Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1182

As soon as Liu Chengfeng left, Feng Miaoyan, like Liu Chengfeng, left behind leaving the auction.

The direction they go is basically the same. It is the direction that moved towards Lin Lei and the others.

Lin Lei and the others stood in front of the central shop, looking at this shop that has become its own place, with a noble and generous appearance, and generous yet elegant.

The most satisfying convenience for Lin Lei is that it is large enough, which is much larger than any of the four major guilds.

Looking at the shop in front of her, Lin Xianer was stunned, with little stars flashing in her eyes, and a pair of queens wanted to try to rush in and experience it, making Lin Lei next to her helpless.

How did he feel that he had never seen the daughter like this.

Do we have to sect, don’t we have to be strong here? Regardless of the richness of the palace’s high-end or Saint spirit, sect is not as good as here.

Of course, then Lin Lei is nothing serious in his heart, with a smile on his face, pointing at the shop in front of him, opened the mouth and said, “Go where you want to go, this is already ours It ’s over. “

> …

When the wind blows through your ears, a dark shadow passes by your ears and rushes forward, but …

“Father, you let me in, but you have to open the door for me!” In front of the door, Lin Xianer stopped and turned around helplessly.

Lin Lei: ……………

Go forward, take out the key, and put it in the spot where you placed the key.


When the key was put in, there was a strange noise at the door. The closed door opened with Lin Lei and the others watching.


The moment the door opened, a strong Holy Spirit breath rushed out of the crack of the door, so powerful that Lin Xianer didn’t stand firm. The Spirit of Holy Spirit that was rushed away moved away.

“Give me back.”

Lin Lei’s eyes were so fast that she couldn’t naturally make her daughter so embarrassed.

Dao Guo Early-Stage Peak ’s cultivation base is released instantly. The body that is at hand, the Holy Spirit spirit that was originally rushed out, is immediately resisted by the suppression of Lin Lei cultivation base.

The other idle hand was stuck behind Lin Xian’er, and the power of pure Holy Spirit was output, and Lin Xianer’s body that had originally receded stopped.

“hu ……”

Holding your body, thinking of the scene that just appeared, she has a lot of fear, she did n’t expect, just the strong Holy Spirit can make her do that. Wolverine.

I also experienced a little from this point, that is, her cultivation base has not yet arrived at home, otherwise she will not be so embarrassed by the spirit of Holy Spirit.

“It’s all right!”

“Are you scared?”

Raising your hand to suppress the spirit of Holy Spirit, turned and looked at the daughter pushed in the quilt, looked up and down, and found that there was no injury, the lifted heart was considered to be down. .

Collecting your heart, watching the love in Father’s expression, Lin Xianer’s heart warmed up and stubbornly said, “How could I be hurt, I’m your daughter.”

Saying , Stepped forward, the door was completely open at this moment, so as not to have happened before.

In this regard, Lin Lei did not stop, let her do so, but Divine Consciousness never left her body.

Now that he has just settled in the central shops, he still doesn’t know everything here. Who knows if the predecessor left any traps or something here.

“Give you two hours, use all your power to find out here, copy a detailed map, and clean up to see me.”

“xiu 咻…”

Lin Lei tone barely fell. Twenty silhouettes rushed out of the dark, came to Lin Lei, bowed to saluted, and the silhouette disappeared again.

This scene happened to be hit by Liu Chengfeng and others who came from a distance.

Looking at the twenty silhouettes that suddenly appeared and disappeared, the two were stunned in place and didn’t come further.

“This person is not easy to be on time. It ’s just that the followers are all Divine Emperor up cultivation bases.”

“These cultivation bases are my mainstays in Myriad Treasures. Did exist, didn’t expect he to let these people clean up as much as possible. “

” Yeah, why am I Fu Gui? “Feng Liu Miaoyan said unconsciously, but this Time did not talk to each other as much as possible, but agreed with the other party’s words.

“tsk tsk, it’s not easy.”

“Such people can only be friends, not enemies, and even if they can’t be friends, don’t provoke such existence.” Aside from Feng Miaoyan, Liu Chengfeng opened the mouth and said.

“Well, you’re right, I will order it after a while to go back, and let all the disciples, Elder, of the Guild of Guilds do not mess up here.”

As soon as the words come out, both Glancing at each other, then smiled, this is considered to agree with the other party.

For Liu Chengfeng, Lin Lei understood the moment they arrived.

“Come out.”

“Discovered?” Listening to Lin Lei’s words, the two looked at each other.

“It should be No way. He has no cultivation base in his body. How could he find it?” Liu Chengfeng speculated.

Of course, their conversation falls in Lin Lei’s ears, it is so ridiculous, what does it mean that there is no cultivation base? What is it possible to discover?

Of course, how could this be said? Seeing that the other party did not plan to come out, Lin Lei turned his eyes to the hiding place of Liu Chengfeng, and locked their eyes on the opened and said: . “

And then, Liu Chengfeng and the two were sure that they had indeed been exposed.

Thinking, I wasn’t hiding, I took a step to expose the silhouette, and moved towards Lin Lei.

“What is this Little Brother?” Looking at Lin Lei, Liu Chengfeng walked and arched.

“Little Brother?” Lin Lei looked at Liu Chengfeng in amazement. This Little Brother son stopped for a bit weird.

Although he admits that he is a bit small, he is only over four thousand years old, but …

“This Little Brother, I have a question next time. I just converged on the cultivation base. , I think it is also hidden. How did you develop me? “Feng Miaoyan said, her face confused.

“It’s Little Brother again, do I look so small?” Thinking, Lin Lei reached out and touched his face.

However, he doesn’t feel that his face is small, looks up, looks towards the two, and laughs: “What’s the matter when the two come?”

In this, Lin Lei laughed. I was a little interested in Liu Chengfeng’s behavior.

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