Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1181

Murderous aura rushing to the sky, flooded the entire room, and even the moment when murderous aura appeared, the formation in the entire room was instantly broken under the wash of Lin Lei murderous aura.

What happened in Lin Lei’s room was felt by everyone on the court, and all eyes were on it.

This Murderous Aura is horrifying. This Murderous Aura makes them a little breathless, this Murderous Aura, they have never experienced it.

“What the hell is this? You will have Murderous Auras of this kind. How many talents will you have to kill to gather Murderous Auras of this kind.”

“Well, it seems Xuanyuan Imperial Capital I’m not calm, so killing God came to Imperial Capital, it will be messy. “

” This … this Murderous Aura … “

For a time, everyone muttered in their hearts, Frightened, shocked and overwhelmed by the suddenly appearing murderous aura.

The four major guilds, the sect, and the Imperial Family, feel this Murderous Aura is even more uncomfortable, especially as the host of the Imperial Family, who likes to be within their jurisdiction, there is such a With such a Murderous aura, and the cultivation base does not yet know the geometry of the powerhouse.

At this moment, Liu Chengfeng has only one idea in his mind. There is Lin Lei and the others. They can only make friends and cannot be enemies.

Of course, at the moment in Lin Lei’s room, except Lin Xian’er, all eight servants of the maidservants were all murdered aura by Lin Lei, and the repression was out of breath.

Each and everyone lies on the ground, bows his head, shakes his body, and dares not to look up, for fear of raising his own life will be accounted for here.

At this moment, they didn’t have a thought in their minds about running away. They didn’t dare and couldn’t.

“Father, you see you … scared them.” Lin Xian’er narrowed his eyes and said, his body was between Lin Lei and his servants.

“You …”

This move of Lin Xianer makes Lin Lei dumbfounded. Co-authoring now is not even a lesson for individuals.

Thinking, I wo n’t hit my heart in one place, but there ’s no way. Daughter is in front of him, and he ca n’t spit on her.

Long spit. Out of the turbid air, calm down his excited heart, “Okay, get up.”

“Yes, master.”

The eight people responded and got up to Lin Lei. Behind him, he was not talking.

Looking at Lin Xianer, looking at his daughter, Lin Lei reluctantly shook his head, got up, and said, “Let’s go, we can’t stay here anymore.”

He also knew that the Formation was broken just now, so it doesn’t make much sense here.

Now, what you want is already available, and what you do n’t want is also owned. Before you leave, he is afraid that this silly daughter will lose all his money with his hands.


“Let ’s go now?”

For Lin Lei ’s idea of ​​leaving, obviously Lin Xianer is a bit reluctant, With a wrinkled complexion, an aggrieved hand reached Lin Lei’s hand, and he was ready to be coquettish.

Seeing that Father has a lot of words, Lin Xianer smiled, and continued: “Look, since I don’t know how far I have to go.”

Lin Lei : ………………

At this moment, Lin Lei doesn’t want to talk anymore and is despised by her daughter, which is also a very embarrassing thing.

“This uncle, I don’t know how to get to the central store?” Understand Father’s current mood, Lin Xianer didn’t say much.

Shuangshen came to the above, randomly found a passerby, and began to ask.

“Central shops!”

When seeing such a beautiful little girl, passers-by will naturally speak, and then turn around, pointing at a building sign in the distance: “See Pill Refining Guild and the other three guilds? “

Speaking of where the man was pointing, Lin Xianer’s sluggish nodded,

” The four shops in the middle of the guild are Central Chamber of Commerce. “Said, without stopping, just left.

Receiving the information, Lin Xianer turned and put out her tongue at Lin Lei, naughtily: “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the shop.”

Speaking, with help Your servant turned around and walked slowly towards the direction of asking for directions,

Looking away from the back, Lin Lei smiled wryly and followed.

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