Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 11862

Liu Chengfeng talks and talks, after all, Lin Lei is the host here. Although everyone came to look bad, but at least he was polite.

Get up and bow to you, say with a smile: “I do n’t know if the cultivation base visited excuse me for not going out to meet you, but I still look at Haihan.”

For these people He doesn’t know, but it’s not hard to guess if you want to come, it’s nothing more than the people around you or the big forces.

“Old Lin bantered and laughed.”

The crowd responded, one looked out and looked at Lin Lei, arching: “The snake Kun of the Xiafu Guild is called the Snake King. “

” This time you are uninvited to return to Haihan. “

” Pill Refining Guild Liu Qinghe. “

” Zhu Zirong at the Xia Refining Association . “

” Wu Ding at the Xia Zhen Guild, “

” Zong Chu in the Xiahuo ……… “

Come here and everyone Looking at these people, Lin Lei probably has some understanding. Among them, there are not many Saints. Everyone who comes from the big forces is Martial Saint. It is like this Zhu Zirong, like the snake man, like Wu Ding, like Liu Qinghe.

What makes Lin Lei slightly excited is that the people of the four major guilds have arrived, which makes Lin Lei feel relieved.

In a day, let him invisibly crush the four major guilds. I was still thinking that if the four major guilds didn’t come, the only bad luck would be his own, but now, Lin Lei does n’t Think so.

Looking at the people who came from the four major guilds, Lin Lei quickly arched. As for other small strengths, their cultivation base is only the state of the gods, and some of them have not reached the state of the gods. For these ants, he disdain …

“Don’t open the shop, didn’t expect to shock the four guilds and everyone, it’s a goddamn.”

“This way, my small shop Just opened, everyone who buys in our store today is 5% off. “

Speaking, Lin Lei made a gesture of asking.

Lin Lei’s attitude is very good, which makes some of the sorry things that were originally faulty.

Seeing that the other party has already spoken, they can only talk about the main house and look towards all around.

“This … This is Breaking Venerable Pill?”

“Breaking Emperor Pill?”

“Xuan Shui Dan, back to Spiritual Pill, Tianbao Dan … this …… “

Each and everyone top grade The elixir was spit out by Liu Qinghe when he saw the guild coming, and his face was shocked and undisguised.

“Everything … all of them have ten Dao Pill patterns, and they are all top grade elixir, this …”

The eyes fell on Lin Lei. Before he said that, he was looking for faults. At that moment, his heart that wanted to find faults disappeared.

He is also a Pill Refinement Master, but it is just God-level, and it is still the type of Pill Refinement Master that can only make a few Dao Pill patterns. Now he has no temper in front of these Baodan.

“Fuck, this is the Grade 9 Divine Item.”

“What the hell are you doing, top grade Divine Item.”

“At this time top grade Space Divine Artifact? “

Another exclaim, from the side, everyone looked around, and the exclaimed one was the former self-reported Zhu Zirong.

At this moment, Zhu Zirong has been stunned, looking at a piece of weapon, its material, its grade, and its refining technique, all of which he had never seen before.

The crowd was shocked. Liu Chengfeng was very funny. Indeed, he was also in this scene before, but there was only Lin Lei on the field at that time, so there was no such as shame that ’s all.

Ask, one is the Elder and Pill Refinement Master who met the Guild, the other is the Elder and Artifact Refinement Master of the Refiner Guild. Nowadays, it is good to praise other people’s things in other people’s sites, this … > p>

Lin Lei has already laughed. What he wants is this effect. After all, the task of system is sent in a timely manner. To put it plainly, it was released for him.

But … the Wu Ding of the Formation Law Association is a bit difficult for him Lin Lei Pill Master. After all, if this is not at all, there is only something about the formation method. If there is, it is only his own tea plate.

On the table, a redwood tea plate looks inconspicuous, but it is indeed a Holy Grade 1 platter. The reason why it became a tea platter was that it was not found at the time, so it was regarded as a tea platter. .

Thinking that Lin Lei will pay attention to Wu Ding, and then ignore the shock of the crowd. Each minding their own business sat down, reached out and took everything on the tea tray. Let’s start drinking tea with each minding their own business.

He believes that if Wu Ding succeeds in the formation of the formation, then he will certainly find the difference in the tea plate. If not, he does not mind opening the formation of the tea plate a little.

“Primal Chaos Heaven Thunder Charm, this … then God Grade 9 Charm, how could it be here?”

“Omu Emperor Charm.”

“Kui soil prisoner.”

“Body Vajra Talisman.”

Finally, I saw something about the charm, and the expressions of the two were basically the same as before. , Shocked, unbelievable, as if feeling like a dream.

To this day, the Elders of these guilds have been hit. Although they are in the guild, there are a lot of things to pill concocting, but here are not one or two. This is the first floor of Nima. Basically everything.

Feng Miaoyan’s face is extremely gloomy. She originally wanted to do things, but now it’s better, let alone doing things. So many things, just launching one can make her die without a burial site.

Do something? It ’s ugly …

This is true of several major guilds, and other small sects are even more so.

Some people have already taken out what they want and walked to the counter to check out.

Most of them are Breaking Venerable Pill, Breaking Emperor Pill and the like. They are based on solid foundations, recovering Spiritual Qi, and recovering injuries. Many people bought a lot.

A small sect, the most important thing is the discipline itself. If the cultivation base of the discipline itself is improved, then the sect will naturally be improved. Therefore, in terms of buying resources, they will not be softened, or even Feel enough.

At this moment, the scene is completely open. He doesn’t believe he is not angry at this shop.

Liu Chengfeng, not at all joined the crowd to sweep the goods, but instead sat down, took the tea cup and drank.

Lin Lei’s eyes. Liu Chengfeng is more respectful.

“Brother Lin, it seems that your shop is going to be hot.”

“Haha, it ’s a cultivation base for face, otherwise I ’m afraid I wo n’t even be able to do it today . “Lin Lei smiled.

Of course, listening to Liu Chengfeng, this is just a joke, not serious. If none of these things can be a starter, then tell me, what else can be done.

Looking at those weapons in the distance, my heart felt a little, shut up and said nothing, and muttered in my heart.

“My Nima, what’s the situation.” Qiong Lao Silhouette just came to the middle of the second floor and the first floor stairs, his eyes fell on the ground floor, watching the crowd, the whole person It’s dumbfounded.

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