Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1173

The inner city, with a temper outside, has been deserted a lot. If the outer city is a bazaar, and this inner city is the existence of some specialty stores, it is deserted but noble and luxurious.

The difference between the inner city and the outer city Spiritual Qi is also very obvious. The inner city is far more than four or five times stronger than the outer city’s Spiritual Qi, especially the pavilions located in this inner city. I know how many times more luxurious than the buildings in the outer city.

Of course, there are many pedestrians on the road, but there is no messy murmur that ’s all in the outer city.


The environment in front of him makes Lin Lei feel a lot better. If he is like the outer city, he is afraid he will not stand it.

“Oh, Pill Refining Guild?” Looking up, a union in the distance, straight into the building, the word Pill Refining Guild is very eye-catching, even if Lin Lei doesn’t want to see it.

“Father. There is also Pill Refining Guild here?” Lin Lei saw that Lin Xianer could see it naturally, but the gap between the two responses was a little big.

After hearing daughter’s frightened and flustered, Lin Lei turned his head and made a snoring gesture, and then moved toward the front.

While walking, Lin Lei began to confuse him. “The four major guilds are very mysterious. So far, I don’t know when they will appear. I only know that there are four major guilds in each realm.” /p>

“Here, everything must converge. When you were screaming just now, there were several Divine Consciousness glances at you, so remember, you can’t frightened and flustered in the future.”

“Say it again.” Then, Lin Lei couldn’t help but stand tall and proudly said, “As a daughter of my Lin Lei, what kind of scene is good to make a fuss about nothing.”

Lin Xianer: ………

For Lin Lei, she was obviously a bit unacceptable, and then moved towards the side and retreated, a look that I do n’t know. .

In this regard, Lin Lei laughed and ignored, and moved toward the moving towards each owning their own business, but Divine Consciousness never left Lin Xianer.

This kind of place was captured, but his eyes were blackened, and even if he wanted to save, he was powerless.

“Have you heard that Nebula Chamber of Commerce has an auction today?”

“What? Nebula Chamber of Commerce?”

“Yes, This is not the time I am going to the Nebula Chamber of Commerce. I heard that this time the Nebula Chamber of Commerce has good things to auction, and I heard that the Nebula Chamber of Commerce is going to auction the shop in the middle of the four guilds.


“This kind of event, you say, it ’s appropriate not to take a look at it?”

“Come on, don’t say it earlier, quickly … fast.”

Strangers in their free time If the conversation of Lin Lei attracted the attention, of course, it was not for the good things in the Nebula Chamber of Commerce auction, but for …


“Xianer, let’s check it out too!” Lin Lei was interested.



Lin Lei : ………………

The indifference to daughter is also helpless. “Someone said that the Nebula Chamber of Commerce has an auction. It ’s such a big event. You said we should n’t go together. Will you be entertained? “

” Again, anyway, it’s okay now. I’ve been shopping for so long just now, so I should take a rest. “

Let ’s not wait for Lin Xianer. Disagree, reach out and hold Fairy’s hand, and follow the stranger who just spoke.

The Nebula Chamber of Commerce, one of the top Chamber of Commerce in the Yellow Realm, has its Chamber of Commerce power throughout the Yellow Realm. Although it cannot be presumed with Holy Land, its financial resources are rich in enemy countries, its Disciple within the Chamber of Commerce, powerful is not lost to first-rate sect.

There are a lot of people on the road, and most people go in the direction of the Nebula Chamber of Commerce. Among them, the cultivation base is a powerful sanctuary of Divine Fruit, there are many Divine Emperor, and most of the monarchs. There are many deities, but there are few Taoists Saint.

Although I want to come, although it is in the holy realm, but here is the Yellow Realm after all, the most barren place in the holy realm, no matter how the imperial dynasty, the holy realm powerhouse does not come out casually.

In the mind of the Holy Powerhouse, cultivation is the king. As for these trivial matters, they are usually handled by their own discipline or sect.

They just need to be in charge of cultivation, and become a dependency of sect.

It is getting closer and closer to the Nebula Chamber of Commerce, Lin Lei also heard a lot on the road. It is said that the shop is very popular, and the four major guilds have shot. It can be seen that for this shop, they all have this time. Imperative idea.

The Nebula Chamber of Commerce sits next to the four major guilds, and its area is very large. For example, the nebula auction house where it is now is just an auction field that is tens of thousands of square meters away. Large, its architecture is extravagant.

From its appearance, you can see how rich the Nebula Chamber of Commerce is, in the end.

I came to the door of the Nebula Chamber of Commerce and looked at this huge door valve. Lin Lei was one of them, and came back to his senses, perhaps more intense.

“Let’s go!”

Take Lin Xianer into the nebula auction, which is divided into one layer, 2-Layer, three layers, 4-Layer. For this kind of place Lin Lei knows that as long as he is willing to pay, even 4-Layer can go up.

I didn’t follow the crowd to the first floor, turned around and took Lin Xianer to the auction counter.

“I don’t know if there are any conditions to go to the second or third floor.” At this moment, a woman sitting in front of the counter was very young and her figure was almost perfect.

“The second floor, the third floor?”

After hearing this, the woman looked up towards Lin Lei in front of them, with a slight expression, and then smiled and said, “” It ’s very easy to go to the second floor. The third floor is very simple. ”

“ On the second floor, you need 200,000 crystals of the Holy Land, and on the third floor you need 600,000. ” Want to go? “The woman asked, her face full of funny smiles.

“Father, or not, 600,000 …”

“Up, why not up.” After Lin Xianer finished speaking, Lin Lei spoke directly.

With a thought, he handed the Storage Ring containing 600,000 Crystals of the Sacred Realm to the woman at the front desk.

Lin Lei’s pride is to make women feel ashamed. Although this is Xuanyuan Imperial Capital, there are many rich people, but if you buy a room for 600,000, it is really the first time I see you.

Of course, God recovered only a moment later. The original funny face instantly smiled, and handed a token to Lin Lei. The other hand took the ring from Lin Lei’s hand, and didn’t see it. Seen directly aside.

“This Young Master, this is the key to room 16 on the third floor, so two people can go there.

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