Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1184

A new day, Lin Lei in retreat is finally ready to open things, and now everything is in the air.

Get up, wave your hand to put away the pill furnace, move your body, and step out of the door.

“Well … the weather is good!”

The sun shines on his face, Lin Lei, who has been pill concocting in the dark, is a little uncomfortable with such glare.

Feeling the morning air, Lin Lei feels a lot better. “Now, it’s time to open.”

Open your eyes slowly, adjust to the sun, and move towards the Millennium store. On the way, the war department saw Lin Lei greeting each other, as for the eight people bought from auction.

Lin Xianer has given them new names, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning.

Surnamed Lin, the woman is also called Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, and rare is Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning. Although the name is seen, it is easy to remember, this is Lin Xianer The first name to consider.

When I came to the millennium shop, the door is now open. Because the shop is centrally located, people will look into the shop from time to time. Some of them are not afraid of the shops and the four guilds and Myriad Treasures.

Entering the shop, the six members of the war department are now in front of the counter, waiting respectfully for orders.

“Sect Master.”

The appearance of Lin Lei, six people startled, stepped forward and stood in front of Lin Lei and spoke saluting respectfully.

“Don’t call me Sect Master, now in this Qingxuan Empire, it is still low-key.”

Speaking, thinking a little, eyes shined opened the mouth and said: “Call me Boss.”

“Yes, Boss.”

Looking at the six of them, Lin Lei gave them a ring containing holy weapons, elixir, and runes. Four people, opened the mouth and said: “There is no recognized Master in the ring. You will visit the second floor on the second floor in the order in which they were divided.”

“Remember, by grade Good and bad division, how do you put the ring, so how do you put it, do you understand? “

” Yes, Sect Master. “

Say, those four rings Walking to the second floor, the remaining two waited quietly, dare not have a touch of dryness.

Looking at the remaining two, Lin Lei once again took out a ring and handed it to one of them, saying: “You put the contents of the ring on the first floor, just as I just said I want to do it. “

” As for you … “Looking at the rest of himself, he took out a ring and said,” Give this to Xianer, and tell her to give her the third floor. What she wants to do, just How to do it. “

” Yes, Sect Master. “

That’s it. Everyone belongs to everyone, and each one starts to get busy. As for him, he directs the war department on the first floor. How do people visit.

From today, he should relax a bit. Thinking of the mission of Myriad Treasures, Lin Lei twitches his heart, and the system issued the weapon to Myriad Treasures by the system. But Nana’s number 9 is a little bit bigger.

No rest now, he is afraid that Myriad Treasures will come to you. He will not have the opportunity to rest in the future.

“Xue Qi, I have a bit of pain in my mouth, give me a bit of Golden Guodan from Grade 6!” Lin Lei said suddenly.

“Okay, understood Boss.”

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