Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 11884

Lin Lei When the words came out, the crowd was completely quiet. Co-authoring you just considered this issue.

Which makes Wu Ding even more speechless, so it exists and is regarded as a tea tray by the other party, which makes him a little helpless.

However, in order to get this plate, he can only fight, looked up, opened the mouth and said: “Senior, so, you sell this thing to me, as for your tea plate …”

“I use the trunk of Fusang Tree to make a tea tray for you, how about it?”


“Supporting the trunk of Fusang Tree?”

Now, without waiting for Lin Lei’s response, Liu Chengfeng was dumbfounded, exclaimed, and looked at Wu Ding dumbly. He didn’t expect the other party to do so regardless of cost.

Fusang Tree, but Divine Tree, is it used as the material of the tea tray?

Have you ever asked us how we feel? Have you considered our affordability?

Of course, these words are naturally impossible to say, only to think about that ’s all in the heart.

Of course, there was no chance for the shock and surprise of Liu Chengfeng. Wu Ding focused all on Lin Lei. Now he just wants to know whether Lin Lei agrees.

After all, in his opinion, the trunk of Fusang Tree is more expensive than the disk in front of him, and the formidable power is beyond doubt.

“Fusang Tree is a good thing, but it ’s a lot worse than my own disk.” Then, looking at Wu Ding, he groaned for a long time,

“Well, for me to drive for a hundred years, and let you be free after a hundred years, and this array … No, all the arrays and arrays I have here can let you study.”

“You think , Boss, my condition, can you agree? “

This condition is indeed harsh on the surface, but it really counts, or he lost, you know, his matrix is ​​better than the other side. Out a lot.

Coupled with this century’s help, maybe the other party can break through within a hundred years.

But …

Things do n’t seem so smooth at all. Wu Ding hesitated, hesitated, as if this matter was very difficult for him.

Even Liu Chengfeng and Elder Qiong feel somewhat inappropriate. After all, the identity of the other party is displayed. If he comes here to answer the party, is he still necessary to mix in the formation law guild?

“Why, wouldn’t you?”

Wu Ding knew what he thought, so he didn’t force it, but it wasn’t him who finally suffered.

Thinking, the tone was indifferent, as if nothing had been discovered just now, and the problem was returned to the price of the disk.

“In this case, you can use the trunk of Fusang Tree and the crystal of 3,000,000 high grade Holy Land to take away.”


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