Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 11751

Liao Chen is also a cultivator, and on top of the cultivation base, to reach the later stage of Divine Emperor. It is natural to detect the Divine Consciousness of everyone.

But from the beginning to the end, it was a piercing one, but glanced at everyone present with a smile. “Cultivation base, now that the first lot is up, let’s start.”

Speaking, he reached out and dragged the black cloth on the plate, and swiped it off with a swipe. Suddenly, the first lot was exposed to the show.

“What is this? Is it a token?”

“Fuck, Nebula Chamber of Commerce Are you kidding me? Just use this kind of stuff to make a fuss.”

“Fuck, token? Fuck, just kidding!”

For a while, the first lot appeared, everyone was shocked, and then began to discuss, a wave of sound waves The wave came into Liao Chen’s ears, but never caused Liao Chen’s dissatisfaction.

In the third floor, Lin Lei’s room, the first lot naturally appeared in the display of Lin Lei. For the appearance of this kind of thing, Lin Lei immediately acted exactly like everyone on the first floor. I feel this Nebula Chamber of Commerce is a bit sloppy.

“No, this thing is definitely not as simple as a token.” Divine Consciousness fell on the token, and he has seen and heard. The material of this token has not been seen by him, and it makes Lin Lei more It is shocking that in the context of this token, there is a trace of Divine Consciousness.

This Divine Consciousness is very weak, very weak. Without careful exploration, in fact, Divine Consciousness cannot be detected at all.

“Father, this thing …” Looking at the father complexion changed, Lin Xianer began to test.

“Take it down.”

“Although I don’t know what the token is for, but since the Nebula Chamber of Commerce puts it out for auction, those things are not so simple.” Lin Lei Decided, he believes that this thing is definitely not simple.

“Okay … okay!”

Although Lin Xianer didn’t understand Father’s decision, since Father said it, she naturally wanted to implement it.

Below, on the auction floor, listening to the crowd’s discussion, Liao Chen opened the mouth and said: “This token is obtained from the Luoshen Secret Realm. It has a special material and was used by the Refiners Guild The Artifact Refining Master explored its material, and ultimately couldn’t confirm it, and the product Divine Item couldn’t hurt it, neither water nor fire can approach. “

” I didn’t know what the token was, and it was auction. The first lot, so the price is relatively cheap. “

Speaking, the people below did not speak, and Liao Chen was not half embarrassed, as if he knew this scene in advance.

“The first lot, the mysterious token, has a starting price of 200,000 low grade Crystal of the Holy Land, and the price increase must not be less than 50,000 each time. In this way, the competition starts and the highest price is awarded. >


A moment of absolute silence, Liao Chen’s words fell, the token sound that was supposed to be, but at this moment it was silent, below, each and everyone cultivator you Look at me, look at you, after all, no one put that token in the auction list in my mind.

It’s not just him. It’s all on the second and third floors. No one speaks.

Time passed by a little, Liao Chen was not embarrassed. After waiting for more than ten minutes quietly, there was still no one speaking in the competition. There was a flash of loss in his expression.

Of course, this loss is only instantaneous, “In this case, then this lot …”

“250,000 low grade crystals of the holy realm.”

Murran, when the crowd did not intend to become a monk, and the auctioneer was about to take the lot off the shelf, a bidder bid.


At this moment, the entire Nebula auction is uproar, and everyone starts looking towards the room where the auction is out.

The third floor, room number 16, yes, it was Lin Lei who just bid.

“250,000, is there 250,000?”

“250,000 …”

Liao Chen looked towards the room where Lin Lei was originally lost. With a smile on his face, although the price is much less than expected, it can be sold after all, at least the original cost.

“250,000 times …”

As we glanced at the crowd, as always, the crowd still had no intention of bidding.

“250,000 times …”

“250,000 times, touch.”


Auctioner , The final decision, the deal was reached, at this moment, the competition was auctioned by Lin Lei for the price of 250,000 low grade sacred crystal.

“Congratulations to the Young Master in Room 16 on the third floor, who has already won the first auction lot for the auction of 250,000 low grade Crystals of the Holy Land.”

Speaking, waving He gestured to the waiter next to him, and the waiter knew what the auctioneer meant, and walked towards Lin Lei’s room on the third floor.

Lin Lei made a bid to give everyone present a big smoke, they did not understand who would spend 250,000 to shoot this useless thing.

“Okay, the episode is over, the first lot is over, and the second lot is next.”

Another waiter compromised the plate from the back Step out and come to Liao Chen.

The crowd’s eyes were once again focused on the waiter’s hands. This time, everyone did not release the Divine Consciousness probe as before,

It was everyone who set their eyes on Liao Chen. On his body, his expression was expectant, and the scene was silent, waiting for Liao Chen to reveal it.

The appearance of the crowd made Liao Chen smile even more. Instead of losing the appetite of everyone, he smiled softly: “Presumably everyone has heard of it before, this time, the shop in the middle of the four guilds is going to be auctioned. “

As soon as this word came out, the crowd was not calm and the main event came. I thought that the shop would stay at the end before appearing. Didn’t expect. Two of them appeared, and the first one was still a trivial thing.

“Liao Guanshi, don’t hit Tai Chi too. Since it comes out, let’s hurry up. I’ll wait for your precious time and don’t have time to spend with you here.”

“Yes Ah, hurry to bid. “

” Yes, Mr. Liao, hurry up! ”

The entire Auction House, whether on the first floor or in the room above, all openly agree.

And this scene is exactly what Liao Chen wants to see, “Okay, now that everyone knows, let’s start the second round auction.”

Say, lift the black cloth On, a black key appeared. In the room upstairs, when they saw the emergence of the black key, they all stood up excitedly, came to the window, and locked their eyes on the key on the auction floor.

“Central shops are now bidding. The token price is 1,000,000 middle grade sacred crystal. Each price increase is not better than 500,000 middle grade.


Liao Chen tone barely fell, and an old man’s voice sounded on the auction.


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