Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1183

Moreover, the other party added the high-grade sacred crystal, which made him know that the Young Master of Myriad Treasures feels that he seems to know beggar, and even the entire Myriad Treasures is a poor ghost.

Thinking, my heart is more and more like the identity of the other party. Under the Emperor Qingse, there is a top grade Divine Item at hand. What is this kind of power?

Liu Chengfeng’s appearance, Lin Lei is very clear. Although he is making tea, he still cares about Liu Chengfeng’s behavior very much.

After all, the task is arduous. If you don’t take out a little something to startle, he is really afraid that the other party will not speak.

But looking at the shock on Liu Changtian’s face, he knew that what he wanted was done.

Next, step by step seduce the other party to speak, and let him help build weapons.

Tianluo fruit tea is a fusion of a dozen Tianluo flowers with more than ten kinds of fruits. The tea is full of fragrance and the tea soup is extremely wonderful. People can’t help but want to taste it. impulse.

“This tea …”

“This tea is so fragrant!”

The shocked Liu Chengfeng was suddenly awakened by a scent and his eyes fell on The tea in front of Lin Lei was even more shocked.

The Young Master of Myriad Treasures, these things are not lacking, but he has never drank such a fragrant tea.

“Oh, it seems that Liu Young Master is also a tea-loving person.” Then, he poured a cup of tea and placed it in front of Liu Chengfeng. Then he took a cup and tasted it alone.


Tianluo tea is mouthful, and it suddenly smells fragrant, with an endless aftertaste, Liu Chengfeng’s shocked color is more intense.

Too many shocks to him today. This series of things made him even more curious about Lin Lei’s identity.

咻 …

“Father, you do n’t even call me a tea, really …” Lin Xianer’s voice rang from a distance, and there was a little bit of resentment in the voice. .

“I …”

“Isn’t you saying you want to change, who knows where you are, and …” Liu Chengfeng said: “There are guests, you see you , I don’t know any restraint at all. “

” oh? “

When I came in, I saw Liu Chengfeng, Lin Xianer was curious, and for her father, she Still understand.

It is impossible to invite people to drink tea at first encounter. Even more how the other’s cultivation base is only the worship base of God ’s Early-Stage.

Lin Xianer also pierced. The original Eldest Young Lady’s temper instantly converged, and the lady fan appeared instantly. She bowed saluted, opened the mouth and said: “Young Master, young woman Lin Xianer, this The fairy is a fairy. “

” Uh … fairy girl … well. “

Liu Chengfeng is already stupid, just now and now it is too big to check, all say women Turning his face was faster than turning his book, this time he really realized it.

No words, sat down, poured a cup of tea for each minding their own business, kissed and enjoyed.

“Father, this central shop daughter has been turned around. It is very large. If you open a shop here, it can be divided into the fourth floor, and there is a housing area behind it. You can divide the area at that time.” > p>

Drinking tea, Lin Xianer did not forget to tell the store branch he had turned around.

The so-called speaker is unintentional and the listener intentionally, while Liu Chengfeng heard the opening of the store, eyes shined, came to the topic, looked towards Lin Lei, opened the mouth and said: “I don’t know what Brother Lin plans to open.”

“My Myriad Treasures is in the entire Yellow Realm, although I ca n’t say hid the sky with one hand, but it can be said, if there is anything that can help, feel free to say.”

Lin Liu’s eyes were glanced at, Lin Lei said, “I plan to open a weapon, elixir, and a shop that combines all kinds of characters.”

“What?” Liu Chengfeng was dumbfounded. .

Weapons, elixir, and futuristic shops. Nima is not kidding!

This area is surrounded by four major guilds, such as the smelter, elixir, and amulet. These four guilds are all there. You can open a shop here.

Liu Chengfeng’s idea is naturally clear, but he didn’t break it. He asked, “Yu Young Master is so to make a fuss about nothing. Is there anything wrong with opening a store here?” “

The two of them talked about Lin Xianer, and she understood the meaning. She didn’t believe her father didn’t.

So, there is a good show next, she wants to know that her father is what the hell is happening.

Lin Xian’s idea, Lin Lei does not know, if you know, I am afraid that you will vomit blood 30 feet.


“Brother Lin, the three guilds around you contain the three you plan to open. I’m afraid you won’t be able to open because of this.”

Although Liu Chengfeng wants to find out the strength and power of the other party, he is not the kind who can’t help but die.

“Brother Lin, listen to the next glance, if you open something else, there may be a line of vitality, you can open weapons, elixir and amulet …” Then shook his head, saying no.

Listening to Liu Changtian’s words, Lin Lei’s expression changed, and Liu Chengfeng became more pleasing to the eye.

If you have no relatives and no reason, tell this story as much as you can. It ’s true for ordinary people.

Lin Xianer is the same. Seeing Liu Chengfeng’s expression is different.

However, Lin Lei didn’t respond to Liu Chengfeng’s words, just shook his head and drank tea.

