Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 11873

“Why … so many people.”

I muttered in my heart, thinking of the way I was just now, I felt helpless for a while, then I pretended to be calm, and put on the posture of a superior, and the pace was slow. After reaching the stairs, came behind Liu Chengfeng, reached out and handed Liu Chengfeng what he was holding.

“Boom …”

A violent breath burst out instantly, and a cold scent covered the whole shop.

“Well, sword energy?”

The inner field of the field changes. There are no weak people in the field, so you can feel it, and you can feel where it came from.

The crowd’s eyes fell on Liu Chengfeng’s autumn mixed sword. Suddenly, the crowd couldn’t help it anymore. A stride covered Liu Chengfeng’s eyes, and his eyes fell on Liu Chengfeng’s hands.

Zhu Zirong, who comes from the Refiners Guild, falls on the autumn mixed sword, and the whole look is filled with fieryness, and he can no longer move.

As an Artifact Refinement Master, his life’s pursuit is just to achieve the top of the refiner. Now there is a long sword of Holy Grade 1 in front of him, which makes him able to withstand the temptation.

“Joan old man, you said that this thing was taken from the second floor, is there still on the second floor?” Snake opened his mouth.

“Yeah, Old Guy, is there anything else on the second floor?” Liu Qinghe said.

All eyes are on Qiong Lao. His eyes are full of expectations, hoping he can give an answer.

The crowd didn’t notice. Just when everyone wanted to sit firmly on the second floor, Wu Ding of the Formation Law Association, at this moment, their eyes fell on the redwood tea tray next to Lin Lei.

“This thing …”

Just now, the moment when the sword energy of the autumn mixed sword shrouded the entire shop, I skipped the redwood tea tray as much as the redwood tea tray There is a layer of energy hood on the periphery of hope, impenetrable …

The gaze stared at the tea tray, Wu Ding tried hard to see what was nearby, but after all, there was a feeling of elusive, like that thing It was right in front of me, but I just wanted to take it, but found that it was actually far away.

Untouchable, which makes Wu Ding really uncomfortable.

Apart from him who cares about the redwood tea tray, everyone else is looking at Joan Lao, which makes Joan old pretend to be a big force in the crowd.

Looking at everyone’s expectation, Qiong Laoqing cleared his throat, opened the mouth and said: “The second floor is indeed a holy area, but when the old man came down just now, there are not many holy products on the second floor. Now, you … “

咻咻 …

While Elder Qiong finished speaking, the feeling of being threatened by the people disappeared instantly. In a blink of an eye, all the people who were just around disappeared.

“This … too …”

With a sigh of emotion, I stopped talking, but set my eyes on Liu Chengfeng. He held three things. It ’s because these three are useful to him.

Autumn Sword is complementary to his exercises and warfare. As for that charm, it can bring his strength to bring it up a level. Divine Pill, although it is only Healing Medicine Pill, can restore the internal injury left by him within the body for many years, so breaking through the realm will even better the results for half the effort.

Looking at Qiong Lao’s expectation, Liu Chengfeng understood his thoughts, his eyes fell on Lin Lei, and he asked.

“Brother Lin, how many divine crystals do you need for these three things, I …”

Although he belongs to Sect Master’s son of Myriad Treasures, he has not much permission to call, so he is afraid he cannot afford these things.

“Divine Pill 3,000,000 high grade Crystal of Divine Realm, 3.5 million autumn mixed swords, and Dragon Talisman, the Heaven Sealing prisoner …”

Lin Lei groaned for a long time, Then he slowly opened his mouth, “As for this Heaven Sealing prisoner Dragon Talisman, you will give two million 500,000!”

“In this way, a total of 9 million high grade Crystal of the Sacred Realm, of which 20% discount , Think about it, you should also understand the value of these things. “

His …

9 million… high grade crystal of sacred realm.

This price really makes Liu Chengfeng take a sip of Liangpi. Indeed, this is indeed a lot cheaper than the outside, especially these all are top grade stuff.

“Qiao Lao, are these things sure you must use?” Liu Chengfeng couldn’t help but confirm to Qiong Lao.


Did not hesitate to speak directly, but he took it after careful consideration, and really did not need him or need to spend so much money.


“I bought it.”

The face is decisive. Although expensive, it can make Qiong Lao cultivation base bring it up a level. That’s a bit of money.

Speaking, looking around towards Lin Lei, embarrassed, and a little sorry said: “Brother Lin, look, I didn’t bring that many money in a hurry to go out, which makes …”

Speaking of a ring in his hand, he continued, “In the past few years, there have been 2,000,000 high-grade crystals of the holy realm. If they can be trusted, these things will be taken away first, and when they return, they will come to give away the rest in person. The next part, I do n’t know … “

” Yes. “

” What? “

” I said yes. “Liu Chengfeng gave a blank look, opened the the mouth and said: “Do n’t you just bring enough money? You can take it back first, and it ’s not too late when you have money.”

People: …………

Perhaps in their eyes, this thing is an invaluable treasure, but in his eyes, these things are at most one thing that’s all together.

He has a lot here. Moreover, long-line fishing for big fish is only possible if you have a house. If you want Liu Chengfeng to order weapons here, you must be willing to give up the child.

“Why, you don’t want to?”

Seeing Liu Chengfeng not responding, Lin Lei frowned, and asked.

“No … no, more Young Master Lin trusts.” Before Liu Chengfeng spoke, Qiong Lao said thanks in advance.

“Haha, it’s okay.” Lin Lei waved his hand, right shouldn’t care.

To this day, Lin Lei’s shops are not destined to be quiet, and this Xuanyuan Imperial Capital is naturally not as quiet as it appears on the surface.

“Young Master Lin, I don’t know if I can take a look at your tray, can you?”

While Liu Chengfeng and Qiong Lao were quiet and treasure, Wu Ding’s voice changed from It came from the side.

“Is it a tea tray?” Looking at Wu Ding, Lin Lei had blossomed in his heart, but on the surface he could not see the slightest emotional fluctuation.

“Well, yes.” Wu Ding insisted.

“Go on.” Those tea plates were thrown away to Wu Ding, as if they were throwing a trivial spicy chicken.

“This thing … seems like …” Then proceed to the tea tray, carefully section length, before it was too far apart. Now holding it in your hand and touching the quality of the tea tray, Mental Power released all the probes into the tea tray.


The sound of roaring came in an instant, the moment when Wuding Mental Power was released to enter the tea tray, a rebounding force appeared instantly, and Mental Power was about to rush into it. Bounce back instantly.

“This … then the market?”

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