Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1174

I did n’t say much. I took the daughter moved towards the third floor. As for the girl at the front desk, although she was beautiful, she was a little worse than the film.

“Father, you see how beautiful a girl is, that little waist, that little face, that burly voice, I think you can go up and try it, and in your capacity, I believe that the girl will definitely It was posted. “On the way, Lin Xianer couldn’t help talking.

Lin Lei : …………

A sweat burst on my head, and I almost fell down with a wrong expression, glanced at the side daughter, and turned her eyes, without speaking.

“Father, I mean, that girl is …”

“Okay, don’t say it.” After Lin Xianer had finished his words, Lin Lei started to stop .

“The little girl’s family is getting more and more outrageous, how can a girl provoke her father to do such a thing.”

“Thanks to your mother’s absence, if you are Mother knows what you just did, oh … when the time comes, your ass is not blooming, I write this forest letter upside down. “

” I … father, just kidding, kidding, do n’t kid yourself daughter , Ha. “Obviously, she was scared. This really surprised Lin Lei. He was just kidding just now, but didn’t expect to have this effect.

Thinking of the performance of Little Missy regardless of the law and of natural morality, in thinking of what happened just now, Lin Lei had a way to subdue Lin Xianer.

The two came to the third floor while talking. Room 16 was easy to find, and finally came to their room along the room number.

Take out the card from the front desk, reach out and put a sticker on the door, “ka-cha”, and the door comes.

hu hu…

The door of the room opened and a pure Holy Spirit breathed out, washing on Lin Lei’s body.

“Okay, this room, the concentration of Holy Spirit, and the Nebula Chamber of Commerce can really dare to make money!” Feeling the richness of Holy Spirit, Lin Lei had to ignore , The generosity of the Nebula Chamber of Commerce.

“Father, this …”

“Gathering, look at the appearance level is not low.” Understand her meaning, Lin Lei said.

Take Lin Xianer into the room and close the door. At this moment, the layout of the room is quite simple.

The table, stool, bed, tea set, decoration, and blanket on the floor that surprised Lin Lei.

Lin Lei does n’t know that this kind of blanket comes from everywhere, but he knows that this kind of blanket is a kind of demonic beast, and the cultivation base of this kind of demonic beast is also the kind of god perfection, even to the point of going into semi-holy.

With such a degree of luxury, even though the Chamber of Commerce in the past nine days has not been so, the Chamber of Commerce in the nebula has become extravagant, and pity the other party’s power in the Holy Realm.

In the outside world, there are more and more people in the nebula auction, and the miscellaneous sound is naturally inevitable. Of course, the miscellaneous sound is limited to that ’s all on the first floor.

Looking at the first floor, there are hundreds of people. Now each of you is sitting on your own, and on the first floor is facing the gate, a three-four zhang long platform, especially on the court. All kinds of luxurious decoration, is it the luxury of the Nebula Chamber of Commerce?

Lin Lei was surprised that the guards and patrol people ’s cultivation base below are very powerful, basically in the Divine Emperor. Realm, of course, the gatekeeper is the realm of the gods, and in such a place, there is such a person in such a cultivation base.

Even just now, in this auction field, I felt the breath of the late cultivator of Dao Guo Saint.

This series shows that the Nebula Chamber of Commerce is very strong. At least on the surface of the cultivator, the disciple of the Nebula Chamber of Commerce is comparable to Profound Sect.

“Sure enough, it is indeed the divine realm, and only a Yellow World Chamber of Commerce has such a background, tsk tsk.” The appreciation of Nebula is getting stronger and more interesting.

Lin Lei is even more interested in this Nebula Chamber of Commerce’s lot. He is looking forward to what the next auction will be.

Time, a little bit is that two hours passed in the blink of an eye, the original Nebula auction hall closed suddenly, and the noise of the original noise on the first floor suddenly stopped when the gate closed.

The entire auction is silent, the sparrows are silent, and the silence feels a little weird.

No. 16 on the third floor, Lin Lei’s room, feeling the same as the auction, Lin Xianer became interested, came to the window, lay on his back, leaning on his chin with one hand, watching A look of interest flashed across the silent scene below.

“Father, do you say there will be good things at auction this time?”


Looking at the daughter in front of the window, Lin Lei’s face was full of grinning smiles. What is there to be a good thing? If there is no good thing, can it be opened.

And …

Which auction has nothing good, although it may not be a good thing in your eyes, it is also a good thing in the eyes of others, alright.

Thinking, rolling your eyes and opening the mouth and said: “It depends on who is in the eyes, maybe there is something good this time, of course, look at your vision at this time.”

“You say that thing is a good thing, that’s a good thing, if you don’t feel like a good thing, then naturally it’s not.”

“Uh …”

After hearing this, Lin Xianer hesitated, “Okay.”

The room was silent, Lin Lei’s eyes fell below, and his expression was full of anticipation.

咚 … 咚咚 …

Suddenly, there is a drum sound in the quiet auction field. The sound is not loud, but it has the feeling of passing through.

The drum sound is deep and the echo is rippling. Good things, at least it is also a low grade Divine Item.

The moment the drum sounds, its quality is presented in Lin Lei’s heart.


A loud, penetrating man’s voice suddenly sounded.

At the moment of the man’s voice, the eyes of all the people gathered on the ring platform in the lobby on the first floor.

At this moment, above the ring, a middle-aged man appears on the ring. His cultivation base is restrained, his eyes are bright and his clothes are stunning.

Feeling that the eyes of the crowd gathered, the man smiled, and then opened the mouth and said: “In Xia Liaochen, he is the Nebula auction gold auctioneer.”

“Here, everyone is welcome to come to the nebula auction to participate in the auction, I believe this auction will not disappoint the cultivation base.”

pa pa pa…

There was no shortage of impatient people at the scene to release the Divine Consciousness investigation, but Divine Consciousness fell on the black cloth, and suddenly all seemed like a barrier, blocking Divine Consciousness from all.

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