Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1176

“Oh, Myriad Treasures, what a breath!”

“Indeed, when will Myriad Treasures be able to impudent at this Xuanyuan Imperial Capital.”

” Indeed, my four major guilds have not spoken yet, your Myriad Treasures case is as good as exporting mania. It seems that your Myriad Treasures case has swelled these days. “

” hmph, Myriad Treasures case, it ’s crazy, just do n’t Do you know that you can afford my refining guild? “

For a time, the scene was full of medical smell. This is just the beginning. The four guilds appeared, so angry that Myriad Treasures, if anyone can Take a photo of this central store, then …


For a time, Myriad Treasures is standing on the cusp of the wind. Myriad Treasures may be did n’t expect. , He just spoke, but he welcomed the four guilds to treat him like this.

Although there are many frictions between the four major guilds and the Myriad Treasures, but they are all secret. No one dares to do so on the surface, but now …

For a shop, As much as possible, it was really a lively show for everyone present.

In the room on the third floor, on the 16th, listening to the smoke from the outside, Lin Lei was happy. The top-level practice did this, but it made him a little curious.

Just going up in the middle can make such powerful strengths tear apart each other. This … haha ​​…

Thinking, Lin Lei laughed, and the more so he became happier.

“My Refining Guild will produce 15,000,000.”

“Pill Refining Guild will produce 18 million.”

“hmph, you each and everyone … “

” My Formation Guild will produce 20,000,000. “

His …

The four major guilds have spoken. The so-called words are not surprisingly endless. Now the way to increase prices. So crazy.

This is also a few major guilds and sect. May I ask who has such strong financial support, the Empire? Just kidding, this shop sells to the Imperial Imperial Family.

“Since everyone has bid, I ca n’t take it from behind.” At this time, the woman spoke, her voice was very pleasant, just like the sound of Huang Huang, crisp, moving, and audible. The imagination comes to mind.

“Fu Guild bids 30,000,000 middle grade Crystal of the Sacred Realm, I don’t know … whether there is a higher cultivation base.”

“Cultivation base, but to think clearly, thousands of absolutely Middle grade, although your guild and sect are very strong, the crystal of the holy realm is not lacking, but you are sure you can be the Lord? “The person in charge of the guild spoke again …

” You … “

On the fourth floor and in the four rooms, pill concocting, smelter, Formation, Myriad Treasures and other people who came to this auction heard the words Fu Run, and their expressions gloomed.

Fu Guanshi is true, although they are very high in their own territory, but the 30,000,000 middle grade sacred crystal is not a small number, they cannot afford it …

Furthermore, although the central shops took pictures, although they could represent their identities, the price paid was too great.

In today’s situation, whoever photographs central shops will offend several other places.

It is naturally not a fool to be able to achieve their status. The first thing to preserve is naturally themselves. Even if the central store fails to take pictures, it will go back up and be punished for that ’s all.

Think about it, your heart slowly calmed down, and a smile appeared on your face. Looking at the room where the Fu Guild is located, “Since your Fu Gui is so good, then my Pill Refining Guild can’t be better than that. . “

” That being the case, my Pill Refining Guild has given up this auction opportunity. “

As soon as this word came out, everyone in the field froze with a weird expression on his face, generally Speaking, Pill Refining Guild has always been tough, but why is it so …

“Pill Refining Guild has given up, so my refiner guild is naturally not good to continue, we also give up.”

“Hahaha, my formation guild also gave up this auction.” Speaking, the tone changed, “Myriad Treasures is always known for rich and imposing, I believe this time is also the case.”

” I’m waiting to congratulate Zong Myriad Treasures first on the Central Chamber of Commerce. “

Myriad Treasures Zong: ……………

this time, Myriad Treasures Zong In the room, looking at hearing this, his face was more gloomy, and his face looked much towards Formation Guild, he didn’t expect Formation Guild to be so sinister.

“Joan, don’t be angry. The other person said that he wanted to do something like this.” At this time, the young man sitting and looking at him reached out to pats Joan, then got up, came to the window, and moved the window. The magical array was withdrawn and arched into the room where the Formation Guild was.

