Sword, low grade Divine Item , Five Hundred Holy Spirit Crystals, with great pain. “

” Ling Yuan grass, Saint and Grade 1 spiritual grass, come and see … “

” Half-Lordin , God Grade 6 Elixir … ”

Each and everyone yelled into Lin Lei’s ears, listening to their yelling, Lin Lei smiled bitterly in his heart. Even if these things were given to him in vain, he had to think about it.

Half-Lordin, although this elixir can help the cultivator to be sober and conscious, the side effects are very horrible. If you take it for a long time, you will lose control completely after the birth of Heart Demon, and will be controlled by Heart Demon. Become a killing machine.

As for what Ling Yuan grass is, it is even more exaggerated. What a fucking Holy Grade 1 spiritual grass is farting.

Lingyuan grass, plainly speaking, is the god-level spirit Grade 4 spiritual grass. It may be useful to the god cultivator, but after exceeding the king, it is like a chicken rib to the Divine Emperor.

The other Lin Lei is even more rare. He did n’t expect, and Dignified Xuanyuan Imperial Capital had so many swindles, but it was also a spectacle that the merchants were not arrested.

Looking at these fakes, Lin Lei ca n’t wait to rush up one after another, but then think about it and let it go, that ’s all.

It is their ability to survive the weak are prey to strong.

Of course, these are just small vendors, that ’s all set up, but those in the deep stores are different. The things in their hands are really good.

However, the good things in the eyes of everyone are just the same with him.

I do n’t know how long it has been, only that the morning sun has now become a sunset.

And so, Lin Lei only knows a little about this Xuanyuan Imperial Capital, and can even say that he has not entered the real Imperial Capital yet.

Xuanyuan Imperial Capital is divided into the inner city and the outer city, and just now they only turned a small part of the outer city.


“didn’t expect is just an outer city of Imperial Capital and it takes a day.”

Looking at the inside In the city wall of the city, Lin Lei wanted to catch the designer who remembered this city and beat him up.

A good city, which you made into this look, caused him to run around the system. It was only known in the evening. After turning around for a long time, it turned out to be just worthless things in the outer city.

Not only Lin Lei, but Lin Xianer, who is now on the side, is in a bad mood, but looking at the city wall in front of her, there are not many complaints.

Women, this is a man’s incomprehension that is born to walk around.

Looking at the inner city city wall, a flash of excitement flashed from my expression, and then I shook Lin Lei’s arm and coquettishly said, “Father, let’s go in.”

“The outer city is so prosperous, what about the inner city? I want to see, father …”

As the saying goes, I cried, made trouble, and hung up, but I came to Lin Xianer to deal with Lin There is only one way for Lei, coquettish. As soon as coquettish comes out, Lin Lei will have a headache. In the end, he can only agree with nodded.

For his daughter, he also has a headache, but thinking of the daughter today has changed a lot from when he first saw them, these headaches will be fine.

Turning his head to look at the excited daughter, dragging: “Do you really want to go inside?”

“Well, I think so much.”

Lin Lei : ………………

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