Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1191

“Hongyuan, when did you say your boss came out? I’ve been here seven or eight times. Why can’t I see your boss?”

“You said your boss is here. What are you doing? Since the day of opening, you haven’t seen it anymore. “

The boring Liu Chengfeng looked at the surrounding energetic and bustling scenes with envy, only just envy, not the slightest degree of extremeness.

“I don’t know. It’s natural for us to be subordinate about our Boss affairs.” Hongyuan responded.

“Uh … haha, okay!”

Although he knew how the other party responded, Liu Chengfeng couldn’t help asking.

So Liu Chengfeng also stopped asking. He was curious about Lin Lei, but didn’t ask much.

“By the way, does your family at Immortal World have a marriage contract or someone you like?”

“Supposedly, there is a lot of people pursuing your lady so beautifully!”

Hongyuan: ………………

I saw Liu Chengfeng endlessly. In the end, Hongyuan chose to ignore it, yes, it was just ignore it, as if he hadn’t heard it. Well, do your own work.

Liu Chengfeng didn’t know. When he said this, Lin Lei’s silhouette appeared quietly behind him.

“This Little Brat has the idea of ​​Lao Zi daughter.” Looking at Liu Chengfeng’s head, Lin Lei really wanted to slap him to death.

What kind of daughter is that, but that is the Princess of the entire Profound Sect, that is, to become his son-in-law, after that, some of the entire Profound Sect is backing up,

More Coupled with his multiple identities, Holy Array Master, Holy Pill Refinement Master, Holy Rune Master, Holy Artifact Refinement Master, plus the host identity of Nine Heavenly Profound Sect system, I am afraid that the entire Holy Realm and even Hongmeng did not have him. Identity is more noble.

“Old … Boss, are you out?” Just as Lin Lei was meditating, Hongyuan’s voice came from the front.

“Uh … Lin … Lin Brother?”

Huang Yuan, Liu Chengfeng heard it, turned his head, and when he saw Lin Lei, the whole person was in the same place, in his mind. It was embarrassing to think about what I said just now.

“That, Lin … Brother Lin, I was joking just now, that, I didn’t … didn’t mean to hit your daughter, you …”

“Don’t be nervous.”

Seeing Liu Chengfeng want to explain, Lin Lei waved his hand and said indifferently, “Even if you want to chase, it depends on whether my daughter is in the wrong phase.”

“However, I have confidence in my daughter, she should not look after you, you can rest assured.” With that, each minding their own business sat down and waved to refine this month Tea tray on the table.

Place the proper tea set on the tray, then looked towards the distant Hongyuan with two eyes and asked: “Get up.”

“The time I was away Come, is there anything happening in the shop! “

” Is the emperor of the Qingxuan Empire sending someone to trouble, or is there anyone in the Big Four Guild to find trouble? ”

For these strengths, what he is most worried about is Qingxuan Imperial Family younger generation. As for the four major guilds, as long as they show their identity, by the way, they confirm the identity of Holy Grade One Grade 2 and they have no reason to be more afraid. Have no respect for him.

“Boss, what you said didn’t appear, but the four major guilds and the Imperial Family younger generation bought a lot of elixir, weapons and charms in our shop.”

“In this period of time, the store’s income exceeded the original goal, and …”

Speaking here, I looked towards the four major guilds outside, opened the mouth and said: “This section Over time, many of the guests from the Big Four Guilds have come to us. It can be said that the guests of the Big Four Guilds are basically about 60% for a moment. “

” Oh, oh, is this so? ”

This result surprised Lin Lei somewhat, but it was also expected. After all, there is Breaking Realm Pill in breakthrough realm. This elixir alone is in short supply for some sects.

even more how The entire family within the Qingxuan Empire, the Imperial Family, all need a powerhouse to support the scene.

“Well, Boss, if you continue to follow this trend, I am afraid that it will offend some families in Xuanyuan Imperial Capital and the Imperial Family younger generation.”

“Hum, afraid What? “For Hong Yuan, Imperial Family younger generation or Aristocratic Family, Lin Lei didn’t really care about that.

If you offend, you will be offended. If you are the worst, you will be beheaded. If it does n’t work, you just close the store and let you wake up after changing places.

However, this also depends on the meaning of the Imperial Family. With Breaking Realm Pill, he can’t believe that the Imperial Family dares to treat him like this.

“Let ’s do this first.”

“Go and count, elixir, weapons, and out-of-stock items, then give the statistics list. Me, I’ll give you the whole thing. “

” Yes, Boss! “Hong Yuan arched back.

Liu Chengfeng looked at this scene completely. For Lin Lei, he passed all of it to father. The end result is that he will associate with him, and all may let Jiutian shop. Help a whole bunch of weapons.

sect The weapon used is really a bit low. If you agree to change the weapon to a Grade 9 Divine Item, then the battle strength will definitely increase by several levels.

If you can get Holy Artifact in hand, then the improvement of battle strength will not be a little bit.

“Father, you’re finally out.” Lin Xianer’s voice came from the stairs,

silhouette rushed to Lin Lei in an instant, without hesitation in front of outsiders, one Hugging Lin Lei and letting go, he was afraid that Lin Lei would leave.

“Uh … how old are you? Didn’t you see outsiders? Big girl, why don’t you know a little bit of restraint?” Then, she pulled it apart to the seat aside and let him Do it.

Lin Xianer, listening to Lin Lei’s words, Liu Chengfeng looked towards, a smile emerged, and waved a greeting.

“Brother Chengfeng is here too!”

Lin Lei: ………………

Looking at daughter and Liu Chengfeng greeting, the language has changed so much. Lin Lei’s eyes widened, unbelievable.

Oh my god, this is what I said. I only closed it for a month. What happened in this month and how …

Looking at daughter, looking at Liu Chengfeng, a guard moved the chair forward to separate the two.

“Eh … this, no … no, Brother Lin joked, there was nothing urgent under the hood, it was just boring and tight, I wanted to come to Brother Lin he he tea, talk heartily, and come to visit by the way Fairy girl. “

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