“In Xia Liuchengfeng, I asked Myriad Treasures Zong Incompetent to shoot the Central Chamber of Commerce. So, whoever wants to take the photo, please take the photo, and whoever shoots the central store, my Myriad Treasures is a great gift. Come to visit. “

Wow …

When the words came out, there was a sudden uproar in the field. Even Lin Lei couldn’t help but look at Liu Chengfeng more, he can flex and stretch, and he can do it on such occasions. At this point, this person should not be underestimated.

On the auction floor, in the scene of pill concocting, Liao Chen hurriedly spoke. No matter which side conflicted, it affected his Nebula Chamber of Commerce.

“Well, let’s get back to business.” As soon as Liao Chen spoke, everyone’s eyes turned to him.

“Central shops, 30,000,000 ……”

“30,000,000 once …”

Liao Chen spoke and rounded the field, it should be clear to everyone with a good eye. As for Liao Chen now The first time and the second time mentioned are, in the eyes of everyone, purely superfluous.

If you have so many years ago, Fu Gui will be able to do so, who dare to ask.

I glanced at everyone, and knew in my heart that such a fool’s association made almost no bid.

“30,000,000 second time …”

“30,000,000 third time, transaction …”

“Three thousand 5,000,000.”


At the time when everyone thought things were like this, Liao Chen thought no one was bidding, and prepared a final decision. When the transaction was completed, a voice seemed like a magic sound, which was passed into the presence of all In human ears.

At this moment, the crowd is not calm. The four guilds, Myriad Treasures, Imperial Family, and all the Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 forces in the Qing Dynasty, were all shocked.

The most shocking thing is the four major guilds such as Myriad Treasures. They did n’t expect someone to dare to touch the brow of the guild.

On the fourth floor, Liu Chengfeng is now in the window, looking at Lin Lei’s room with a smile on his face, “Interesting, dare to seizing food from the tiger’s mouth, it’s really interesting.”

“tsk tsk … this one who speaks, listen to it, I’m afraid this guy is in trouble this time.”

A young woman in the room where Fu Guihui is located, eyes on Lin Lei’s room His face was gloomy and very unpleasant. “Go, check it out and see which power is in that room.”

As soon as this word came out, a man appeared from a dark place, and after echoing, he also appeared. Same, quietly disappeared.

At this moment, Lin Lei’s room became the focus of everyone present, but there was nothing but pity and pity in the eyes of everyone.

In their opinion, offending Fu Guild is equivalent to dead end.

Now, Liao Chen is the happiest. Who will be too rich? The four major guilds and the Myriad Treasures have been doing things like this before, and he can’t help it. Now he suddenly kills a dark horse, how can he be unhappy.

Looking at Lin Lei’s room, he opened the mouth and said: “Three thousand 5,000,000 middle grade sacred crystal, is there any higher.”

“Three thousand 5,000,000 crystals of the holy realm … “

” 40 million. “The Fu Gui’s woman spoke again, staring angrily at the window of Lin Lei’s room, looking like a man eating and drinking blood, Makes everyone else in the room confused.

As soon as 40 million came out, the venue vibrated again. The three major guilds and Myriad Treasures also vibrated.

40 million, but their Myriad Treasures income is more than half a year, how can they not shake.

“Father, do you want to add it?” In Lin Lei’s room, when Lin Fu’s bid was heard, Lin Xianer turned his head and looked towards Lin Lei.

“Add, why not add, isn’t it 40 million? It’s okay, we have money.”

“Okay.” Lin Xianer likes to hear this sentence most After getting affirmation, he turned his head and opened the mouth and said, “Four thousand 1,000,000” to Liao Chen below.

“pu …”

The willow that was drinking tea When Cheng Feng heard this, he spit out without any regard for the image, looking towards Lin Lei with a weird look.

It’s him who isn’t panic. Even Lin Lei didn’t expect. This daughter is so spoofed, but … he likes it.

“You guys …”

For Lin Lei’s appearance at this level, Fu Gui’s women are even more enthusiastic. I can’t wait to take someone to rush over and straighten it.

“Young Lady, are you still … bargaining? 40 million is the limit given by the guild. If it is added like this, I am afraid that the adult will grow up …”

“Plus, why not, how could I lose Feng Miaoyan to others.” Staring at the Old Lady, her face was full of discomfort and dissatisfaction, as if not bidding was the biggest insult to her.

“Four thousand 5,000,000.”

