Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1189

Lin Lei’s extravagance is beyond the imagination of Liu Chengfeng, and eventually he does not talk, and he does not remember the trunk with Fusang Tree.

“Ding, the Young Master host completes the task, the invisible pretense is the most deadly.”

“Ding, the task rewards the Holy Grade 6 Gongfa Lingshui Sword Manual, Breaking Saint Pill, To store the system storage grid, please ask the host to investigate. “

divine sense communicate with system and see two items in the system storage grid, a smile appeared from his face.

Grade 9 Gongfa Lingshui Sword Manual. This kind of thing is suitable for women. It is like a chicken rib to him. Although it is high-grade, it is useless.

But … Breaking Saint Pill, this elixir, Lin Lei now needs it most. Now the saints are all under sect. Nowadays, none of the watches can control the scene. Choose among twenty people, and let Hou break through the great perfection of God, let Hou take Breaking Saint Pill, and finally break through the Holy Land.

Think about it, and you’re thrilled. Although Saint doesn’t have much effect on sect, it is at least used now.

In my mind, I saw that the dozen or so people heading to the second floor had all come down at this moment, with smiles on their faces, but I think everyone should be full at this moment.

To them, Lin Lei didn’t bother. The reason why he got up before was just for the task.

As for the money for shopping, everything on the second floor has a price. You can just give the money to the front desk.

“Old Lin board, you are really good, so it ’s been a long time since it ’s time to go out, it ’s time to go back.”

“If Old Lin board has time, you can go to the opposite door. Seeing the guild, this Liu must take the Old Lin board and turn around Pill Refining Guild. “

As soon as the words came out, the rest of the people had something to learn, and each said to Lin Lei. He turned and left.

The crowd is free, the scene is completely clear, Lin Lei 9 can have a good cup of tea.

As for the money sold today, he would ask me without me. I can also think of the money I made today, and I have already made back the money I spent in the nebula auction.

dong dong dong

“Boss, the second-floor item at the moment is sold for a little over half, and it’s 4,300,600 high grade crystals of the holy realm.”

A clerk walked in front of Lin Lei, said aloud, reached out and put the Storage Ring on the table in front of Lin Lei, then respectfully waited for the order now.

“Four …”

Aside, Liu Chengfeng heard Lin Lei’s money today and almost lost his breath.

More than 40 million high grade crystals of the holy realm, although it ’s nothing to Myriad Treasures, but it ’s only earned in a few hours. If it goes on like this, then …

“Well, let’s put it here.”

“Oh, yes, how about Xianer, is anyone going to buy clothes?” Lin Lei had a headache when he thought of packing those clothes on the third floor.

“Yes, but not many. It seems that so far only two female customers have been to it, but I bought a lot of things.” The clerk responded.

“Oh? Really?”

This is a surprise to Lin Lei. He simply didn’t expect to sell those clothes on the third floor.

In Lin Lei’s heart, the third floor is at most her daughter’s cloakroom that ’s all.

“Yes, the lady is very happy.”

“Well, just be happy.”

Since daughter is happy, he thinks this thing is done very well. Yes, “Okay, you go!”

Waving, the clerk stepped back, looked at the three Storage Rings in front of him, and waved them away.

The time is slowly, one day passed, until the afternoon, there are people coming in one after another, and there are not many people who do n’t pass the second floor. After all, the second floor is too expensive, and most people ca n’t buy it at all. From the beginning,

Most of the things on the first floor go out. There is no more than the Breaking of the Emperor Road, Breaking Venerable Pill, and some of the weapons from God Level 1 to Grade 9.

Liu Chengfeng and Qiong Lao did not take long, and they also left. Lin Lei said nothing about the departure of the two.

Get up, come to the door, look up at the horizon, the setting sun, the breeze blowing, “Look at the store, I’ll go back first, just call me if there is something.”

The crowd responded, and immediately re-entered their respective affairs.

Lin Lei also returned to the backyard. In the pill room, Dading appeared in front of him. Next to him was the trunk of the Fusang Tree just received today, as well as some scattered pieces. See you.

If these things are seen by the Refiner Guild or the Fu Guild, I am afraid that it will cause a foul wind and bloody rain. There is no heavenly materials earthly treasures that are not unattractive. .

“That way, if you know, you shouldn’t sell the prison dragon array, so you don’t have to trouble to reopen the furnace.”

Although my face is so diverse Unwilling, but in the end the furnace was opened, the phantom blood burst out, and finally entangled in the big tripod.

Fusang Tree trunk, looking at this innate divine wood, I do n’t want to directly throw it in. The blessing of the phantom blood fire, let alone innate divine wood, even if it is chaos in the chaos before the day Capsule, you have to make it impossible.

噗噗 …

A strange noise, in the big tripod, the trunk of the original Fusang Divine Tree with thick thighs, slowly burning like iron under the fire of phantom blood. It melts a little, shrinks a little, and with the ebbing of time, the thick thigh of the Fusang Divine Tree eventually turns into a fist-sized liquid physique.

“The First Step is all good, and the rest are the rest.” Thinking, looking at the dozen or so materials of the refiner placed next to it, I didn’t even want to think about it. Several smelter materials burst into the cauldron instantly.


The phantom blood fire increases output, packs more than a dozen types of refining materials in Dingzhong, and starts tempering.

Lin Lei’s mind also began to deduced the upcoming matrix method.

The things that Lin Lei uses must be the best. The formation method and the refiner method naturally have to be among the holy ranks.

“Boy, use Lei Kui to form a sword array. This kind of formation can not be used as an offensive formation, it can also be used as a sleepy formation, both offensive and defensive, plus its own tea tray is Fusang Divine. Tree, fit well with it. “

” If you can, make nine long swords of different attribute types and seal them in a tea tray, so do you think it is good? ”

“Lei Kui sword formation? Do nine different attributes of the long sword serve as the basis?”

And he can guarantee that the nine long sword materials alone, plus him The level of the refiner must be a holy product, and all are top grade.

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