Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1190

“Lei Kui’s sword array, the nine attribute long swords of this kind of formation, I don’t have it yet. I want to practice the nine attribute long swords. I need a lot of things. I’m afraid I can’t complete the nine attribute long swords yet. “

” You can do it without refining. At least you should first refine the array! As for the remaining nine attribute long swords, That ’s all an afterthought. ”

“ Relax, when you can make it, just fill it up, anyway, do n’t panic. ”Xiaolong said with a smile.

Lin Lei : ………………

Lin Xiaoi said so lightly, Lin Lei didn’t want to say anything, it would be very difficult to cheer up, but it would be very difficult to cheer up. of.

The five attribute materials, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, are very difficult to find. For refining a long sword, you must use top grade materials, otherwise the final product will only be inferior.

For a perfect man like Lin Lei, he doesn’t want to use defective products instead.

“Forget it, let’s talk about it later!”

Think about that kind of distant thing, he thought about it, shook his head, and threw away all those thoughts that he didn’t have. Dropped, and then seriously took the refining in front.

噗 pu …

In Dading, more than a dozen kinds of refining materials slowly melted under the action of phantom blood fire, and finally formed a trunk with Fusang Tree After refining is almost the same.

A liquid was formed, which was gathered by Lin Lei and put together, and then Mental Power rushed out instantly, dragging the tempering liquid of more than a dozen types of refining materials, and then rushed back into Dading .

“Come on, let the formation fly.”

One after another formation mark rushed out, and although he said no, the action was very honest.

At this moment, Lin Lei’s hands are constantly changing, the formation mark rushes out, and finally forms a small matrix of each and everyone, allowing it to rush into the tempering liquid that has formed a tea plate shape.

Lei Kui’s sword formation, although it is only a formation, but this formation requires tens of thousands of small formations, and its formation is very complicated and changeable.

The small array is, in his eyes, but in the eyes of others, it is all shocking.

The matrix method of each and everyone rushes out, Lin Lei ’s hand speed is getting faster and faster, and the later, the hand speed is almost as fast as the extreme speed, even if the Dao Saint comes, fear It’s just being able to see the one after another blurry shadow that’s all.

I want to see clearly, I’m afraid it’s not that easy.

It was dawn outside, and the clerks in the shop started to move. Even Lin Xianer got up early and started waiting on the third floor.

With the sensation at the opening, some people came in one after another, but most of them went around on the first floor, and some went to the second floor, but not many.

And today there is a strange scene, that is, more people go to the third floor, even more than the number of people when they opened yesterday.

Of course, most of the women who go to the third floor are female children, women and the like.

The third floor sells female items, but although they are only female items, they are all made by Lin Lei. Every piece of clothing is beautifully packed.

There is only time, and Lin Xianer can do such things, but Lin Lei does not hesitate.

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