Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1179

“Elder Joan, what power do you think this 80 million person bids?”

“80 million, this is not a small number, although our Myriad Treasures can also start But … “

” Eight slaves, even if Heaven and Earth are born naturally, I am afraid that even Father Father is here, I will not do such crazy things! “

Myriad Treasures, Liu Chengfeng looked at Lin Xianer with surprise, and Qiong Lao, who was also shocked behind him, spoke.


“80 million, I really do n’t know who the other party is or what kind of power, 80 million to buy eight slaves, this kind of handwriting, I am afraid it is the Qingxuan Emperor I ca n’t reach it. ”

Myriad Treasures is so, other rooms are even more so, Feng Miaoyan is even more shocked and appetizing. It should have been smooth today, but it has been compared again and again. Let her burst out of temper now.

I can think of the opponent’s generous shots, but I was a bit unsure at the moment. 80 million is indeed a lot. She does not have the ability to eat the eight slaves.

Moreover, 80 million did make her want to burst, but she didn’t have this temper.

auction, the one with the highest price will get it. If you don’t have this strength, then …

The whole hall is very quiet, and Liao Chen is really shocked. In his estimation, eight The slave will only have a maximum of 50,000,000 days, but now exceeds his estimate.

But. Who would discard too much money? For auction, the higher the price is, the more the visitor is.

For the entire auction, I’m afraid that only Lin Xianer feels nothing.

In his opinion, the crystal of the holy realm is used to spend flowers, otherwise what is left? Xia Zi?

Just kidding, that will have to be done.

Lin Lei didn’t know all that she did. If she knew it, she would probably laugh bitterly.

Buy a slave and spend 80 million, even if you have money, you can’t make it like that!

Looking at the silence below, Lin Xianer frowned, slightly displeased, opened the mouth and said: “80 million, do you feel less?”

Saying, The tone of the words changed to everyone on the court, and the tone was very domineering. “If anyone wants to increase the price, this Miss is here to accompany you. If you don’t increase the price, set it down quickly. This Miss has no time to wait with you.” …

The words exploded instantly. How arrogant these words were. The presence of the four major guilds, the top sect, and the Imperial Family existed, and there were one or two Rank Three Sect children. These words No doubt it is expressing, don’t come out and shame if you don’t have money.

“Asshole, this bastard …”

“No, Serpent, go, give me the crystal of the sanctuary of the guild. Today, Miss has to let her know, What is rich. “Feng Miaoyan flustered and exasperated.

“It’s interesting, this woman is really interesting. In this way, I’m afraid that everyone present will offend clean.” Liu Chengfeng smiled.

I have seen arrogance, but I have not measured such an upright arrogance, my wife has a personality.

“Uh … Young Master, as the other party said, let ’s also list Myriad Treasures!” Qiong Lao reminded slightly awkwardly.

As for a Young Master, he is somewhat incomprehensible. Shouldn’t it be reasonable to maintain his own sect at this time?

While everyone was spiritedly, flustered and exasperated, Liao Chen on the auction floor also woke up, bowed saluted to the room where Lin Lei was, and apologized and said: “It ’s sorry, it ’s going away. “

Speaking, I didn’t bother with the crowd, and went straight on,” 80 million. “

” 80 million for the first time … “

Although I knew that no one was bidding, there was a symbolic pause.

“80 million for the second time …”

“80 million for the third time.”

“Bang, deal.”

When the hammer was settled, the transaction was completed, and the hammer was dropped without regret. The eight slaves became Lin Xian’er at the moment when the sound fell.

“Okay, hahaha …”

I feel very good about Lin Xianer who got the eight slaves. Ignore father and moved towards the door.


With the eyes of everyone, the closed door of Room 16 on the third floor suddenly opened.

The silhouette of Lin Xianer was completely exposed to the show of the crowd, the grace, the face, the perfect proportion of the body, and it was completely exposed at the moment.

“This …”

In the Qingxuan Imperial Family room, the moment the young man saw Lin Xianer’s appearance, the whole person was already stunned, his eyes stared at Lin Xian’er’s face was shocked.

“So beautiful, there is nothing underground in the sky!” The youth was amazed at Lin Xianer’s appearance, and a gleam of crystals flashed in the corners of his mouth.

“So beautiful, you can call it Goddess!” Myriad Treasures, although Liu Chengfeng does not talk about countless women, but Lin Xianer’s appearance is unique to him.

Especially the temperament revealed by Lin Xianer made him look startled, and there was an urge to greet him in the past.

It’s normal and quiet, even quieter than before when you bid 80 million. Everyone sees Lin Xian’er’s face is crazy.

The situation in the field fell into Feng Miaoyan’s eyes. The fire in her eyes couldn’t bear it anymore.

“What’s so great, isn’t it just that it looks better? As for this?”

Snake: ………

Of course, Lin Xian’er not at all looked at everyone’s sacrifice. Now at the door, he stared at the eight slaves on the stage, his eyes flashing.

“Father, daughter, look down, and come up in a while.”

The tone of “peng”, tone barely fell, and waited for Lin Lei to return to God, and directly closed the door.


At this moment, Lin Lei came back to his senses, looking at the empty room, the door closed by himself, and the whole person was stunned.

Writing on his face, what’s going on, where am I, what happened? These questions.

Divine Consciousness is released in an instant, and he cannot just let Lin Xianer go on like this.

“Go, keep up, if there is a weird person who is unfavorable to the Young Lady, execute without any mercy.”

Divine Consciousness has always locked Lin Xianer and opened her mouth to the room. .

“Yes, Sect Master.”

The ten members of the war department that followed were all dispatched at this moment. After Lin Xianer went out soon, he came behind him separately. , Just follow, watch with vigilance all around, within the body cultivation technique, as if ready to fight at any time.

This scene is in the eyes of everyone present, and it is one of them. Especially the four major guilds, sect, and the Imperial Family saw ten people appear, all of which are Divine Emperor’s perfect realm. cultivator, looking more and more ugly.

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