Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1177

The auction continues, but for the lot behind the central store, Lin Lei didn’t arouse any desire for auction below.

Now the matter of coming to the nebula auction has been completed, and we are going to work hard in this Qingxuan Emperor Dynasty.

Think of the power in the mind of carrying the entire sect behind you.

But whenever he thinks of the tasks released by the system, this sense of powerlessness has become his motivation to improve the cultivation base. Only in this way can he complete the tasks without being humanely destroyed by the system.

“Young Lady, it’s not good.”

Just when Lin Lei was bored and didn’t know what to do, in the room of the Fourth Floor Rune Guild, the snake ugly complexion came. Go to Feng Miaoyan, whisper softly.


Qiong’s strength, she is very clear, defending in the depths, it is normal to do things without surprise, but now …

” The person you just sent out, at this moment … “

” What’s wrong? “I don’t have a good sense of rise in the mind. From the old face of Joan, I have a judgment of one or two points in my heart.

The disaster that was dispatched before may be wrong.

Sure enough, as soon as this idea came out, I heard the voice of the snake.

“That disciple is dead, and …” he said, pointed his finger at the door, and said gravely: “The corpse is lying at the door.”



Booming up, ugly complexion looked at the doorway, his heart was inexplicable, and the body appeared. Everyone on the scene didn’t notice it at all. If the other party wanted to kill her, she was afraid that she should be a cold body.

What makes her unbelievable is that with the strength of the snake, she couldn’t detect when the body was put, according to the information given by the snake.

The body is cold, and I want to die for a long time, so it seems …

The eyes fell on the room where Lin Lei was on the third floor, and my heart was full of fear, yes, it was fear, dignified Eldest Young Lady of Fu Guild, now has fear in her heart.

The Serpent Gong looked at the Young Lady’s expression, sighed then said. Indeed, this had to make people fear. It was enough for the other party to put the body in the doorway without being discovered by anyone. Make them tremble.

At this moment, everyone in this room is not underestimated Lin Lei on the third floor. Those who have this kind of strength cannot be unknown in the Holy Realm.

But the heart that I want to explore is also fainting at the moment. She understands that no matter how much you go, it is not as bad as a major event, a small event, and more friends and more ways.

Thinking, Feng Miaoyan looked a little better, and said to the guards on the side, “Go and bury the brother. As for his family, he will be compensated with the highest guild compensation and be blessed by the guild.”

“Pu Tong.”

“Young Lady, be kind, take care of it.”

The three are wearing the same clothes as the body, more importantly Yes, several people and the dead are still brothers for many years, and now that the brothers are dead, the guild can do so, and they have done everything right.

Fu Guild has done a good job. If it has other strengths, I am afraid that it will not be like Feng Miaoyan.

Feng Miaoyan’s actions made the admirers of the snakes applaud, for their courage and ingenuity, are really great talents.

Unfortunately, Feng Miaoyan is a girl and is not suitable for men, otherwise …

Fu Guihui’s death was not publicized at all, so she was silently covered up.

In this regard, Lin Lei is not surprised at all, and even agrees with this treatment method. Of course, if the other party deliberately chooses things, he will persist to the end.

Although Lin Lei is afraid of trouble, he is not a person who is afraid of it. If there is trouble, he can just kill everything.

Simple, rude and effective.

The nebula auction, not at all changed because of Lin Lei’s shot. Still, the scene was very hot. Each and everyone slammed their favorite things that were useful to themselves.

The Big Four Guilds and Myriad Treasures shot several times midway, but Lin Lei didn’t.

For Lin Lei’s silence, everyone was very puzzled. Just a moment, this silence was amplified by everyone.

Some people say that Lin Lei spent more than 40 million because he had no money, and many people believe in this statement.

Some say that today offended the four major guilds, and now convergence wants to coexist in tone.

Some say that Lin Lei’s courage was frightened and he didn’t dare to take any more shots. Various rumors were flying around, and Lin Lei didn’t make any explanation for this.

In his opinion, the benevolent sees the benign and the wise, and some idiots have to make up for it by themselves, and he can’t control it.

Lin Lei now thinks that there is the central shop. After all, now that I have spent money, naturally I have to get it back from the top and make money for sect.

Otherwise, I have been watching him all the time, and I want to raise sect to the point that system wants, I ’m afraid that it will be difficult.

Thinking, the room was silent, Lin Xianer lying on the window, looked down at it boringly, and one of the lots was photographed away. There was no interest in these things.

In her opinion, the things just auctioned are not as good as his father’s.

Take the weapon for example. She remembers that the best grades auctioned just now are just high grade Divine Item that ’s all.

The tone of this level is as much as her hair in her storage space … uh, of course, it is exaggerated, but it’s really a lot, blade, spear, sword, halberd battle axe Fork, what you want.

Even if you lose one item every day, it will take a long time to empty the storage space.

“Okay everyone, next, this is a batch of new slaves obtained by Nebula auction. Don’t underestimate them, they are very promising.”

Looking at everyone’s expression Confused, Liao Chen laughed, and then continued: “These people are born naturally from Heaven and Earth, born with a strong cultivation base, and the spirit root is very horrible. One person can reach four or five of the same level.”

“Heaven and Earth was born naturally?”

Liao Chen’s words caught the attention of everyone present. Heaven and Earth were born naturally. This is not a joke.

Heaven and Earth was born naturally, and only when Hong Meng was first opened and Great Desolate was born, would there be a natural creature born of Heaven and Earth.

Now, no one knows how long it has been since the Great Desolate. Now Liao Chen suddenly said that Heaven and Earth were born naturally, and everyone didn’t believe it at all.

In this case, Lin Xianer came to interest. Heaven and Earth were born naturally. He had seen them. For example, the evil phoenix is ​​the natural soul born of Heaven and Earth. .

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