Four thousand five, 000,000, shouting the price, Feng Miaoyan thought bitterly laughed, “These four hundred and fifty million, but the bottom line, if not, I’m afraid Wan gave up this time. “

I looked at Lin Lei with hatred, gnashing teeth, and hated it,” I will know who you are someday, when the time comes Damn you. “

Of course, the last thing Feng Miaoyan wanted to hear was still there. She only heard the price of 46,000,000 passed into her ears. Suddenly, the last little bit in her heart was the same. Forty-six thousand, six million are destroyed.

“The 4,600,000,000 Young Master on the 16th floor of the third floor is bidding 4,600,000,000 middle grade crystals of sacred land, is there any higher …”

Saying, With a smile looking towards everyone present, the beautiful eyes in the heart are covered with beautiful eyes, originally thinking that 30,000,000 is the sky, but now it is forcibly one thousand six million.

“How could it be that those two people are so rich.” The front desk of the nebula auction, the woman who had previously received Lin Lei’s parents, knew that No. 16 on the third floor was an individual.

“Yes, 600,000 to buy a room, it is possible to take out more than 40 million, but …”

“Since you are so rich, why haven’t you heard these two before? What about people’s fame? “Thinking of the two being face to face, the girl was at a loss for a while.

At this moment, Lin Lei’s identity has become the most doubtful question in the hearts of everyone present.

“Four thousand six million for the first time …”

Let ’s say, Liao Chen paused and glanced at the crowd, only to see no one bid, and then she spoke again.

“Four thousand six million, second time …”

“Four thousand six million, third time.”

“Bang, deal.”

The final decision, no regrets, and a deal is reached, Liao Chen is even happier. As a gold auctioneer of the Nebula Chamber of Commerce, every time he takes a photo, he can get a commission from it, so more than 40 million, He has more royalties than the whole auction.

“Congratulations to the Young Master in Room 16 for the disposal of Central Capital’s Imperial Capital.”

By the way, the waiter moved automatically towards the third floor, In this regard, everyone’s eyes fell on the door of Room 16 on the third floor, and they wanted to see who opened the door.

They want to know more about how they will be treated by Fu Zong after the auction is over.


“Father, I’m not great.”

In the room of Lin Lei on the third floor, the right to use the central shop was filmed. Lin Xianer was so excited that she jumped up and came to Lin Lei to open her praise.

“Amazing, my fairy is the best.” Lin Lei liked daughter’s cheerful personality now, and it was better than the cold-covered woman she had when she returned.

“Father, I …”

“Shh, don’t make a noise. Someone is here.” Suddenly, Lin Lei opened his mouth and made a silent gesture, making Lin Xianer, who was excited, startled.

“Sect Master, do you want to kill the other party.” The cold voice sounded from the room, Lin Xianer was not shocked at all.

“Go, where to fight, where to go.” Lin Lei began, and his words revealed endless killing intent.

“Yes.” The voice spoke, the original coldness in the room disappeared instantly, and the temperature returned to normal.

“dong dong dong.”

Knocking sound came from Lin Lei’s eyes. The killing intent converged instantly, and the original horror momentum converged. At this moment, Lin Lei is no different from a mortal. .

“Go and open the door!”

“Well, understood.” Lin Xianer returned to her usual grace, walked slowly to the door, and reached out to open the door.

I saw that the woman next to the auctioneer appeared in front of Lin Xianer.

“This young lady, this is the key to the central store you photographed, please accept it.” Then, the tray was held up.

“Okay, this is the crystal of the holy realm that was auctioned before.” Without checking the authenticity of the key, he waved his key away, so that the later 4,600,000 holy realm of the holy realm was prepared. In the hands of the waiter.

“The slave quits first.” There is no need to leave to complete this task.

The waiter had no chance to close the door again, came to Lin Lei, and took out the stowed key.

“Father, is this thing really so valuable?” Looking at a ball like iron but not iron in his hand, he was puzzled.

Thinking of the sacred crystal that I got a year and a half ago, now it is so made, and my heart is inexplicably bleeding.


Looking at daughter like this, Lin Lei smiled, “Okay, do n’t feel bad for that little money.”

Said, Reaching out and grabbing the ball in his hand, a satisfied smile appeared on his face, “Isn’t it said before Chengcheng that we are going to be here for a long time.”

“Now, with some shops, there are You are fathering me. I ca n’t make any money. ”

The whole process did not alarm anyone, and was not even noticed by anyone. Then I completed this feat and returned to Lin Lei.

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