Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1178

Liu Chengfeng said the words of all the people present. Indeed, if this thing rests on them and wants to spit it out, don’t even think about it.

As for Liu Chengfeng’s questioning, the eyes of everyone questioning, Liao Chen seemed to have not seen it, with a smile, and continued: “Yiu Young Master joked.”

“I The Nebula Chamber of Commerce is the place to buy and sell. Since there is a good thing, it will naturally be put up for auction. I am dissatisfied that these people are very firm in temperament. Although all the means are used, they just keep them from resisting and want them to offer. It ’s impossible for my own clansman. ”

In that case, it ’s not important that these people are in the Nebula Chamber of Commerce. Instead, it ’s better to take out the momentum of the Nebula Chamber of Commerce, At the very least, they can exchange memories, and have a good reputation. They can even make friends with powerhouse. So many things, how can their Nebula Chamber of Commerce be willing to miss it.

Although he does not believe what Liao Chen is saying, Liu Chengfeng now vaguely believes what Liao Chen said.

It is true that a few Heaven and Earth creatures born naturally can not become climate. After all, this is not the former Great Desolate. Now the Holy System is completed. What if Heaven and Earth were born naturally? Can’t make any waves.

But nevertheless, these people, Liu Chengfeng, have to make a decision, and then make a decision, they are not talking, but quietly waiting for when a few people born in that world naturally appear.

The site of the auction is very quiet, and the needle drop is audible. At this point, Liao Chen looked at the eyes that everyone expected, and then waved.

A waiter led eight people out of the backstage. I have to say that the Nebula Chamber of Commerce is indeed okay, and the ratio of men and women is very coordinated. There are four men and four women, and each looks only two. The appearance of a teenager,

The appearance …

The handsomeness of a man is handsome and handsome if he has money.

Women … beautiful and beautiful, but at the moment it is pitiful, with bright and intelligent eyes, it is very pity.

Every one of these eight people came out, and all the people in all the rooms on the fourth floor got up. The moment Divine Consciousness scanned the eight people, they were all complexion big change, and then they looked at them with excitement and eyes. In my mind, it was decided that these eight people would be determined.

Just now, when the powerhouses explored the eight with Divine Consciousness, they discovered that the spirit of the Holy Spirit around them rushed into the inside of the eight with their own initiative.

Their investigation was very clear. The eight did not at all run the cultivation technique, and although the number of Holy Spirit gas scours was small, the speed was very impressive.

So, if you add the top cultivation technique, maybe it won’t take long, and it won’t take long for these eight to become sanctified.

So, it’s like the eight people in treasure, how to keep everyone from getting hot.

On the stage, although Liao Chen can’t see the expressions of the fourth floor, if he can imagine the expression and attitude of the other party at the moment.

I didn’t say too much, and then I said, “Eight Heaven and Earth creatures born naturally, with a low price of 10,000,000, and the price increase must not be less than 3,000,000 each time. So, the higher price will be obtained, and start now.”

As soon as this word came out, everyone in the venue couldn’t sit still, 10,000,000. Although there were many, but compared with the eight people who are likely to become Saint in the future, this little money did not matter.

“One thousand six million.”

Sure enough, as Liao Chen thought, tone barely fell, Liu Chengfeng’s voice sounded in auction.

“Hmph, Liu Chengfeng, do you want to snatch someone with this Miss?” Feng Miaoyan’s voice came out of the room and passed into everyone’s ears.

Of course, this statement has confuse Liu Chengfeng, what does it mean, grab people? Seems to have spoken first!

“I …”

“40 million.”

His …

When the number of 40 million comes out, there is a shock in the field, and Liu Chengfeng who wants to speak is also given by 40 million. Stuck back.

The lobby on the first floor heard a scream of 40 million. Everyone could not help but take a sigh of relief, looking towards the room where Fu Guihui was shocked.

“Feng Young Lady is really great generosity, 40 million spoke out casually, and I have to say, Feng Young Lady is so courageous.” Pill Refining Guild’s manager began.

“hmph, do n’t give this Miss these imaginary ones. If you have the ability, use your strength to fight, or give this Miss asshole.” For watching, Feng Miaoyan don’t give face at all .

“You …”

Sure enough, when Feng Miaoyan’s words came out, the old man ate, and the scene in his heart opened up, “50,000,000.”

old man’s face All with a confident smile, he believes that buying 50 slaves for eight slaves is the best thing ever.

Whoever has this courage, shot 50,000,000, and this 50,000,000 is still a slave.

Pill Refining Guild, the elixir is very profitable, the symbol, the Formula, all make more money. Of course, the Refining Guild is the same as Pill Refining Guild.

The audience was silent. No one was talking, and even Liu Chengfeng was silent. Indeed, 50,000,000 bought eight slaves. He doesn’t have this right yet. All he uses are sect.

Feng Miaoyan is even more so. Although she is the Young Lady of Xuanyuan Imperial Capital Rune Guild, she is not qualified to mobilize the assets of the guild. Speaking of which is just the branch’s Young Lady that ’s all.

The Refiner Guild is even more so. With the insertion of Pill Refining Guild, there is naturally no need to be strong. He cannot possibly work with Pill Refining Guild for eight slaves that may die at any time. It’s not worth tearing your face.

The court fell silent again, and among the six rooms on the fourth floor, only one room with a floor opening was always a young man in a gorgeous robe with a folding fan in his hand and holding it in his hand. , With a funny smile on his face, as if this scene is very interesting.

“In a bit fierce, the dog bites the dog, this scene is really good, it seems that this time did not come.” The youth lightly said.

If the words of the youth are heard by the four major guilds and the clan Myriad Treasures, I am afraid that this Xuanyuan Imperial Capital will be a mess.

Since the scene was silent, Lin Xianer, who had been observing the situation outside the room, was excited when no one raised the price.

50,000,000, which is nothing at all for his Profound Sect Eldest Young Lady.

The eight slaves on the stage, however, she likes it tightly. For them, Lin Xianer is bound to get it.

Turning his head to look at the father, who is still contemplative, puts out his tongue, a naughty face emerges, and then speaks, highlighting a price that no one can refuse.

“80 million.”

“80 million, these eight slaves, this Young Lady wants it.”

“pa ta.”



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