Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1180

For the ten people who appeared behind him, Lin Xianer didn’t care. He walked slowly and came to the auction floor on the first floor very elegantly.

“What is the name of this girl?” As an auctioneer, when she saw Lin Xianer on stage, she naturally came forward and talked.

“Lin Xianer.”

To Liao Chen’s politeness, Lin Xianer didn’t take any notice of it, and responded with a salty and impassive expression, then his eyes fell on eight. on the slave.

Looking at them, Lin Xianer smiled even more on his face, but when she saw the iron chain on the other side, the smile instantly solidified.

“You, come and open all the iron chains on them.”

“How can I, as a Lin Xianer, look like this.” Speak to the men in the war department that follows.

“Yes, Young Lady.”

Lin Xianer’s orders are naturally not dared to listen to the war department personnel. In particular, I know that this one is deeply loved by Sect Master. daughter.

Ten people in the war department, one of them stepped out and came to the eight slaves. I do n’t know when a long sword appeared in the hand, the cultivation technique worked, and a sword flower appeared. The iron chains on the slave were all broken and fell to the ground.

The people in the war department, after doing all this, respectfully returned to the right, and stood still not talking.

“Yes, it’s almost the same now.”

Looking at the eight slaves without the shackles on their chains, the coldness on their faces was covered with a smile, their hearts moved, and eight Healing Medicine Pill appeared and handed them one by one.

“Eating the elixir will help your injuries recover.”

“From today, you are my Lin Xianer, not a slave. , Understand it. “

People: ………………

Lin Lei saw this scene, and finally knew what she was going to do as a daughter.

“Yes, the eight slaves … well, the eight Little Brat have good talents, and they are naturally compatible with world’s spiritual energy. If you practice well, you may become the mainstay of sect.” The names slave … disciple are naturally aware of the changes around their bodies.

However, if he knew that the eight disciples were bought with 80 million crystals of the holy realm, he would be fainted.

Although he doesn’t care about the crystal of this sacred place, he can buy it for 80 million, but it is always a bit unreasonable.

Of course, everyone except Lin Lei is frying at the moment. Seeing the long sword just now, the elixir with Lin Xianer, the four guilds, the sect, the Imperial Family, They looked at each other, shocked again and again.

Especially Pill Refining Guild, the two refining guilds, can’t sit still and want to ask.

“top grade Divine Item, Holy Grade 1 Healing Medicine Pill.”

“tsk tsk tsk…”

“The power behind this girl cannot be overemphasized Alas, a disciple uses a top grade Divine Item, and there are eight Holy Grade 1 elixir at hand. This kind of pen … is not easy. “Liu Chengfeng opened his tongue.

For this type of writing, it is not him, even if he is father, now Myriad Treasures Sect Master is here, I am afraid there is no such writing.

Especially the eight Holy Grade 1 Healing Medicine Pill gave eight slaves just bought, this is even more impossible.

As a gold auctioneer, Liao Chen is naturally pungent in his eyes. At a glance, he can see what level the previous thing was. Politeness was said before, and now it is respectful.

He didn’t want to offend this random Divine Item against the Holy Grade 1 elixir.

“Young Lady, let’s hurry up. Now that we have just arrived at Xuanyuan Imperial Capital, we should hide our strengths, but now I wait for the appearance, I am afraid to be followed by the forces here.” Leader Zhuo Yang, who came from the war department, could not help reminding Lin Xianer sound transmission.

“Well, understood.”

She didn’t refute. She understood what Zhuoyang meant, turned and looked at the eight men to take the medicine, then turned around and took out one. A ring was thrown at random to Liao Chen.

“There are 80 million crystals in the sacred realm, and I will take them away.”

Stop, wait for Liao Chen to respond, turn around, and go The men who just bought it were naturally guarded by the war department, and they were there, and they were not afraid to run away.

Of course, at this moment, Lin Lei, who was originally smiling, heard the figure of 80 million, the smile instantly solidified, and her heart twitched.

I have a feeling of faintness in my head, what is the bleeding of my heart, and what is the impulse to die, Lin Lei has it at this moment.

“80 million ……”

“80 million You buy me eight people. Do you have a few people made of gold? Well … the gold doesn’t seem to be made. So expensive, you … “

Thinking of the eight slaves that my daughter bought for 80 million, Lin Lei wasn’t angry.

auction, not at all Because of Lin Xianer’s appearance, Liao Chen slave pulled everyone’s attention back, and auction entered the auction’s relief again.

However, at this moment, the hearts of all the major forces are not on auction, but rather all the hearts are placed on what forces are in Room 16 on the third floor.

“Ding, mission: establish a shop, establish your own training resources supply place.”

“Ding, mission: make a good relationship with Myriad Treasures Zong Liu, make 10,000 pieces top grade Divine Item, and a hundred pieces of Holy Artifact (unlimited grade). “

Lin Lei, who was angry, suddenly came to me with the reminder of the still cold electronically synthesized sound of the system. In place.

It took a while before recovering from the sacrifice of God, but thinking of the two tasks just now, Lin Lei was still confused except for the doubt.

Let him set up a shop and build his own supply of sect cultivation resources, which he can understand, but …

It ’s Myriad Treasures Zong Liu Chengfeng has a good relationship, and then 10,000 pieces top grade Divine Item and a hundred pieces of Holy Artifact, what is this operation?

As soon as “Zhi Ya” sounded, the door opened, Lin Lei was pulled back to reality by the sound of opening the door, and saw Lin Xianer come in with eight men who had just bought it.

“Ah, father, are you awake?”

As soon as you entered the door, the father and daughter faced each other’s eyes. Suddenly, Lin Xianer started to speak.

“Father, look at the maid and layman I bought for you, look at this face, look at this look, they are all first-class, there will be them in the future, you father should enjoy the blessing.”.

Speaking, the smile is always the same. The trot came behind Lin Lei, pinching his shoulders and carrying his back, looking very pleasing.

“You …”

Looking at daughter’s smile, Lin Lei thought about it before, and couldn’t even speak at the moment.

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