Lin Cheng’s attitude towards Liu Leifeng was so sudden that he didn’t say anything. Since the other party didn’t care, he was an outsider carelessly.

Thinking about it with a bitter smile, drinking tea, time passed just a little, I wanted to see the lively Lin Xianer, and when they saw that they were not talking, they got up and left.

Two hours passed and the tea was almost gone. Liu Chengfeng felt that there was no need here, so he got up and left.

“Brother Lin, when you open the store, you will come to Daohe, so you will retreat first.”

Get up and take a step, “Since that is the case, I won’t leave Willow Young Master here. I have a free time to play here. I’m not familiar with life here, so I rarely meet tea friends.”

“Hahaha, okay …”

Gong Gongshou, Liu Chengfeng turned and left, and then completely quieted down. After just observation, Liu Chengfeng had a preliminary estimate.

“If this sale is made, but it is a good thing.” Thinking, Xiaoxiao back to the chair again, waiting quietly.

Half an hour, quietly passed, getting closer and closer to the time prescribed by Lin Lei.

嗖 …

A splitting the air sound sounded, and the silhouette appeared in front of Lin Lei.


“Sect Master, your account has been completed.”

Speaking, seeing Lin Lei making a U-turn gesture, he got up and came behind Lin Lei. Stand still not talking.

The time passed by a little bit, with the first one coming back, and then non-stop, for each and everyone, in ten minutes, the last twenty people all returned.

“Sect Master, clean up the whole.” One of the twenty people stood out, opened the mouth and said.


Looking at the man, Lin Lei remembers him, it seems like time Liu Zhong, the cultivation base has reached the God Emperor Perfection Realm, just one step away, then Breakthrough of the state of deity.

Looking at him with a wave, a Breaking Venerable Pill appeared and was thrown out by Lin Lei.

“Hold it, this Breaking Venerable Pill will allow you to quickly enter the realm of deity.”

“Thank you Sect Master Xie for your reward.” Looking at Breaking Venerable Pill in your hand, Liu Zhong’s face was full of hotness. He understood the preciousness of this elixir. If he was in sect, he could get it if he earned enough points. But now, it takes a long time to go back.

“Well, get up.”

The eyes fell on the remaining nineteen people, their envy in their expressions, Lin Lei understood very well, “Relax, as long as you are who If you can break through the great perfection of the Emperor, you can come here to receive the Breaking Venerable Pill. “

” Remember, you are all my Profound Sect disciple. You can be strong in formidable sect. cultivation. “


The crowd knelt down and responded with a loud voice, but they did not wear it out.

Even as soon as they knelt down, he arranged a soundproof matrix, otherwise he would be called by himself outside, and that’s fine.

“Get up.”

“Twenty people are divided into two groups, each of which will guard the store for a month, and the rest group will be devoted to cultivation during the rest period. There will be a shortage of money, I just hope that you will break through the great perfection of Pill God within this time. ”

“At that time, I will give you a way to break through the elixir of Saint.”

After this remark, everyone is trembled, and my heart is even more excited. I thought that the cultivation might come out after it came out. Delay, but now it seems that cultivation will not be delayed, but will be exhausted.

“Go and find your own room and let them discuss with them who will come to watch the shop this month.”

Lin Lei waved to let everyone back, he wants What we are doing is partitioning. After all, we are planning to open a shop now, and we should be very busy next.

The crowd retreated, Lin Lei took out the map Liu Zhong gave him, and densely packed buildings appeared in sight.

“On the first floor, you should put elixir, weapons, and runes below the holy level, on the second floor, you can put elixir, weapons, and runes on the first level of Grade 1. As for the third floor …”

Thinking of the third and fourth floors, Lin Lei was lost in thought. He hadn’t thought about what the third and fourth floors did.

“Father, don’t you make some robes or clothes for you?”

Just as Lin Lei was thinking about how to deal with it, Lin Xianer’s voice suddenly first It caught Lin Lei’s attention.


“Well, clothing.”

Lin Xianer insisted on nodded and continued: “father, now at Imperial Capital, there are many women I would like to ask a woman who does not like to pack clothes. “

” As long as father refines some addictive clothes to pack, I don’t believe that I don’t make money. “

This proposal is not bad. , But how did he feel that this seemed to be a cloakroom specifically for her?

The idea of ​​not at all lasted too long. Although he was very skeptical, this method was not impossible.

After all, refining clothes for him is just that ’s all for him.

Compared to making weapons, those clothes are too simple to pack.

After pondering for a long time, finally nodded, “Okay, just as you said, the third floor will get you clothes to clean up, but remember, don’t make a fool, your father and my family have a lot of money.”

Lin Xianer: ………………

I would rather believe that there are ghosts in the world than I believe in father ’s mouth. Others do n’t know, but she is very clear.

I do n’t know how many good things there are in the ring.

not at all I have been tangled in this matter for a long time. After I decided, Lin Lei was busy the next day. Amazing.

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